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Mansha Nayar - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Mansha Nayar

There is a saying that: The foundation to growth is set in your initial years and I completely concur with it. I am a 2007 batch pass out and Ryan has been the foundation of my success story. At first, in my younger days, I was a very shy kid but my alma mater always had those amazing teachers who helped me to come out of my shell. All my teachers were so cooperative and supportive that they encouraged me to participate in a lot of activities and events which helped me get over the shyness. I owe whatever I am right now and all the confidence I have to my school, Ryans Rohini. I can proudly say that I am a businesswoman. I started my own jewellery brand shop In Vogue, which would not be possible if I had been the ‘shy kid’ that I was. It’s the result of motivation and encouragement from my teachers. My Jewellery Brand has 60k followers on Instagram and I have opened a store of my own. I would like to give the credit of all this to the strong foundation I got at Ryan International School, Rohini.

Inakshi Harneja - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Inakshi Harneja

“At Ryans, life is what we learn about….”.
This phrase has always resonated with me since my alma mater, Ryans Rohini, has played a big part in making me the person I am today. For providing a strong foundation. I am currently working in London as the CCO (Chief Controls Officer) for HSBC where I head the Risk Management for their UK and Europe Corporate Banking Operations. Prior to HSBC, I was working as a Financial Consultant at PwC London. Having done my schooling from Ryan's Rohini, I was one of the CBSE toppers in Business Studies (99%) and Economics (98%) in my final grade of school. With an overall result of 96%. I pursued my Bachelor’s degree in Commerce Honours from Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), a certificate course in Corporate Finance from London School of Economics (LSE) and thereafter did Masters in International Business from King’s College London, along with successfully clearing an Actuarial Science examination in Financial Mathematics. Best education relies on best educators and I trace it back to my roots at Ryan Rohini.

Yatin Marwaha - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Yatin Marwaha

How to be the best version of yourself?
The guru-mantra that has been with me since my childhood and today I owe it majorly to my alma mater, Ryan Rohini, for showing me that the world is full of possibilities. I am where I am, and who I am because at Ryans we all were encouraged to go forth and explore, to be fearless and unapologetic. I am currently working in Gurugram as a Senior Software Development Engineer for Amazon, where I lead a team of engineers. I have also worked with DE Shaw group and Cisco Systems India Private Ltd. At Ryans, I learnt the importance of discipline, diligence and punctuality. This had such a positive impact on my life that I could shape myself into a better, more accomplished person now than ever. Proud to be a Ryanite!

Prakriti Wadhwa - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Prakriti Wadhwa

Education breeds confidence and confidence breeds success! I am truly thankful to my alma mater for giving me the courage to be bold, for instilling a sense of confidence (as a woman and as a person), for teaching me how to be a leader and a follower (both very important roles), for not letting me hold myself back for the fear of failure and for the memories it has given me. I truly appreciate the wonderful community this school offered to help me grow. The most valuable life practice that I had acquired was the habit to worship The Almighty, a life skill that I will always treasure. I am grateful to our respected Chairman and all my teachers for giving me the wings of transformation and making me a better version of myself. Fourteen years of experience, learning, and memories summed up in one word - Ryan!

Dipanka Trika - Ryan International School, Sec-25, Rohini

Dipanka Trika

School is a joyous time in one’s life, where enjoyment is encouraged and the future is considered brighter than that of ‘Orbit’ girl’s teeth. But if school is like a shining mid-day sun, life after school is like the clouds that roll in during the afternoon. Let school be a springboard to catapult your dreams into reality. Fourteen years of school life make you ready for the big bad world and you go all guns blazing to face the real world only if you want to. I was fortunate enough to graduate from Ryan International School, Rohini. The extensive study, numerous extra-curricular activities, punctuality and the supreme quality of teachers made me what I’m today. Currently settled in Ireland as an auditor at PwC Dublin, all my basics of accounting have been strong because of my school and the teachers. I’m fortunate enough to be from a school that raises perfect individuals.


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