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Ms. Shambhavi Anand - Ryan International School, Nerul

Ms. Shambhavi Anand

I truly treasure my education at Ryan International School, Nerul. This institution not only focuses on ones academic excellence but helps achieve all round development. Besides the co- curricular activities, the school provides us with countless opportunities to showcase our talents and discover our true passion.It was through these events that I was able to discover a better version of myself. Each teacher here always nurtured the good in each one of us, motivating us to strive to our full potential. I truly thank all my dear teachers for their love, guidance, support and for teaching me values that shall help shape my future. The days spent at Ryan International School, Nerul were full of joy and learning. These shall always be a golden memory locked in the chambers of my heart.

Madhyami Deshmukh - Ryan International School, Nerul

Madhyami Deshmukh

I have seen this school build up from mere bricks to now, what stands as an educational institution. Every time I am asked to write about school or my memories or events, my learning, the naughtiness and mistakes it only makes me emotional. Ryan Nerul holds a big part in my heart and has given me a set of beautiful friends. It not only guided me academically, but it equally pushed me into extra-curricular activities. I was a part of the school council and I also attended the theatre festival in Delhi. The teachers and school staff were very supportive for my music as a Hindustani Classical Sitarist and continue to do so. Once a Ryanite, always a Ryanite!

Margret Sandhya Lopez - Ryan International School, Nerul

Margret Sandhya Lopez

Ryan International School, Nerul is a memory I will cherish for a lifetime. A place I once happily called my second home. It has prepared me in a myriad of ways, mostly, to be competitive and courageous. The teachers and staff are truly skilled, caring, and courteous. Teachers help every student find their full potential. The small class size helps students build a much more interactive relationship with the teachers and it’s fellow classmates. There is a good balance of learning and extracurricular activities. The school offers many opportunities to its students - Inter School Theatre Festival, INMUN, and so on. I like that Ryan has many in-school activities available for students - swimming, skating, rifle shooting, etc. I am glad some of my teachers and staff have made an effort to remember and stay in touch with us for over a decade now. I’m lucky to have a foundation that helped me reach for my goals. Looking forward to more adventures, achievements and fulfilling life.

Suyash Bhardwa - Ryan International School, Nerul

Suyash Bhardwa

Life is a beautiful conundrum that reveals itself in the face of difficulties. Humans are no less of a sailor who steers the oars and ride the waves to cross the ocean. The solution to tough situations that life throws on us can be found in our education. A problem can only be solved if it is identified at the first place. Once the problem is understood, your knowledge and competence take over to defeat the problem. The testament to a good education stands firmly on the three pillars of his ability to identify and understand the problem, unravel the problem utilising his knowledge and solve the problem effectively by his competence. Excellence is the consequence of a good education and an all round development. Ryan International School ,Nerul as such a platform for me. I completed 10 years of my education with this institution and proudly call myself a Ryanite. The atmosphere is conducive for imparting the education required. The faculty, staff support and school infrastructure is top notch. Apart from the brilliance in technical education, the focus on creative arts, physical education and personality assures an all round development. I am a success story of this institution along with other such success stories who I refer to as my friends. I am glad to be a part of this institution.

Srinjoy Roy - Ryan International School, Nerul

Srinjoy Roy

My self, Srinjoy Roy. I’m an Alumni of Ryan International School, Nerul (2018-19 batch). I stepped my first feet into this learning field from Ryan. I started from the scratch, i.e. from Montessori II. Ryan Group is the one, held my then little hands and showed me the entire world. Today, I never thought that school life can be missed to that extent. I meet with other students from all over the country and hear their experience but, I always feel that Ryan always kept a Golden spoon in my mouth. We at Ryan, were never restricted or deprived from anything. Believe me, still today for me, all the teachers in Ryan were not less than my mother. I don’t remember, at my young age I ever cried for my mom. Trust me, I feel really lucky to be a part of Ryan group. Today, I’m a bit detached from Ryan because of my current education pressure but, still all the teachers’ including my Principal ma’am send their blessings and always ask about my well-being. In Ryan, you don’t only acquire knowledge but, also develop or brush your other skills. As a Ryanite, I’ll tell you CAMP DAYS WERE THE BEST!!! Never ever I’ve experienced such a great moment with my best friends. Truly, grateful to Ryan Group for this all opportunities. Thank you for everything! I wish all the very best to all the future and the present Ryanites! I’M A PROUD RYANITE!!!