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Dr. Shubham Darade - Ryan International School, Nashik

Dr. Shubham Darade

I joined Ryan International School , Nashik in the 5th std. and since then it has been instrumental in shaping my personality as a student and as a human overall. All of the teachers that I’ve had at Ryan have inspired me and helped me cope with the burden of studies for a student where had not been in ICSE all along. Having gone through M.B.B.S. I understand the superiority of concept based learning over rote learning. And Ryan is where I first learned to do this. Be it academics or extracurricular activities, my teachers at Ryan always pushed me to be better. Coming this far in life, it’d be unfair to not be grateful towards the institution that made it all possible.

Thank You Ryan!

Mst. Arjun Bhandari  - Ryan International School,Nashik

Mst. Arjun Bhandari

I've been a part of Ryan group of institutions from 2008-2018 and once a Ryanite, forever a Ryanite! The institution with its unparalleled experienced faculty and dedication has definitely molded me into what I am today and allowed me to unleash my latent potentials. Ryan has truly not only been about academics but about overall development.

The practical life skills that were accorded and induced in us for our 10 years of schooling experience, has definitely been put to test in our College Life and are the very foundations we stand boldly on, with confidence and aplomb.

I personally have managed to get the 'BEST OUTGOING STUDENT' award from Sharada PU college despite of being among other Sharadites from school days... Definitely Ryan molds us enough to stand out and Excel in any crowd! The simple gestures of wishing teachers in the corridor still remain in me and are really appreciated in my college by my teachers, many may call it flattery, but I do it subconsciously out of habit and manners that my school has inculcated in me!

The teen camp, umpteen competitions has also given a lot of exposure to me and not to say that the teaching faculty has polished and bolstered our basics so well that it has made my PU education simpler for me. Also the non-teaching staffs love and support has been much warmer than in most institutions I've seen so far. Thank you Ryan and all Ryanites to be my Ryan family and make my school days illustrious and timeless.

Pratham Dawange - Ryan Internaytional School. Nashik

Mst. Pratham Dawange

My school ‘Ryan International’ is an epic paradise of schooling. I spent 1 years of my life waking up early in the morning back in the afternoon. This punctuality had become a part of my routine. Each day was filled with unpredictable excitements and wondrous experiences to cherish my personality. Since Montessori, I was quite an introvert but before reaching my 10 th Std, I became the Vice President of my School Council, this was proof of my rising graph as a person. A single page is not enough to share my gratitude towards the school. I miss my days as the student of my school., where we readily followed each and every rule., where we had a teacher to scold. I participated in each and every event of our school and I wish for their revival , these included Sports Competitions, Farewell and Theatre Festival. I learned French as the language subject, which is a significant career aspect. I miss my teachers, I miss the recess bell. I miss and cherish my memories and tears of my farewell.

I conclude by thanking God, my parents , our Chairman Dr. Dr. A.F. Pinto, Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto and my magical teachers.

Mst. Khush Jaggi - Ryan International School,Nashik

Mst. Khush Jaggi

Ryan international school is one of the most honored educational institutions in the country and i am fortunate to have been a part of it. Spending 10 years learning in this school has not only given me the theoretical knowledge required, but has helped shaping my personality by imparting life lessons and values. The Teachers have always helped me in every way possible, to achieve my goals. Overall, I cannot be thankful enough to everyone associated with this organization for all the opportunities provided to me.

Thank you so much Ryan!!

Mst. Abhigyan Chakraborty  - Ryan International School,Nashik

Mst. Abhigyan Chakraborty

It's been long, 6 long years since I passed 10th grade, but every time I visit my alma mater back home in Nashik, the cool breeze and the smiling face of our founder , right there at the entrance still gives me Goosebumps.

It is this place, where I started my journey, to holistic development, not only as a successful human being, but a morally sound and responsible one too.

Right from the morning assemblies, to leading the school's parliament myself, this institution instilled in me, the sense of leadership and collective responsibility right from the beginning. From theater festivals to MUNs, and from intermediate art exams to the 10th boards, I'm glad that I've passed all of these with flying colors, all thanks to my school teachers, pushing me ahead, and guiding me all this while, to strive for excellence , and settle for nothing but the best.

Now , as I get ready to wear the uniform with a stethoscope around my neck, and a beret atop my head, one thing keeps ringing in my head, and keeps motivating me always 'I CAN, I WILL, I MUST BE A WINNER!'