Ryan International School is one of the top 10 schools in Sharjah - Ryan International School, Sharjah

Ryan International School, Sharjah

We have the best-in-class facilities - Ryan International School, Sharjah

Top 10 CBSE Schools in Sharjah

We provide a safe and healthy environment for the student - Ryan International School, Sharjah

We have the Best In-Class Facilities

The highest academic standards with a challenging environment - Ryan International School, Sharjah

The highest academic standards with a challenging environment

At Ryan International School Sharjah we have a diverse community of students which gives everyone a global experience. The school’s mission is to provide a safe environment and the best facilities so that students can excel in areas of their interest. We celebrate the achievements of the students and push them to conquer greater heights.

Being a CBSE school established in 2006, we provide a student-centric infrastructure that puts students interests first, acknowledging the students’ voice as central to the learning experience.The school believes in learning by doing. Students grow when they practically perform what they learn in the classroom. This is why we also provide innovation labs for STEAM learning.

Our teachers are well trained and focus on the development of all the students. Moreover, we have a student teacher ratio of 25:1 to ensure that the students get an adequate amount of attention

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The Achievements of Ryan International School, Sharjah

Ryan International School Sharjah has won many awards and recognitions.

  • Guiness world record - Ryan International School, Sharjah Guinness Certificate of Participation

    A certificate of appreciation was awarded to Ryan International School, Sharjah by Guinness Certificate of Participation for contributing towards the cloth collection drive organized by OMO Comfort, UAE

Hall of Fame

Top Achievers at Ryan International School Sharjah

Students who have received recognition at the national and international levels

  • Adithya Manoj Das - Ryan International School, Sharjah Adithya Manoj Das

    Adithya Manoj Das is a World record holder

    He received the following world records. 1.American Book of World Records 2. International Book of World Records 3. Universal Book of World Records 4. Best of India Records 5. URF Asian Book of Records. This grade 1 student is able to pronounce the longest English words with spellings. He is also able to pronounce long Numbers starting from millions to Centillion Googol plex.... Which has 303 zeros.

  • Avantika Menon - Ryan International School, Sharjah Avantika Menon

    A simple grid-based numerical puzzle that uses

    the basic math operations-addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division-while also challenging your logic and problem-solving skills. Ms. Avantika Menon of Grade.4 is promoted to the Emirates Level KENKEN Championship 2020. Congratulations!!! Avantika and best wishes for the upcoming levels.


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