Students Exchange Program

Date : 26 June, 2019 The students of Ryan International Group had the opportunity to stay with German families as part of a Students Exchange program with Träumer, Tänzer & Artisten e.V. - Kinder- und Jugendvarieté Garbsen, Hannover, Germany. They had insightful discussions about history, food, education system and family values of India and Germany. They had an interactive session with the Mayor of Garbsen, Mr. Häfele, and a circus workshop with Mr. Holger Liester, where they got a hands-on experience on the trapeze, acrobatics, unicycle, ball etc. The workshop had a picture perfect ending with an Indo-German co-production, which was applauded by the Hannover audience. The students visited the German parliament called ‘Reichstag’, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and Jewish Memorial. They attended the Children's Festival in Wilemshaven, where more than 500 students from across Germany participated and performed traditional folk dances. They also shared a part of their culture and organized a Bollywood dance workshop for German students.
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