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Amit Narula - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Amit Narula

I am sincerely thankful to the management of Ryan International School, all the teachers and the staff. They have played a key role in providing not only the essence of education but also the atmosphere and culture that I was looking for my son, Daksh Narula. In 2007, when my only ward was just 4 years old, my wife and I were a little sceptical about the educational atmosphere in NCR. We explored and investigated various schools by visiting them, meeting some parents, principals, etc. Finally, after around 3 months of detailed research, we shortlisted Ryan International School for him. We still remember our first experience with the school so clearly, when we visited to collect the admission form. We had a small chat with some students of various ages which ended up being mesmerising and unforgettable for us. We learned and realized that Ryan International is the school best suited for our son, where he would find everything a student can dream about. After a mother, a child’s school is the best and unforgettable place for any person in the world and Ryan International proved to be the same for my son. I am thankful to Ryan International School, Faridabad for developing and improving his skills, understanding values and culture, offering respect to elders, ability to learn swiftly and last but not the least to become a good citizen of India. Everyone from Ryan International - Principal, Teachers, Staff, Drivers, played a key role in getting the desired results for my son. Today, I would like to thank all of you for giving me an opportunity to convey my best regards.


Mr. Nagamani R - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Mr. Nagamani R

“School is a place of learning – for both the teachers and the taught.” This statement is true for students who are mentored by those who are given an opportunity to hone their skills. The school has nourished its students to become scientists, engineers and doctors, financial managers, for direct contribution to the economy, at the same time serving the society, impacting the world of art, music, theatre, TV, in the field of sports and literature. The teachers have inspired many students to take up teaching as a profession. The beauty of the educational institution is that it has supported its faculty in acing the exams and getting post graduate degrees and Doctoral degrees and this is the hallmark of empowering people through education. Mentors are mentored by the management. Latent talents are identified, polished and opportunities are created. The faculty imbibes values in children through monthly value based themes that encompass the Scripture, the thought of the day, the skits and assemblies throughout the year. The school is an extension of home with birthdays of students celebrated, talent identified, a stage provided for the Stars to Rise and Shine. It is a place where a teacher pens few words to wish her students thus:
You are the balloons – each,
Bright and vibrant colours,
Bouncing with energy,
Eager for the flight,
To reach the sky – high,
I, stand on the ground,
With strings of Life – Abundancev Infusing in right proportions
Of dreams to see daylight,
Of values to stroll with reality,
Of immense faith in self,
Of refilling air every time down,
Of steering in the right direction – Alone Of sight anchored on the chosen path,
I stand alone, rooted, a beacon,
Lighting your path, with a prayer,
For a happy odyssey – LIFE

Ms. Priya S Kumar - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Ms. Priya S Kumar

‘Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.’ I have been a teacher at Ryan International School, Faridabad for eleven years. I truly believe that Ryan International School is one of the finest schools in our vicinity. Ryan International School is dedicated to providing quality education and all round development for its students. Our school is always willing to implement innovative programs to affect student outcomes in a positive way. The education they are given at Ryan International School provides an excellent framework for their future success. Not only are academic subjects taught, but focus is also placed on developing deep and meaningful relationships. Fond and funny memories are held close to our hearts and are shared over a lifetime. The students use their intellect, talents and gifts to stretch themselves and become the best they can be. Students are challenged by a dedicated team of caring, professional faculty who work collaboratively to instill core values in each lesson every day. Most of all, Ryan International School is a warm and welcoming home where students feel safe and loved.”
As a teacher I have enjoyed teaching students as well as learning from them. I believe every day is a new opportunity to learn and my main goal is to prepare my students to be successful in the rest of their life and to be life-long learners. We set high expectations and are concerned with the success of every single student. I feel fortunate to be a teaching faculty at this school. Over the years I have had the privilege of working with the most dedicated teachers, administrators, and staff possible. The administration, teachers, parents and students all have a connection and a bond that unites us.
“It feels great to be part of a group that takes meaningful steps towards turning our philosophy and values into action!”

Ms. Divya Arora - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Ms. Divya Arora

The mind of a child is like a blank canvas. Our main goal at Ryan International school is to scribble the right notes and paint the right pictures on it. At Ryans it has always been our endeavour to provide our students with the best holistic academic experience. I feel proud and honoured to be a teacher at Ryan International school, Faridabad. I have been associated with the school since 2009 and have had the opportunity to use my innovative ideas in nurturing and mentoring my students. The working atmosphere here is very proactive and it steers towards total involvement of all stakeholders. I could enrich my skills to enlighten students on the journey of life. From the grassroots level of kindergarten to the budding years of middle school to the crucial and decisive stage of high school, we walk with our students through every step of the way and prepare them for any challenge that lies ahead in the future. We make sure that once they cross the threshold of their alma mater, hurdles in life seem unconquerable to them. I feel a sense of responsibility towards the children and the school. The belief that parents have in us makes me want to go the extra mile to make a difference in their child’s life. I am very proud about green initiatives, waste reduction/recycling, safety and security features of the school, endeavours to develop and chisel a Holistic personality integrated with ethical values, confident to face the challenges of globalization. It indeed is a gratifying experience to be with a management that is keen on pursuing excellence in education.

Ms. Minakshi Dhingra - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Ms. Minakshi Dhingra

Having a fruitful and rewarding association with Ryan International School Faridabad, spanning more than a decade, has taught me to view difficulties as opportunities to challenge my own limits. Working in a conducive environment, teeming with positivity, and getting a plethora of opportunities has strengthened me as a person, who now looks forward to new challenges and work hard for fulfilment of personal as well as organizational goals. All the support that I get from my seniors and persons in authority has always driven me to make learning fun for my students, which in turn leaves me motivated and gratified for being a part of this prestigious institute.
Students here are nurtured and seen as the youth which has the power to bring in the desired changes so as to make this world a better place to live in. All this begins with giving them a platform where they can express their emotions, ideas and opinions through active participation in various activities. They are taught to be the change makers through plantation drives and rallies organized to make them realise their role as a responsible person of the society.
Favourable and encouraging environment where students participate in mega events like Model United Nations, International Theatre Festival not just develop their confidence, but also make them acquainted to the global issues faced by today’s denizens. A secure and child centred environment of the school , which aims at knowledge and skill development reaps better career opportunities for the students and as a teacher it gives me immense satisfaction seeing my students doing profoundly well in their chosen fields once they step out of the school. I feel extremely proud to be a part of the Ryan group of institutions, flourishing and expanding, under the able guidance of the chairman Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto and the Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto.

Ms. Tanya Arya - Ryan International School, Faridabad

Ms. Tanya Arya

“Let’s do what we love, and let’s do a lot of it.” – Marc Jacobs
Being a part of this wonderful Ryan Family is a different environment that one can ever experience. I feel honoured to be a part of an institution which believes in giving the world not only good students but extremely good human beings. The vision that our Honourable chairman Sir Dr. AF Pinto saw decades ago has helped not only Ryanites but all the students worldwide. I have felt so motivated and empowered ever since I joined Ryan. It is an impressive organisation that makes educators feel equipped to change lives. The thought that always keeps all the students and teachers encouraged is the Ryan Motto “Excellence in Education and All round Development”.
Ryan group of schools is united under a mission to develop student capabilities from a global perspective, physical and psycho-social capabilities.The institution works for the development of students as well as teachers, a feature unique to Ryan schools. Working with Ryan has been a dream come true as I share a very special bond, I am a Ryan alumnus.
I have learnt the art of being positive with Ryan organisation. Morning assemblies equipped with blessings of almighty, melodious praise and worship songs, motivational thoughts, National pledge make it all the more special and the Ryan pledge reminds us I can, I will and I am the change and fills us with the zeal to do better and strive together as a team towards the well being of the world.