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Mr. Nimish Sharma - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mr. Nimish Sharma

My four years at Ryan International school have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. The years that I have spent here have been full of learning opportunities that were full of fun and frolic and, sometimes with academic grind. The exposure and opportunities that Ryan gives you for example INMUN, TEEN CAMPS, SPORTS, WORLD SCHOLARS CUP, DEBATE COMPETITIONS and what not. This school has taught me one thing and it is that one can never put a limit on creativity and Ryan always gives you the opportunities all you have to do is to knock on its door and be ready. Ryan molds you into a better version of yourself and prepares one to face the challenges of the communal world. It is clear that Ryan International School stands by its motto of “excellence in education and all-round development”.

Ms. Selina Srivastava - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Ms. Selina Srivastava

Having studied at Ryan International School, Pune for 2 years I consider this school excellent in the field of education and child development. The teachers are extremely supportive and have good knowledge of their respective subjects. The school provides you with extracurricular activities like debates, essay writing competitions, stage play, etc. It also gave us the opportunity of being a part of INMUN and the Daman teen camp which was organized for students of grade 9 going forward to grade 10, which was an incredible experience that helped students develop the skills of time management, self-awareness and holistic learning. The school's Student Council is a great place for students to inculcate the skill of leadership. Sports are given as much weightage as academics evidence of which are the good maintained playing grounds along with excellent sports faculty. Overall, I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a center of good quality education and all-round growth.

Ms. Vibhawari Wusurika - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Ms. Vibhawari Wusurika

Ryan International School allows each student to develop to their full potential. Students are allowed to not only focus on academics but are also given an opportunity to showcase their talents and skills. They learn to test their abilities, take on new endeavors, and persist in the face of difficult circumstances. Needless to say, the journey through school was not an easy one, yet my peers and I will all agree that it has inculcated life lessons to help us make decisions and better prepare us for our uncertain future. My peers and I were exposed to a wide variety of teachers with versatile teaching techniques. Though I was able to resonate with some more than others, this experience trained me to adapt to changing circumstances and environments. My teachers were extremely supportive and motivated me to try harder and push my limits in order to unlock my full potential. I learnt to be self-sufficient and independent very early on, as a result of the exposure provided by this school. Personally, I believe that Ryan International school has played a major part in my overall development and has taught me skills that I would not have learned elsewhere. Hence this school has helped me not only in academics but in forming the individual I am as of this day.

Mr. Dhruv Johari - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mr. Dhruv Johari

Ryan International Group of Institutions truly lives up to its motto – “Excellence in Education and All-Round Development.” I became a student of Ryan International School, Bavdhan, Pune back in 2014. I have had amazing teachers during my school years that helped and guided me through my course with great fervor. My years as a student of this school helped me mature and grow as a person. The various facilities provided by the school enabled students like me to become better. The classroom along with my peers provided a safe and healthy environment for me to learn. I also had various opportunities to show my skills in different departments, such as sports and elocutions. The teachers at Ryan had taught the subjects well which enabled me to produce good results at my final exam. Overall, I would like to thank my teachers, my Principal, the staff members and the entire school from 2014 till my graduation in 2018. I have learned a lot from Ryan and I know that the lessons I learnt will continue to guide me in my future endeavors.

Mr. Aaryan Mavani - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mr. Aaryan Mavani

Graduating from 10th grade at Ryan international School, Bavdhan was one of the most memorable days of my life. My time at Ryan was highly formative and fulfilling as the guidance from Principal Ms. Arti Chanana and all the teachers ensured that I got the best education possible. They say one teacher is enough to change a student's outlook towards the world, this was definitely the case for me as the teachers at Ryan nurtured me into a responsible and competent young adult. It has been almost two years since I left Ryan and as I am about to enter college, I wonder if I would have been the same motivated person without the rigorous and highly personal education that Ryan provided me. The Ryan family will always remain an integral part of me.