Celebrates Montessori Graduation Day

Date : 01 February, 2019

The “GRADUATION DAY” for kindergarten students is one of the most important days and is the stepping stone to many more graduations in their life. It is the day when the students from the pre-primary section graduate to the primary section when their little world widens and opens up to the real world. Ryan International School, Nerul is one of the schools which help in shaping up a child’s future for a better tomorrow. The theme for the Graduation Day 2019-20 was ‘Together We can’. All the students gave in their best and were eager for this very day. The atmosphere was lively with a wonderful band, shimmering choir, and excellent competitors. The program started with a word of God, prayer, worship songs and the Montessori students extended their warm welcome to the guest and audience in various languages. It was amazing to see little kids in their colorful costumes and display their talents. All the deserving students were awarded according to their skills. The event proceeded with enthusiastic dances from each Mont class. Each child was made to participate, encouraging the spirit of participation. The musical skit “Eddie the Penguin Saves the world” was enacted by the Montessori students. The Musical Skit was an excellent performance by the Montessori students. The teachers’ efforts had paid off well for the tiny tots springing about on the stage in their colorful dresses had received a lot of appreciation and applause. Then the event slipped into the Graduation Ceremony. The little kids from Montessori, dressed in graduation robes received graduation scrolls that finally marked their graduation from pre-primary to primary. The school bestowed awards on the most academically talented and otherwise talented students of the school. The dance by the secondary section depicted the importance of sports. The guests shared inspiring thoughts and encouraging words to the students as well as the audience. Each dance and skit had something we could learn and be aware of.

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