Date : 28 August, 2019

Special Assembly to celebrate Respected Chairman Sir’s birthday at Ryan was a series of spectacular shows by Ryanites from Montessori, Primary SSecondary sections. The Ryanites took a pledge to keep aloft Chairman Sir’s vision and gave a true display of all-round development on the platform provided to them. DONATION DRIVE ON FOUNDER’S DAY CARD MAKING ACTIVITY Actions express more than words at times and this was proven amply by young Ryanites as they produced birthday cards for our respected Chairman Sir. Respect and warmth was evident in the way they decorated and poured forth their wishes for a long, happy and prosperous life for their beloved Sir. LETTER WRITING ACTIVITY Ryanites expressed their warmth and affection to Respected Chairman Sir through beautiful flowing letters. The words though simple carried weight in their expressions and conveyed the deep the influence that Sir’s vision has etched in their young minds.

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