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Parents Corner

Amit Narula - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Amit Narula

I am sincerely thankful to the management of Ryan International School, all the teachers and the staff. They have played a key role in providing not only the essence of education but also the atmosphere and culture that I was looking for my son, Daksh Narula. In 2007, when my only ward was just 4 years old, my wife and I were a little sceptical about the educational atmosphere in NCR. We explored and investigated various schools by visiting them, meeting some parents, principals, etc. Finally, after around 3 months of detailed research, we shortlisted Ryan International School for him. We still remember our first experience with the school so clearly, when we visited to collect the admission form. We had a small chat with some students of various ages which ended up being mesmerising and unforgettable for us. We learned and realized that Ryan International is the school best suited for our son, where he would find everything a student can dream about. After a mother, a child’s school is the best and unforgettable place for any person in the world and Ryan International proved to be the same for my son. I am thankful to Ryan International School, Faridabad for developing and improving his skills, understanding values and culture, offering respect to elders, ability to learn swiftly and last but not the least to become a good citizen of India. Everyone from Ryan International - Principal, Teachers, Staff, Drivers, played a key role in getting the desired results for my son. Today, I would like to thank all of you for giving me an opportunity to convey my best regards.

Mrs. Mallampalli Caroline - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Mrs. Mallampalli Caroline

Ryan Faridabad has provided a very multi-dimensional platform for my daughter to experiment with as well as get exposed to various schools of thought and experiences. Her optimistic behaviour towards every situation she faces is a testimony to the values and skills being imbibed through the teachings, encouragement and emotional support from the staff and management. Schools like Ryan provide us with the future leaders of the world as they focus on identifying and encouraging all round development of children, which is refreshingly different. My child is a very good example of “unbundling” of their hidden talents. At Ryan, Natasha really blossoms as an all rounder.

Mr. Vivek Agrawal - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Mr. Vivek Agrawal

Ryan International says - Ryanites are Kings and Queens in the Making. Life at Ryan is about giving our child the best we can as a parent. From a strong academic foundation to the development of our child’s physical, spiritual and emotional personality. It is a very friendly school with a warm feel to it. The staff here is easily approachable and cares a lot about each and every student. For me, Ryan International School provides a learning environment that is adaptable and flexible. They follow a balanced curriculum making it easier for the students to study. Staff enable children to reach their full potential and give their best. They help students clear their doubts and understand the topics of study thoroughly. Besides theoretical learning, there is experiential learning as well. Children perform experiments while studying under a teacher's guidance. This helps them to go deep into the topics. Children learn in a safe and happy environment where there is a high rate of cooperation between students and teachers. I think there is a wide range of activities for the children. They also get the chance to experience things outside the school. For example, they go on field trips for a better experience and through this they learn a little science of nature too. I am happy that the school has started ATL(Atal Tinkering Lab) for the children which help them to think out of the box and make projects that they really could not earlier.
I am also happy by the fact that all children are treated equally and there is no discrimination between them. They could talk to each other freely and could help each other in many ways.
We understand that second to home, the single biggest influence is the institution that we choose for our child’s learning. According to us, we have chosen the right path for our children.

Ms. Maria Corazon Buhion Naidu - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Ms. Maria Corazon Buhion Naidu

Benjamin started studying at Ryan International School from Montessori 3 and is now in class 10. We are happy and thankful to see him grow and develop in an environment where he could discover his talents and be involved in football, athletics, music, carrom and public speaking. What we appreciate is the Ryan Culture that has been ingrained in the students, particularly the love of God and the respect for human values. The dedication, guidance and support of Benjamin’s teachers have been consistent. Not only do they teach students the lessons but they also ensure that Benjamin catches up wherever he needs to. In Parent-Teacher Meetings, they have always had valuable feedback on his academic performance and helped us know what can be done as a follow through.
Benjamin, being an active child, once fell down while playing and broke his wrist. The required medical assistance was provided to him immediately by the school and we were informed about it on time. It is commendable and reassuring to know that our child is in safe hands and cared for. He has grown up as a Ryanite, understanding the Motto of “I can, I will, I must be a Winner”. He is now the Vice-House Captain, a Sprinter, has competed in District Football Championships and is the lead guitar player in the School Choir. This is what makes Ryan a School that provides all-round development.
We truly appreciate our journey with the School, partnering with the Principal and Teachers for our child’s education and growth.

Mr. Harinder Singh - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Mr. Harinder Singh

My son has been attending the school since he was four. Now, he is fourteen, and is studying in the tenth standard. I am grateful to the teachers of this school for bringing about a tremendous change in my son, the result of which was visible in his performance during the last ten years. He has definitely grown up to be more creative, disciplined and confident. In all these years, he never joined any coaching or private tuition and his progress has been amazing. As a parent, I have found the teachers to be very friendly and approachable. Teachers are always there to help him. He is also loved by the teachers who do not particularly teach him. The support from all the teachers is outstanding. He is always eager to go to school and has a wonderful relationship with teachers. The school provides a safe, loving and secure environment. The teachers are very professional and always ready to assist students. Apart from education, they also focus on one of the most important and crucial parts in one’s life: the moral values. It is rightly said that the school focuses on all round development along with the academics. The school has helped my son in everything he does. Be it participating in any competition or just a simple class lesson, the teachers are very motivating. I am very happy with the school. Keep it up, good teachers!