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Mrs. Renuka & Mr. Rajiv Kumar Mishra - Ryan International School, Bhopal

Mrs. Renuka & Mr. Rajiv Kumar Mishra

It's really nice to see our daughters being involved in studies. Online classes have made them more serious about their studies. School and teachers are doing a great job. They are giving their 100%. And obviously the best part is students are understanding what teachers are teaching and are clearing their doubts.


Mrs. Sarika Chourasia - Ryan International School, Bhopal

Mrs. Sarika Chourasia

”When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you." With this quote I would like to compose my journey since 15 years in this Esteemed institution Ryan international school.. we can kill the wrong habits inside ourselves and stop chasing wrong things .. Then there will be a drastic change in our life..Now I feel the Change in my life.I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Almighty and our mentors respected chairman sir Dr.A.F.pinto and honorable managing director madam madam Dr.Grace pinto..for their valuable guidance.
Mrs. Vidya Iyer - Ryan International School, Bhopal

Mrs. Vidya Iyer

Myself being a teacher of well over twenty five years of experience; I must say Ryan has been one of the most gracious opportunities for me to learn furthermore and grow as a teacher. Ryan has been pivotal in my teaching career and I envision so much more that I have to offer to this school as a teacher. Gifted with an assortment of management staff that allows us to experience our work to its fullest potential, I feel very fulfilled by my work here at Ryan.
Ms. Smita Dharwa - Ryan International School, Bhopal

Ms. Smita Dharwa

Ryan International school is an epitome of high quality educational ecosystem and offers an all-round development and wholesome learning experience to its teachers as well as students. Its conviction towards imparting moral values, ensuring educational prudence, and intellectual growth of its students, is exemplary, and working in such an ecosystem gives immense satisfaction to me as a teacher. Ryan International School, with hundreds of branches across India and highly experienced and committed management, ensures an enabling atmosphere for its teachers, so that they can give their best, in teaching the students.Consistent Mentoring and guidance from seniors, adds a lot towards improving our teaching methodology and helps us guide our students in a better way. I feel blessed to be a part of Ryan International School.
Mrs. Sarika Verma - Ryan International School, Bhopal

Mrs. Sarika Verma

With a teaching graph of 12 years, Ryan group of institutions has played a significant role in enhancing my persona in every sphere of my life. Ryan has given me the opportunity to attend the World scholar’s Cup (2014), which broadened my horizon. I have been a part of the INMUN team and attended INMUN (2015) which was a breakthrough in my teaching career. My daughter, a student of Ryan, Bhopal has shown remarkable development. I am grateful to the management of Ryan Group of Institutions for having given me this fulfilling platform.
Mrs. Sushma Dhare - Ryan International School, Bhopal

Mrs. Sushma Dhare

The best teacher continues to learn and grow. I feel that Ryan Group Of Institutions has given me this opportunity to learn and grow, as here I get every day a new opportunity to learn .The main aim of the Institution is to prepare our students to be successful in their school years and to be lifelong learners. In doing so I adopted a style by practicing varieties of strategies under the guidance of our heads which has added some extra scores in my dedication and passion towards the teaching.