Testimonials - Ryan International School



Mr Satwinder Singh P/o. Ekamveer S Rai - Ryan International School, Bardoli

Mr Satwinder Singh P/o. Ekamveer S Rai

At the outset let me congratulate you all wholeheartedly for being a truly child centric, child focused and child friendly school. I would like to congratulate and thank you for the tremendous effort you all have put in throughout the years. It was almost overwhelming to see my son shine so brightly with confidence. It is exactly this training that our child will benefit from for many years to come - this has been an important foundation in his life. I am, indeed, deeply grateful for all the love poured into my child repeatedly over the years – he has truly flourished under your care, guidance and hard-work. Left with the feeling of not being able to express enough, I would like to thank you once again for your commitment towards my child.

We choose Ryan International School for our son due to the reasons listed below. We wanted a school that would provide:
- A focus on all-round development using all the intelligence.
- A place where the children would be encouraged, respected, and heard.
- A nurturing and caring environment where students are taught to excel.
- An atmosphere where children would be free to express and experiment with their ideas and thoughts as well as showcase and develop their skills without the fear of retribution or failure. - Approachable and open-minded management that appreciated parents as partners in progress rather than adversaries to deal with.

I think Ryan is a great example of how a school can work with parents and students to make school life interesting and fun as well as prepare the students for the future. Ryan has provided a multi-dimensional platform for my child to experiment as well as get exposed to various schools of thought and experiences. My child has had the opportunity to blossom in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. He is a very good example of “unbundling” of his hidden talents. At Ryan, Ekamveer is developing into an all-rounder and I am glad I made Ryan as a choice for him.

Schools such as Ryan are going to provide future leaders due to the focus on identifying and encouraging all round development of children which is refreshingly different. Schools which provide opportunities to our children to develop as well rounded world class leaders, who will be capable of leading the world to a brighter future, where excellence eliminates everything. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the management and the staff for transforming a child into a student who will be a KING in the making. The school’s effort to inculcate in the kids a deeper understanding of Indian values in an international setting deserves a special mention.


Mr. Shani Vaidya - Ryan International School, Bardoli

Mr. Shani Vaidya

I have been working at Ryan International School since July 2018. In the time that I have been here, I have learned that the most valuable asset at this school is the staff. I have never worked in a school where the staff bonds as well as they do here. I think the people in this school don’t just consider each other “co-workers”; I think we consider each other family. We all work together so well. One benefit of our close-knit staff is how we are able to share our lessons and ideas. This allows us to build upon those ideas together as a team to create even more powerful ideas. The success of any school depends on having a successful staff. I honestly believe that we have that here. I am truly honored to be a part of this team.

Mr. Dipak Yadav - Ryan International School, Bardoli

Mr. Dipak Yadav

I enjoy working with the staff and administration because everyone is willing to work together for the best interests of the students. The teachers are dedicated to the well-being of all students. The teachers and the administration have a common goal for all of our students, which is a 100% result for our students. I enjoy teaching our students the knowledge that they need to enjoy a successful future. I also enjoy supporting students at sporting events, math Olympics, science fairs and spelling bee competitions. There is nothing better than seeing the excitement on the students’ faces when they win awards for competitions and events in which they are participating. I plan on spending numerous more years teaching and supporting the students at Ryan and watching the students become successful adults.

Ms. Amandeep Rai - Ryan International School, Bardoli

Ms. Amandeep Rai

I have been a teacher at Ryan International School for more than twelve years. Ryan is dedicated to providing a quality education for children and has such a strong identity and commitment. I feel fortunate to be a part of the Ryan Family. Over the years I have had the privilege of working under the able guidance of our mentors, respected Chairman Sir Dr. A.F. Pinto & Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto, with the most dedicated teachers, administrators, and staff. The education given at Ryan provides an excellent framework for students’ future success.

Ryan International School is truly a “gem” serving the society. For students, Ryan offers a rigorous curriculum with Jesus as the foundation and inspiration. Students are challenged by a dedicated team of caring, professional faculty who work collaboratively to instill core values in each lesson every day. For the community, Ryan provides an invaluable resource. Through prayer and service, Ryan students demonstrate “faith in action” throughout the year. By providing opportunities in a variety of disciplines, spiritual growth is a natural result. Not only are academic subjects taught, but focus is also placed on developing deep and meaningful relationships. The students use their intellects, talents and gifts to stretch themselves and become the best they can be. Most of all, Ryan is a warm and welcoming home where students feel safe and loved.

Ms. Hemani Panchal - Ryan International School, Bardoli

Ms. Hemani Panchal

Ryan International School provides a caring and nurturing environment, where we watch our students excel in math, reading, science, social studies, foreign language, and the arts. I have been a part of the Ryan family for two years now, and I can say that our students enjoy attending school, which is a testament to the hard-working staff and the continuous improvements that are being made in our school. Here at Ryan, we always encourage parents/guardians to get involved in their child’s education. Ryan is a safe, warm, and friendly school. We are privileged to work in a multicultural environment, where the children are exposed to the world and the various cultures within it. Teachers are very dedicated, highly educated, and able to adjust to children’s needs for growth. My students are my motivation and my drive to succeed as their teacher.

Ms. Anjali Parmar - Ryan International School, Bardoli

Ms. Anjali Parmar

I am a primary teacher at Ryan International School. I have been teaching here for four years. I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude towards Ryan International School. I have watched this school improve more and more every year. This school has improved in the areas of academics, structure, and faculty involvement. I feel that this school does its best to provide each student with a quality education. We as a team encourage our students to strive for success in everything they do. We also make sure they reward the students who did their best and encourage every student to try and do better the next time. Ryan provides the students with the materials they need to achieve success. They provide any materials that a teacher may need in order to help their students succeed. In addition to providing quality education, Ryan also has an excellent faculty. Everyone works together to help each other out. At work it almost feels like you are with your family. Everyone gets along and genuinely cares about the well-being of their co-workers. Ryan also does a good job of getting faculty involved in school.

Ryan is truly a good place to be. There are not many people that can say they are excited to come to work every day, but if you are a member of Ryan you are happy to come to work and school every day. I am thankful that I found such a great place to be.