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At Ryan, we believe in the spirit of equality, empathy, tolerance and care for others. We believe in the importance of our future generations understanding different cultures and societies, to experience other realities, in order to raise awareness and empathy. These social skills will be very important towards shaping the future of modern India. Ryan International Group schools undertake various social projects, based on six parameters, to transform society in a positive way. These parameters are: compassion, environment, education, healthcare, economic empowerment, and local leadership development.

Guinness World Record - Ryan Group

Guinness World Record

The Ryan International Group of Institutions lays a strong emphasis on developing holistic individuals and ensures that all its students from their early years and throughout their schooling are nurtured with good values, morals and ethics. The Group has undertaken several remarkable charity initiatives in support of society reaching out to the underprivileged, poor and needy and also to inculcate a sense of social responsibility amongst the students.

It's truly a proud moment when recently Ryan Group’s school in Sharjah, UAE was recognised by the Guinness World Records for their outstanding achievement of participating in the world’s largest charity donation towards the poor. It was the vision of Dr. A. F. Pinto, Chairman and Madam Grace Pinto, MD of the Ryan Group that encouraged the students to successfully collect 295,122 items of clothes which after certification from the concerned authorities stood as the largest collection.

While speaking on this achievement, Madam Grace Pinto said, “We are grateful for the vision our Lord Jesus Christ has given us to nurture responsible and value laden citizens of this world. We will continue our efforts of imbibing strong humane values among every student.”

Food Bucket Challenge - Ryan Group

Food Bucket Challenge

In yet another unique initiative, the Ryan Group launched the Ryan Schools Food Bucket Challenge at St Lawrence School, Kandivli. The group aims to mobilise over one million kilograms of food (mainly cereals like rice, wheat, jowar and foods like sugar, onions, potatoes etc.) and distribute it to various orphanages and NGOs across the country. This is aimed to be a nationwide program and the group hopes that in addition to its stakeholders – students, parents, staff and others, the general public will also join in to support the needy.

The program is also intended to make their students sensitive to the issues around them and be alive to the situation of the less fortunate. Such activities feature regularly in Ryan schools across the country, as the group strongly focuses on inculcating the importance of social responsibility amongst the students and the stakeholders helping them develop an attitude of selfless service. The Bible says, “You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Grace Pinto, MD, Ryan International Group of Institutions said, “This challenge initiative has been launched to bring awareness that within each lies the potential and the will to bring the change we'd like to see. There is nothing we cannot accomplish if we work collectively to make a difference! Our target is to bring a million smiles. Through this effort we encourage our students to become agents of change in society bringing God’s love to the poor and needy.”


Beach Clean up

On International coastal cleaning day, Students of Ryan International School across Mumbai cleaned Versova Beach, along with Afroz Shah, Champion of the Earth on Saturday morning, intending to clear sands of trash and restore the beach to its original look.

Advocate Afroz Shah visited Ryan International Schools along with Dr. Geoff Brighty, Head Science & Policy sustainability for plastic Ocean UK, Ms. Paula Nickson Environment Entrepreneur, and Prof. Jonathan Pierce Water scientist, they inspired students to protect our mother nature not only to save ourselves as a community but also with the motive of saving millions of other species that share the beautiful planet with us.

Dr. Snehal Pinto Director Ryan International Group of Institutions said “The Ryan Group is pleased to associate and partner with Advocate Afroz Shah, UN Champion of the Earth 2016 in this movement to clean beaches and rivers and contribute to being a voice for the voiceless.

This endeavor resonates with the vision of our Chairman, Dr. A.F.Pinto on maintaining a clean sustainable environment for generations to come”Afroz Shah said "I am happy to see the efforts of Ryanites on protecting & preserving mother earth every single day" he also added "this task of cleaning the beach needs a lot of effort, Afroz further shared that he plans to clean the Dana Pani Beach and then go on to rejuvenate Mithi River.

Aditya Menon, student of RIS Malad said "We Ryanites strongly follow the vision our dear Chairman Sir "Each One, Plant One", and we are lucky to meet such inspiring mentors like Afroz sir, We promise to continue our efforts on cleaning our mother earth"

The students were inspired by the noble mission of Advocate Afroz Shah His historic legacy commenced with cleaning the Versova beach. All due to his efforts, the Versova Beach now witnesses the return of the Olive Ridley sea turtles after 20 years.

Har Ek Tree Kare Pollution Free - Ryan Group

Har Ek Tree Kare Pollution Free

The future of a nation lies in its posterity and hence raising the children of today in the right way is crucial. With such a vision, Ryan International School has always been endeavouring to groom its students to become socially responsible adults by engaging them in various activities.

While the entire nation celebrated the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi this October, Ryan International School, in collaboration with Nickelodeon, participated in an environmental awareness campaign – ‘Ek Tree Kare Pollution Free’. The campaign was a week-long initiative as a part of Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving Week). 150 students from three branches of Ryan International Group of Institutions – Kandivali, Goregaon and Malad, took part in it. Led by Nicktoon Dora the explorer, they planted 350 Ashoka saplings near Jogeshwari East Railway station.

Ryan International School has been well-known for creating social and environmental awareness among its students on campus and off campus. It was also recognised by the Guinness World Records for participating in the world’s largest charity donation for the needy.

Things are best learned by doing and engaging students in initiatives like these, where the young minds can understand their social responsibilities better. “The Ryan Group is pleased to associate and partner with Nickelodeon and Western Railway. We are happy to be a part of this wonderful initiative. This gave students an opportunity to understand their social responsibility and encourage them to take an interest in conserving and improving the environment. This endeavour resonates with the vision of our Chairman, Dr. A F Pinto – Each one. Plant one,” said Anjali Bowen, Principal of Ryan International School, Kandivali.

It is the responsibility of schools to inculcate value-based education to transform the young students into responsible citizens. And by kindling empathy in students towards social issues through various initiatives, Ryan International School has set itself apart in the education sphere.

Joy of Giving Campaign - Ryan Group

Joy of Giving Campaign

Philanthropy as one of the vision points of our Chairman, Ryan Schools ensure to inculcate values and social responsibility among students. Teaching the value of ‘Giving’ to the children is crucial and important in a world where children are constantly bombarded with the concepts of 'want' and 'greed' being regarded as the norm.

The Ryan group encourages children to learn their social responsibility and become agents of significant constructive change in the society bringing God’s love to those in genuine need. As part of their “Joy of Giving” activity students along with their teachers visit NGOs, orphanages, blind homes, and homes for the elderly where students interact with the inmates and also donate stationery, toiletries, food grains/items as a contribution to meet their requirements.​

Over the years, the Group’s efforts in association with HelpAge India in helping senior citizens live a life of dignity, and be economically and physically secured, have always been greatly applauded. ​ ​Ryan International Schools have shown keen interest to protect the rights of India’s elderly ​and been felicitated with the Samson Daniel Award 2015, 2018 and 2019!

Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan - Ryan Group

Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan

The Ryan International Group of Institutions has been at the forefront in implementing the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan since its launch by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. Managing Director, Ryan Group, Madam Grace Pinto was also nominated to be a member of Navratna (Nine Women Jewels) to motivate the entire education community to actively participate in this nationwide program. The Ryan International Group has been enthusiastically implementing the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan at the school level throughout the country. Cleanliness drives have been regularly organized across all Ryan Group of Schools in the country.

Encouraged by the vision of Chairman, Dr. A F Pinto, the Ryan Group endeavours to work towards clean India, green India and beautiful India. In order to percolate this energy, this campaign has been a sustained activity all across the Ryan Group of Schools in India.

Speaking on this special occasion, Madam Grace Pinto, said, “Keeping our country clean is an individual yet collective responsibility. A national endeavour of this magnitude envisioned by our Hon’ble Prime Minister requires societal mobilization and participation. Educational institutions can play a major catalytic role in achieving this laudable goal and we at Ryan Group are privileged to be a part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is our own small way. I am convinced that this energy will percolate amongst all our fellow citizens and we will achieve our dream of a clean India.”

Mahipalpur Community Transformation - Ryan Group

Mahipalpur Community Transformation

The Mahipalpur Project is a community transformation initiative taken up by Ryan Vasant Kunj with a vision to empower the suburban area in vasant kunj towards spheres like Education, Environment, Health and Economic enhancement. An initiative which was actively envisioned by our Chairman Dr. A F. Pinto who believes that when the young set their minds on a mission there is no stopping them. Once the vision to make a difference in society was set and the neighboring area of Mahipalpur was identified an Action Plan was devised with the help of the Local Panchayat, community representatives and members of the school. Through a survey, niche concerns were identified which were as follows

  • Health and sanitation
  • Educational and vocational support
  • Improving the condition of the girl child

Every year intensive action is taken in one area of concern starting with Cleaning and Greening of the surroundings. The young brigade of our school collected funds and along with the residents attempted to cover the open drains which were creating severe unhygienic conditions and were playing havoc with their health. More than a thousand saplings were also planted to improve the barren landscape and also provide better conditions. Health camps were also organized with the help of our doctor parents and free medicines and blankets were distributed to help the community sustain the bitter winter months.

The next year our student volunteers undertook their mission for improving the condition of the girl child. Education on Wheels was started living up to the maxim that when the children cannot come to school then the school should go to the children. Student volunteers tutored the children in a bus which was parked in the locality and Maths and Science along with basic life skills were taught. Once the confidence was established senior students attended classes in school after regular school hours for which class 12 students and the school staff volunteered. Indigenously prepared sanitary napkins were distributed regularly and street plays were organized to convey messages relating to the girl child. Workshops were held on alcohol abuse and various social evils effectively. Children also prepared healthy snacks for their young friends to develop the concept of balanced diet.

A Tailoring school was also started to empower the women and develop self- reliance. Their handiwork was sold in no time during the School Open House. Developing a sense of community social responsibility creates qualities of empathy and good citizenship amongst school going children and prepares them in becoming better individuals. The young community transformers are ready to share their experiences through ongoing social sansitization projects in the society.