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Kanishka Agarwal - Ryan International School, SXHS Jabalpur

Kanishka Agarwal

St. Xavier’s is a major milestone in my life. What impressed me the most is its broad interdisciplinary curriculum that builds a strong scientific foundation for students to pursue their passion. Teachers are fully supportive and are always there for students. Special thanks to Chairman Sir in Director Madam for giving us wings to fly high and achieve success.

Balaji Rao - Ryan International School, SXHS Jabalpur

Balaji Rao

Xavier’s has ignited my passion to shape the future of the world through various National and international exposure. The rigorous curriculum has inculcated in me the ability to adapt and deal with the challenges in the ever changing world. This ICSE syllabus has proven to be extremely helpful in my medical studies. I am proud to be Xavierite. Thankful to Chairman Sir, Director Madam and my Principal and staff for shaping my future.

Shivam Vishwakarma - Ryan International School, SXHS Jabalpur

Shivam Vishwakarma

Xavier’s is a change maker. It empowered me to realize my potential and assert my leadership skill so that I can serve my country as a sincere police officer of the MP government. Special thanks to Chairman Sir and Director Madam and all my teachers.

Meemansha Awadh - Ryan International School, SXHS Jabalpur

Meemansha Awadh

Well it was an awesome journey here at Xavier’s, special thanks to Director Madam and Chairman for their blessings and support. I thank teachers from the bottom of my heart for making me what I am today, and for shaping my future. And it’s the teaching in riding off Xavier’s which helps scale the heights of success.

Muskan Soni - Ryan Internaytional School. Jabalpur

Muskan Soni

Has been a great journey and immense pleasure to have been nurtured during my school age in Xavier. It has not only been in the academics but also the activities carried out with support of our respective Chairman Sir and Director Madam, Principal and teachers. Very happy to be part of this amazing Xavier’s family.