Grandparents Day

Date : 14 October, 2019 Grandparents plays an important role in the lives of every child.The pampering that grandkids get from their grandparents leaves a lasting impression on their lives.This Grandparents Day,our student enjoyed seeing their grandparents in their school.There were activities like gaming and make a bond sing a song.The talented Ryanities performed songs and dance,which created everlasting memories for them.As we seek to strengthen the enduring values of the family,it is appropriate that we honor our “Grandparents”. It is important that your straight from the heart.It Should convey your true love and affection for them.Grandparents are our heritage and our essential members of our family and communities.That is why our special day is set aside every year to honour them and this special for us to spend time with our grandparent and have fun together. “Grandparents are the greatest gift your heart will ever know”
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