Testimonials - Ryan International School



Mr. Sougata Chatterjee, F/o Ms. Ivy Chatterjee – Class III - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mr. Sougata Chatterjee, F/o Ms. Ivy Chatterjee – Class III

I am happy to put my overview of Ryan International School Pune through this email. My daughter Ms. Ivy Chatterjee has been studying in this school for the last 4 years and we have observed a very good progress /development in our daughter's behavior & personality inside and outside. We identify that this is mainly because of the school's discipline, teaching procedures and content of the course. I have interacted with my daughter's class teachers in all her previous classes including the current academic session and I feel satisfied with most of the teacher's positive feedback which is very much useful for us back home for further developing our daughter. The non-teaching staff, payment procedures and daily portal updates on educational and non-educational information is a unique tool in this school which helps us to get updated with her progress in school daily. My overview of Ryan international School, Pune is very satisfactory. My wishes to the school for their future success.


Mrs. Priyanka Biraidar - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mrs. Priyanka Biraidar

Students are at the heart of Ryan International School and I believe that there is nothing more important than developing their characters, skills, talents and aspirations. We teachers at Ryan are excellent role models for students and their role in leading the development of the students is crucial to our success. Every student has a talent and these are celebrated and encouraged whether that be academic, sporting, dynamic or artistic. Students need to feel safe in their learning environment and we at Ryan take pride ourselves in developing a supportive environment.

Mrs. Jyoti Duggal - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mrs. Jyoti Duggal

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Ryan group of schools for giving me a golden opportunity to work with their esteemed organization. Being a Teacher at Ryan International School is a different environment than ever have I experienced. The level of care and trust the management have in their teachers is so unique and special. The Ryan group gives an opportunity to every teacher to maximize their potential and to watch their students to grow. I have been associated with Ryan group since 2008 as a parent and from 2010 as a teacher. Ryan has a special place in my life as I have learnt a lot in so many years. Over the years I have had the privilege of working in Ryan school in different cities with the most dedicated teachers, staff and administrators. At Ryan we teachers work together with gratitude to make sure students are getting the best quality of education. All these things have been possible only with the guidance of our great mentor’s Dr A F Pinto and Managing Director Madam Dr. Grace Pinto. Thank you, Sir and Madam, for giving me this wonderful school.

Mrs. Deepali Seth - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mrs. Deepali Seth

My journey in Ryan started in 2016. It has been an enriching experience through these three years. My involvement with std III graders was overwhelming. The VI, VII and VIII students taught me to be patient, tolerant but firm. Ryan has given me a lot of exposure as being part of the INMUN team. I became more understanding with the IX grade teenagers. INMUN gave me an enchanting experience of witnessing my students flowering in varied fields. My academic experiences, volunteer experiences as well as my experience in the workforce at Ryan has fostered a tremendous personal drive and have helped to become an independent self- sufficient and hardworking individual. I express my heartfelt gratitude to my Principal Arti miss for tapping my potential of speaking and comparing for various events conducted in the school. Ryan has groomed my personality into being confident and an efficient teacher.

Mrs. Sanjita Chaudhuri - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mrs. Sanjita Chaudhuri

I have only positive words for Ryan. I have been working here since 2016. Principal Ma’am, supervisors, the staff members are always very helpful, co-operative and kind. It is a very accommodating atmosphere here, the teachers and all the people who work here are very friendly and always suggest the best solution for your needs. Many thanks to Ryan School for giving me this opportunity and getting the best out of me.

Mrs. Rajani Sharma - Ryan International School, Bavdhan

Mrs. Rajani Sharma

My five years as staff in Ryan International school went as a flash. The environment of school is so vibrant that I've enjoyed working here. I have gained so much experience both emotionally and academically, gaining a wide exposure on latest technology tools like Smart boards, TCE, math-lab which has been very helpful during my teaching. Principal Ma’am has always encouraged us to make use of innovative learning techniques and to be a better teacher.