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Parents Corner

Mr. Sougata Chatterjee, F/o Ms. Ivy Chatterjee – Class III - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mr. Sougata Chatterjee, F/o Ms. Ivy Chatterjee – Class III

I am happy to put my overview of Ryan International School Pune through this email. My daughter Ms. Ivy Chatterjee has been studying in this school for the last 4 years and we have observed a very good progress /development in our daughter's behavior & personality inside and outside. We identify that this is mainly because of the school's discipline, teaching procedures and content of the course. I have interacted with my daughter's class teachers in all her previous classes including the current academic session and I feel satisfied with most of the teacher's positive feedback which is very much useful for us back home for further developing our daughter. The non-teaching staff, payment procedures and daily portal updates on educational and non-educational information is a unique tool in this school which helps us to get updated with her progress in school daily. My overview of Ryan international School, Pune is very satisfactory. My wishes to the school for their future success.

Mr. Ajay Ramgol, F/o Ms. Rhea Ramgol – Class VI - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mr. Ajay Ramgol, F/o Ms. Rhea Ramgol – Class VI

We as parents of Rhea Ramgol studying in Grade VI, feel privileged that our daughter Rhea Ramgol is a part of the esteemed Ryan High School Bavdhan, Pune. The School as we know and experienced, has set up a standard, which is very much enriching and bears testimony. Our child’s development has taken place academically and personally too. The courses that run through the year are well thought of for the development of the child. The sports and cultural activities have also been focused meticulously at school and benefited our child to a large extent. The School Authorities and Teachers have been constantly striving to see the progress of the school as well as the students, who are part of the whole journey.

Mr. Santosh Singh, F/o Ishan Singh – Class IV - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mr. Santosh Singh, F/o Ishan Singh – Class IV

I feel proud and privileged to mention that my son Ishan Singh studies in grade IV Ryan International School, Bavdhan, Pune. The school has provided Ishan with all the development opportunities, be it academics, sports, music or any other contemporary arts. There is a marked difference in his overall personality and confidence level. The school also conducts cultural activities at regular intervals, providing the students with opportunity to show their talent. The teachers in Ryan have been very consistent in their approach of academic excellence. Ryan as a group is doing very good in the field of education and I wish them all the best in their journey.

Mrs. Neha Garg, M/o Adhvik Sharma – Montessori II - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mrs. Neha Garg, M/o Adhvik Sharma – Montessori II

My child Master Adhvik Sharma is a student of " Mont II A" in Ryan International School, Bavdhan Pune. The academics are exceptional and the character development program is even better. Teaching Pedagogy is very innovative and children enjoy learning. The teachers and administrators are caring and supportive and accessible all the time. I would like to thank you and The Ryan family for providing such a wonderful learning environment to my kid.

Mrs. Nila Rajkumar - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mrs. Nila Rajkumar

We take this opportunity to applaud the Ryan international school in its academic, sports and extra-curricular activities where they have put tremendous efforts and in various aspects to uphold its motto in every child. My son has developed an optimistic behavior towards all situations and we like to thank the school for its role in the same. The most important thing we have noticed is that our son has developed self-confidence and excelled in sports and extra-curricular activities mutually. Ryan International school has occupied a major role in the blossoming of every kid in all aspects and communication.