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Parents Corner

Dr. Sk Zeenat Nasar - Ryan International School, Nashik

Dr. Sk Zeenat Nasar

It was one fine day, not a very long time back in the year 2008, when we first visited Ryan International School, DGP nagar, Nashik to seek admission for our little prince with a lot of questions in mind. Like many other parents we also believed that school plays a very important role in the holistic development of a child. And today as my son is getting ready to finish off his journey of 12 years in this reputed school, I can proudly say that I had not been wrong in selecting Ryan International School.

Over the years Ryan International School has nurtured my child’s physical, spiritual and emotional personality and at the same time laid a strong academic foundation for him as well. School education is no longer limited to classroom learning only rather it should aim at making strong global citizens. Ryan International school has successfully laid my child and many others as well into the path of making them citizens who will contribute to the nation and the world in the long run.

With various national and international programmes and activities like INMUN, Frank Anthony debate competition, teen camps, sports competitions, exposure to journalism via Ryan TV, Education exchange programmes and the like, the list is quite long for the little Ryanites to participate and learn from.

Being a Ryanite, my son also got opportunities to participate in quite a number of activities conducted in Ryan International school, Nashik such as Frank Anthony debate competition, teen camp, Young Directors course, International festival of Arts etc. on National level. Besides these he also participated in various National and International academic competitions, Compu Talent exams, English Marathon etc. where he has definitely made us proud by securing very good ranks. Also, he got opportunities to participate in activities for social cause like the cleanliness drive, collecting donations for the poor and old people, planting trees etc., that were conducted by the school on various occasions. These provided him with a huge platform to exhibit his talents and nurture his abilities like his debating skills, leadership qualities, performing skills and also moral responsibility towards the society at at the same time.

Overall it has been a long and fulfilling experience for my child as a student of Ryan International school and me as a parent.

Mrs. Bhavana Kacchi - Ryan International School, Nashik

Mrs. Bhavana Kacchi

I would like to share a small experience of mine at Ryan International School Nashik. It was during the year 2007 when I was hunting all over Nashik for a good school for my daughter. I found there were many schools established in Nashik and amongst those was the school, Ryan International School, Nashik. The only reason to get my daughter admitted to this school was the management. Madam Grace Pinto and Dr. A. F. Pinto, were the names and the management we knew about ever since the 1 st day when St. Francis High School, Tidke Colony started. My siblings were admitted to this school. We had positive reviews and we decided to select Ryan and the ICSE curriculum. So we admitted my daughter in Mont I.

My daughter, Khushi’s journey in this school from Mont I to grade X was splendid. Ryan International School Nashik played a very important role in the development of my child. Today my child is doing her First year of B.Com and she is appreciated as a unique child with great qualities that stand out amongst the crowd. This is only because of the holistic development and the personality she developed at Ryan International School Nashik. Ryan has nurtured and has laid a very strong academic foundation for my daughter, Khushi.

Apart from the quality education, various activities like the Theatre Festival, INMUN, BBN, the school and classroom activities and competitions, and Sports events have given good opportunities for my child to grow and learn.

I really feel proud to say that Ryan International School, provided a vast platform for Khushi, where she could exhibit her talents and skills. The school taught my child to be morally responsible and sharpen her skills. To sum up, I would only say Ryan International School has given my child a fulfilling experience and developed her to become a confident and loving individual. I would highly recommend Ryan International School to all parents as it will make a responsible and morally correct citizen from your child.

Mrs. Apurva Kshatriya - Ryan International School, Nashik

Mrs. Apurva Kshatriya

Being a parent of my only daughter, I was for her education, because back in the day there were no good schools in Sinnar and to provide Her best education and all round development was difficult.

Then we happened to meet the Principal of Ryan International School and by experiencing the soulful environment created with the vision of Chairman Sir Sr. A. F. Pinto, we were concrete to admit Aabha in this school.

Though it was a concern to travel 30 km one side she was always excited to attend the school every day. I thank the principal and creating a safe and welcoming environment for the students. Also I would never forget the Supervisor who always was a mentor and light for our daughter. I always appreciate you for your support every day, guidance and precious life lessons.

All her teachers were always helpful who educated her and helped plan and set a goal for her bright future.

This school has given her many opportunities such as council minister ship and the teen camp to overcome stage fear, develop her personality and inculcate leadership in her.

With banquets of gratitude I once again extend my heart filled thanks to Respected Chairman Sir, Managing Director Madam, and the entire Ryan Family. It was indeed a joyous and pleasant experience to be a part of this great institution.

Mrs. Deepali Wagh - Ryan International School, Nashik

Mrs. Deepali Wagh

In 2018 when we left Oman and came back to India. For our son's class 3 admissions we were in search for good quality school in Nashik which can give good quality of education and overall development to children who can become compatible for international level. After 2 years we feel that our son is lucky to get admission in Ryan International School Nashik. The school infrastructure is good, ambiance is good. Security and transportation of students is well managed that are external features we can see once we get into the school building. The real test of school starts with education process and how extracurricular activities are being handled. In last two years we found both of them are at a good level and we found good results. Our son as a student is being educated well and always get chance to participate extra activities like spelling competition, quiz contests, math Olympiad, sports etc. Teaches gives us information about his progress or complaints (if any), even if student is absent we get message and verification call on time, it is also same about any changes in school time schedules or activities. Overall our experience about Ryan International School is good and we wish the School rank will get higher every year.

Mr. Vinayak R Pilla - Ryan International School, Nashik

Mr. Vinayak R Pillai

It's wonderful to see our daughter Akshaya grow from a bud to a flower. Ryan School has helped in developing her character, talents and various skills, not only academically but also excelling in various other areas like sports and cultural activities.

It has been a great experience to watch my daughter become more independent and confident at such an early age. We are very impressed with the way the school has grown from strength to strength, year after year. Credit to school management and their teachers for their unstinting support always.

We are very happy and grateful to Ryan School who played a vital role in our daughter’s transformation.