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Monika Chopra - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Monika Chopra

I still remember the day I was exasperated with uncertainty for I had to make a decision which would impact the lives that my children were going to lead. Today after 14 years, I am glad that I chose Ryan International School as the destination for the development of my two daughters. As I write this testimonial for Srishti Chopra, my second born, I have to say that Ryan has been her second home. Whilst providing her with a vast plethora of opportunities, the school has time and again, enabled her to knit a vision for herself. I’ve seen her grow through the years under the right guidance of the teachers and supporting staff. From INMUN and World Scholar’s Cup to Teen’s Camp and PennHub, this institution has made tremendous efforts to bring academic excellence along with all round development to the mainstream education system of India. I’m thankful to Chairman sir, Dr. A.F Pinto and the entire Ryan family for initiating this group of institutions. The school has been of great aid for several parents like me who seek the best for their children.


Ms. Harsimrat Kaur - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Ms. Harsimrat Kaur

‘There can be no doubt that all our knowledge begins with experience.’- Immanuel Kant. As I look back at the 15 years, the journey in Ryan has been phenomenal. Every day has been a unique day full of challenges, opportunities and learning. All these years the school has provided us with all prospects to bridge the gap between the skills and abilities of a teacher. Working with the young learners and kindling their tender minds has enabled the children to explore the wonderful world and become prospective leaders, orators. The school has facilitated the students with the best of technology and it has come up to be one of the pioneer institutes of the country.

Ms. Anju Sharma - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Ms. Anju Sharma

Dearest Students, Fellow Teachers & Friends,
As a teacher, I always feel that sometimes a journey is more meaningful than any destination. Children are perhaps the busiest people around. And so, it becomes imperative for us to understand their innate skills and make their school-life more textured. With Ryan International School being a repository of success-stories and inspiring accounts of its students, we teachers have been playing a pivotal role in imparting more than just academic enrichment for them. We connect with our pupils at multiple levels, because we know that we’re committed to their well-being both, inside and outside the classrooms. While schools have ploughed in a lot of resources on infrastructure and other facilities, we have been equally involved to gear up the motivation-levels of students, teachers as well as parents, with different programmes, like INMUN, Theatre Festivals, BBN, Inter School Competitions, Techtopia etc. In my personal journey, I’ve contributed as a teacher in different capacities, in finding out the best in my students. My passion has always been to create impact at the school-level which influences a student in becoming a better individual. Friends, my journey continues…

Ms. Suman Khurana - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Ms. Suman Khurana

Teaching is one of the best life lessons one can get. It is an interesting art where students act as a great source of inspiration and motivation in the form of new information, new perspectives and a new point of view. At Ryan’s, teaching is a passion. We can spend more time imparting knowledge about the specific subjects that intrigue children, be it about saving the planet through reducing air pollution or filtering water that people consume or be it painting our planet green by plantation drives. I feel privileged to be a teacher here where we are given the opportunity to change so many lives, understanding tender minds, grooming and nurturing them and seeing these saplings growing.

Ms. Kavita Gautam - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Ms. Kavita Gautam

We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives - John F. Kennedy The quote above is an appropriate feeling which I have allowed to thrive in my heart. I’d like to extend my gratitude to the two most inspiring personalities, our respected Chairman sir and Director Madam, who have brought noticeable differences in my life and career. In my 14 years of teaching and learning in our school, I have learnt to accept challenges and keep a vision for not only myself but for my students too. Such is the guidance from our respected Chairman sir. Ryan International School has given me a platform to understand the epistemology of students behaviour and learning. Through the varied opportunities I have received, I have learnt to take risks, explore new ideas and connect theory and practice. Heartfelt gratitude to my school, to my idols.

Ms. Deepti Sachdeva - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Ms. Deepti Sachdeva

A good education is a foundation for a better future. And it’s time that we ought to move ahead on our journey towards excellence. With an experience of 20 years of working at Ryan International School, I have learnt to groom the students to become worthy citizens of this world. This institution has enabled me to acquire holistic growth and strike the right chord so that education becomes an initiation towards the progress of society. Under the guidance of our mentors we the teachers and students have imbibed the skills to face tremendous pressure in this tough and competitive world. Education at Ryan’s involves introspection, right planning and numerous opportunities for both teachers and the students to make learning and teaching an innovative exercise and a fulfilling experience.


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