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Dr. Sk Zeenat Nasar - Ryan International School, Nashik

Dr. Sk Zeenat Nasar

It was one fine day, not a very long time back in the year 2008, when we first visited Ryan International School, DGP nagar, Nashik to seek admission for our little prince with a lot of questions in mind. Like many other parents we also believed that school plays a very important role in the holistic development of a child. And today as my son is getting ready to finish off his journey of 12 years in this reputed school, I can proudly say that I had not been wrong in selecting Ryan International School.

Over the years Ryan International School has nurtured my child’s physical, spiritual and emotional personality and at the same time laid a strong academic foundation for him as well. School education is no longer limited to classroom learning only rather it should aim at making strong global citizens. Ryan International school has successfully laid my child and many others as well into the path of making them citizens who will contribute to the nation and the world in the long run.

With various national and international programmes and activities like INMUN, Frank Anthony debate competition, teen camps, sports competitions, exposure to journalism via Ryan TV, Education exchange programmes and the like, the list is quite long for the little Ryanites to participate and learn from.

Being a Ryanite, my son also got opportunities to participate in quite a number of activities conducted in Ryan International school, Nashik such as Frank Anthony debate competition, teen camp, Young Directors course, International festival of Arts etc. on National level. Besides these he also participated in various National and International academic competitions, Compu Talent exams, English Marathon etc. where he has definitely made us proud by securing very good ranks. Also, he got opportunities to participate in activities for social cause like the cleanliness drive, collecting donations for the poor and old people, planting trees etc., that were conducted by the school on various occasions. These provided him with a huge platform to exhibit his talents and nurture his abilities like his debating skills, leadership qualities, performing skills and also moral responsibility towards the society at at the same time.

Overall it has been a long and fulfilling experience for my child as a student of Ryan International school and me as a parent.


Leticia Rodrigues

Leticia Rodrigues

I, Leticia Rodrigues, an assistant of Ryan International School, Nashik i would like to share my experience. Here at Ryan it’s been a long journey and it still continues. It’s a proud moment for me choosing this profession and institution both at the same time. The recognition that I have received through these past years, by my dedication, determination and love towards the institution, has boosted up my spirit.

Ryan Nashik has evolved in the field of quality education in these passing years. By providing excellence in academics, where students are trained to direct their interest ' energy toward child centered qualitative learning, activity based learning, professional coaching in sports, dance, painting, drama, learning life skills and developing their communication and overall personality. We encourage the all-round development of a student and help improve their living in all prospects like building spiritual personality, physical personality and even emotional ones. Watching children build their leadership qualities through national and international programs organized by the institution, boosts up the spirit of the teachers as well as the students. As technology is expanding at Ryan, we place a strong importance on value based education; and have been training our students to understand social issues and act responsibly.

I urge all, to spread the news that Ryanites are truly the kings and queens of tomorrow in the making. I thank the institution for letting me contribute my bit and believing in broadening the mind of our children and preparing them for a better future.

Mrs. Rachana Shrivastava

Mrs. Rachana Shrivastava

I have been working here for the past 10 years. It’s been quite an enriching journey from the time I have joined this prestigious institution. The level of care and trust that the administration had in its teachers is unique and special and is still the same. From the time I started working here I have felt supported, motivated and empowered to teach. My passion for teaching has been groomed here in leaps and bounds. I have been given room to grow as an educator. It feels great to be a part of a group that makes meaningful steps towards the overall development of students by channelizing them into better individuals with right directions.

Various programs like BBN, INMUN, ICFPA and NASA visits are introduced to enhance the personality and progress of each student. Various training and counseling programs and interactive sessions have improved my wellbeing as a teacher The best part I love about teaching at Ryan is the students smile and when they go home and say ‘I have learnt something new and I love my school teacher’. This kind of feedback from the students and parents energizes me and motivates me to work harder. Working here has given me an opportunity to explore myself to interact with student, parents and counselors. It has helped me acquire new skills and knowledge and to learn different ways to deal with life. I hope I continue to utilize my experience and deliver my best for the betterment of our dear students.

Mrs. Asmita Hire

Mrs. Asmita Hire

I have been working in the school for the past 5 years. I truly believe that Ryan is one of the finest schools in our area. Ryan is dedicated to providing a quality education for children. My elder son is also a part of this school.

Ryan is a special school as it’s not only a school for learning but also home in many ways. The administration, teachers, parents and students, all have a connection and a bond that unites us. Not only on our academic subjects but a focus is also placed on developing deep and meaningful relationships.

I am involved with Ryan International School Nashik as a parent as well as a staff. Over the years I have had the privilege of working with one of the most dedicated institutions who work for the betterment of the society. I feel fortunate to be teaching at a school that I love. Fond and funny memories are held close to our hearts and nurtured over a lifetime.

Mrs. Sangeetha K.

Mrs. Sangeetha K.

I joined the school in June of 2016. It had taken some time for me to adjust to well-paced and in-depth teaching at Ryan, but over the years I have managed to prove myself capable to handle the duties.

I have learnt a lot through the experiences of the school and I am thankful to the Principal for giving me a chance to prove myself. One of the biggest learning experiences for me is being in charge of the council ministers. By allocating duties and guiding them in the various things they have to do within and outside the school, it helps me to teach them about leadership qualities and compassion to others.

Working in the school and seeing the smiling faces every day, really makes all the hard work we do worth it.

Gareth Gama

Gareth Gama

I’ve been working in this institution since 2014. That’s a good 6 years here now. One thing I like the most about the school is the friendly atmosphere and kind-hearted teachers I get to work with. The school has given me various opportunities to grow and develop myself, not just in teaching but training students for various events and competitions, like INMUN, WSC, Debates, Program Speeches, Reports and many more. I’m glad to gain the knowledge and skills from these various experiences and I hope to become even better, in my profession.

Ryan has evolved over the years and it has helped me to evolve with it. Interacting with the students, training them and seeing them gain the confidence ' courage to put themselves forward is the best part of my job. I truly believe that with the right encouragement, any child is able to access the hidden talents within themselves and outshine the others, and at Ryan they are given a platform to develop these talents and skills.