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Monika Chopra - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Monika Chopra

I still remember the day I was exasperated with uncertainty for I had to make a decision which would impact the lives that my children were going to lead. Today after 14 years, I am glad that I chose Ryan International School as the destination for the development of my two daughters. As I write this testimonial for Srishti Chopra, my second born, I have to say that Ryan has been her second home. Whilst providing her with a vast plethora of opportunities, the school has time and again, enabled her to knit a vision for herself. I’ve seen her grow through the years under the right guidance of the teachers and supporting staff. From INMUN and World Scholar’s Cup to Teen’s Camp and PennHub, this institution has made tremendous efforts to bring academic excellence along with all round development to the mainstream education system of India. I’m thankful to Chairman sir, Dr. A.F Pinto and the entire Ryan family for initiating this group of institutions. The school has been of great aid for several parents like me who seek the best for their children.

Dr. Gurvinder Kaur - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Dr. Gurvinder Kaur

I, Dr. Gurvinder Kaur, mother of Mehar Walia, a student of class IX-B and working as Medical Superintendent at the Fortis Hospital, feel happy that we chose Ryan for our children. Ekam and Mehar are getting an all-round development, besides strong academic focus. The school is progressive and has always endeavoured to give children multiple exposures. Global community events like the PACE festival and student exchange programs go a long way in shaping all inclusive and flexible mindsets of children who are ready to take on and take along everyone. Local events like the school parliament and ministership have instilled a sense of responsibility among the students for the type of place we live in. Programs like the Cambridge Foundation and multiple sports coaching programs help in shaping the future of children.

Mr. Abhay Bajaj - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Mr. Abhay Bajaj

I would like to bring on records the way Ryan International School, Sec 25, Rohini, has shaped the character of my child and made him future ready, to face all challenges and achieve his goals. The various pointers which i would like to highlight about the school are mentioned below:
- Allowing students to follow their passion
- Individual focus being given to students to overcome stage fear
- Providing them platform to participate in MUN’s - Mock United Nation and encouraging students to be ready as future leaders
- Ongoing evaluation of the students to perform better
- Involving students in various workshops
- Providing students a safe and secure environment
These are a very few pointers and my heartfelt thanks goes to Principal Mam,
Teachers and all the support staff of the school.
Thanks and Regards,
A happy and satisfied parent

Mrs. JiJi Gadia - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Mrs. JiJi Gadia

As an educationist I can say that a school is like a second home for every child, where the child’s talent is nurtured and explored. This is exactly what happened for my son at Ryan International School, Rohini. My son joined the institution in the year 2005 and was a very introverted child. But when he came into the middle section he gradually started being extroverted due to the efforts of the teachers and the school faculty. The number of competitions he was encouraged to participate in, whether it was a debate or an extempore or even a quiz competition, helped him build confidence. So I think the school played a very important role in this journey of growth. In a world of such high competition in terms of intelligence, spirituality, emotions and society, I believe a school plays a very important role in the life of a child and Ryan International School Rohini has always done it for my son. When my son, Saksham Gadia was in grade 8th, he became the president and then there was no looking back. All the prizes and his achievements, both in intra and inter school competitions, are because of the school and its faculty who has always supported him in all aspects. Now I can say that not only is he a good orator but also a good leader. I wholeheartedly thank the management and the Ryan International Group for shaping my son into the person he is today.

Mrs. Ekta Chopra - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Mrs. Ekta Chopra

I am the mother of Shreya Chopra, a student of Ryan International School, Rohini, Sector 25. The school has not only nurtured her to become a good human being but has also developed her skills to participate in all extra-curricular activities. Her personality, no stage fright, her confidence while participating in all the MUNs has taken her leaps and bounds, which have happened as a result of the efforts of the teachers and the school. The school has nurtured and groomed her to what she is today. When she represented India as a global youth ambassador in the U.S.A., it was the efforts of the school to recommend her and she outshined everyone with her verbal skills amongst 25 other participants who came from all over the world. This is all because the school always nurtured her right from when she was in montessori. She is so confident now, her speaking skills are taking her up a ladder of success all because of the efforts the school has put into her as its student. I am extremely thankful to all the teachers and principal ma’am for embedding all these characteristics and personality traits that she has imbibed in herself. Thank you so much Ryan International School, Rohini for giving such a platform to my daughter. I am very grateful to you.

Prof Dr Shilpa Khatri Babbar - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Prof Dr Shilpa Khatri Babbar

I am Professor Shilpa Khatri Babbar, a Director at a higher educational institution and the mother of Aryaman Babbar who is currently in grade 11. My journey at the Ryan International School, Rohini, Sector 25 branch has been an exemplary journey and I am so proud to be associated as a parent with this particular institution under the leadership of Mamta Ma’am. Over the years the contribution which this institution has provided to my son’s growth has been exemplary. His journey from JSTSE to NTSE, from olympiads to RMOs has been all because of the devotion of every teacher in this institution. Not to miss, the dynamic role played by the principal of this institution. I am really grateful to everybody and shall forever remain so.


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