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Ms. Anannya Sharma - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Ms. Anannya Sharma

I, Anannya Sharma am a student of batch 2016-17 and am currently pursuing Political Science Hons. at Gargi College,University of Delhi and simultaneously studying German language at St. Stephens College,University of Delhi (final year in both the courses). It’s been 3 years since I have passed out and realise in hindsight how true stand the experiences of our seniors who said, “College however good and happening can never replace the school’’. I spent 14 years at Ryan, which without an iota of doubt is a significant period of one's life. I have actually experienced what ‘development’ is per se. My transformation from a shy, introverted to a smart, confident and outspoken student summarises the instrumental role and position ‘My School’ holds for me. Not only does this institution provide good quality education but provides its students with a plethora of opportunities andamp; extra-curricular activities. When I was exposed to these activities,that is when my bright star rose.There came a time when I could speak promptly and all the more enjoyed participating in debates, speeches, streetplays, theater fest, council activities etc.’’Excellence in Education and All round development ‘’ is what we follow in our school’s culture and this definitely sets us apart.
Not only is the environment of our school so productive and facilitative but also special are our teachers.My heartfelt gratitude to all the Montessori Teachers, Primary Teachers, Middle and senior Teachers. I remember when I would give up, it was my teachers who would never lose hope. My sincere thanks to my class teacher (XI and XII) Ms.Nagamani R. for all her efforts towards me and our class. Some of my fondest memories in the school are the Investiture ceremonies, Teachers’ Day celebration, Chairman Sir’s visit, the Teens’ Camp, Mock Parliament Session and a beautiful end to these all ‘The Farewell’. These experiences and the wonderful days spent at Ryan International School, Faridabad will always be etched in my heart. I owe a lot to this school and my gratitude and respect is unfathomable. Even today, when I hear the assembly bell at Stephens, reminiscent of the school assemblies and our prayer songs fills me with nostalgia. However, it is true that we need to leave the previous stair in order to move ahead. I’m forever grateful to the founders of this Institution which has made so many successful futures, Dr.A.F Pinto and Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto and the entire Ryan family. My message to all the fellow Ryanites is that, live these years to the fullest, be grateful to your school and respect your teachers. May God bless the Ryan family.
Forever Grateful,
Anannya Sharmav (Batch of 2016-17)

Ms. Pooja Narayan - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Ms. Pooja Narayan

“Having a long history of about 12years with Ryan International, I consider this school one of the best, which I will totally recommend. For me the journey started back in 2000 when I joined the school for the first time, I was a 6-year-old girl who was surrounded by amazing staff who were friendly, helpful, passionate, respectful and keen to teach you. I love all the teachers and the staff who still remain close to my heart. I will always care for them. They have played a big role in shaping into this successful person that I am today, personally and professionally. Here, students are not just shaped into next-gen lawyers, doctors, artists, businessmen and scientists, but are encouraged to take up extracurricular activities which makes one an all-rounder. Although we didn’t exactly have a class on how to be a good person or ethics, it was woven into everything we did. Ryan encourages every child’s mind with hope, knowledge, maturity and a fighting chance to be the best version one can be. Ryan, is not just a school, it’s like a second home where one always feels safe and welcomed and Hats off to my Alma mater
Pooja Narayan
Senior Software Engineer
Visa inc
Austin, TX

Dr. Geetika Mathur - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Dr. Geetika Mathur

I had the opportunity to study in Ryan International School, Faridabad and I am really thankful to my school for providing me with efficient teaching staff, always smiling, and helping the children and also for the opportunities provided at my school for overall improvement. I have also improved my language skills strongly while studying for fifteen long years at Ryan. When I joined this school as a toddler, everything was amazing from the Principal, teachers to the support staff. They all were passionate, respectful and keen to serve the students. Today I stand as a respectful doctor, practising in one of the renowned clinics of Faridabad. I am pursuing a Fellowship course from Mumbai University. All these have been possible, managing time, serving people by the values I learnt at a very young age.
‘I proudly claim my success in both personal and professional life to my Alma Mater’. The school had given me close attention, fast response and good facilities along with a warm welcome given by the Principal and teachers each day at the school gate. What else can anyone have for the choice? Thank you Ryan’s for accompanying me on my journey.
Dr. Geetika Mathur

Ms. Ritika Karbhanda - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Ms. Ritika Karbhanda

If you spoke to several people at random, you’d find that almost everyone reminisces about their school with a fondness that is unmatched. It isn’t any different for me. 13 out of the 15 years of my schooling were spent at Ryan International School, Faridabad and it’s un-debatable that it has played an integral part in shaping my life and the person I am today. I feel indebted to my wonderful teachers who not only focused on academics but also helped me build a value system which continues to be one of my most appreciated assets at the workplace today. What I absolutely love about Ryan International Group of schools is the myriad of opportunities available for engaging in ExtraCurricular activities that develop a student’s personality holistically. All the support I received from my teachers helped me build a strong academic base that eventually led me to attend one of the best colleges for higher education in the country (Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi). Now when I look back, I see how numerous experiences honed my skills to be effective at what I do today. *Confidence through public oration, interpersonal skills through my stints as a student council member, analytical skills through constructive discussions in the classroom, communication skills through an endless stream of activities, have all contributed to me being an effective teacher today.* I completed my PG studies in Commerce and also became a certified Company Secretary before joining Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies as an Assistant Professor with Faculty of Commerce and Business Studies. My skill set allowed me to contribute to administrative tasks and I currently manage the Student Facilitation Centre as well.
Additionally, my penchant for communicative English has also helped me to make a mark for myself as a trainer for English communication, bringing me several opportunities to train students and faculty members. I am truly happy with how my career is shaping up. I couldn’t emphasize the importance of a sound educational foundation any less, and I am fortunate that Ryan was that foundation for me.
Ritika Karbhanda

Ms. Kushboo Bhat - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Ms. Kushboo Bhat

Life at Ryan is about giving a child the best in all the functional aspects of life. From a strong academic foundation to the development of your child’s physical, spiritual and emotional personality, the Ryan way is about holistic development in its true sense.
Well, I remember my first step at Ryan’s that was back in the year 2006. I was a naive, shy bird who was afraid to fly but gradually with the course of time I for sure took my flight and am soaring high above the clouds. This foundation has given me all the opportunities a person could ever ask for and well now I’m a successful doctor in making. No words could define the respect and love I hold in my heart for this institution. It’s my family and my safe space and nevertheless the best of all is - “Ryanites are Kings and Queens in the Making”.
Ryan will always hold a special place in my heart and I’ll carry the joyous praise and worship songs within me forever and ever.
Kushboo Bhat