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The highest academic standards with a challenging environment

Established in 2007, Ryan International School, Bannerghatta, is a ICSE Montessori-XII co-ed school. Known amongst the top 10 international schools in Bangalore, the school has over 1300 students and its mission is “Excellence in Education and All Round Development”. Its focus is on global education integrated with innovative use of technology to develop global citizens through a holistic approach.

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The achievements of Ryan International School Bannerghatta

Ryan International Group of Schools has won numerous awards on the national and world stages. RIS Bannerghatta has been one of many schools to have contributed to our awards and recognitions.

  • Digital Learning India - Ryan International School Bannerghatta Digital Learning India

    Awarding Organisation: ELETS

  • School Merit Awards Sports Education - Ryan International School Bannerghatta School Merit Awards Sports Education

    Awarding Organisation: Education Today

  • School Excellence Awards Top 20 ICSE Schools Bengaluru - Ryan International School Bannerghatta School Excellence Awards ‘TOP 20 ICSE SCHOOLS’ BENGALURU

    Awarding Organisation: Brainfeed

Hall of Fame

Top Achievers at Ryan International School Bannerghatta

Students who have received recognition at the national and international levels

  • Mst. Akash Venkataraman - Ryan International School Bannerghattal Mst. Akash Venkataraman

    Event Name: Table Tennis
    Position/Medal: Third Position

    Level: National Level Competition
    Event Organized by: Conducted by Federation of India In Chandigarh
    Event Venue: Delhi Public School , secunderabad, Telangana,

  • Mst. D.Pavan STD: VII A - Ryan International School Bannerghatta Mst. D.Pavan STD: VII A

    Event Name: Swimming
    Position/Medal: GOLD

    Level: National Swimming Participation,
    Event Organized by: (SFI) Swimming Federation of India In Mysore

  • Ms. Sowjanya Satheesh - Ryan International School Bannerghatta Ms. Sowjanya Satheesh

    Event Name : karate champion
    Position/ 3rd place

    Level: JSKI 2nd National Karate Championship 2019
    Event Organized by: Akhila Karnataka Sports Karate Association

  • Mst. Arjun - Ryan International School Bannerghatta Mst. Arjun

    Event Name: karate champion
    Position/ 3 rd position BRONZE YELLOW BELT

    Level: International Shotokan Karate United
    Event Organized by: International Shotokan Karate United


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