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Ms. Nimisha Jain - Ryan international School, Udaipur

Ms. Nimisha Jain

After passing out from school we realize that those scribbled benches, the green board, scolding from teachers and a dozen hands in a single lunch box were the best part of our life. Currently, I am pursuing my B.Com.(Hons) from Nirma university, Ahmedabad. It’s been a great journey and an immense pleasure to have been nurtured during my school life in Ryan International School, udaipur. The school has always been a great support for our development and has always encouraged us to succeed in all the fields of our interest. I am really grateful to my teacher who acted as parents when we needed support in school and as friends when we wanted someone to understand. They have always been the knight in shining armour. Words are not enough to express my feeling for my school and everything it gave me from the way I speak to the way I walk, they shaped me from a dough of mud into a pot.

Ms. Meghna Taldar - Ryan international School, Udaipur

Ms. Meghna Taldar

“The arboreal wonders inhabited the cuckoos with love and shade.. They empowered the nests with strength love and wisdom that would never fade” My heart today bows in front of you lord almighty for being there omnipresent in our hearts and blessing us with the most cherished moments ever. The good old lovely school days were one of the most phenomenal experiences of my life that led to a complete metamorphosis from an introvert to a girl who gained the ability to lead the whole troop one day. The parents make their child ready for how to face the evils and the curve balls the world throws. The teachers are the one who taught us to play every shot and make it worth standing up in every situation with courage. Being an alumnus of one of the most renowned institutions is itself a proud feeling which gets added upon when you stand up with pride saying I'm a RYANITE. Wherever you go in life, the teachings, the values you get, the visions you persist go embedded with you and one of the most important colours in the valuable portrait of life is the school. The invincible can also be conquered when you have the right guidance and counseling and so has been my institution to me. They made the delicacy of my life filled with the sugar of leadership confidence and utmost zeal. Perseverance makes us ready to fight the battle and hoist the flag of triumph, so has been my school to me like a parent who held my hand and introduced me to one of the most proud places to be in this world & the stage. Every time I held the mike in my hand I learnt how beautiful it is to have the opportunity to keep your point and that freedom to my mind was given by my institution to me. Where all the daily morning assemblies marked a new motivation to begin the day and made me always learn a new lesson of life to shape my castle of success. Like a gardener taking care of his bud with full love to enhance the potential of the blooming flower, that's how I was taken care of, nurtured and watered with utmost skill to bloom in the future. I was fortunate enough to spend one of the most beautiful six years of my life being blessed with quality mentoring and an expert faculty which has laid a firm foundation and has made the staircase of my life set to climb with all the efforts and with the sweat of zeal!.. I aspire to be a cardiologist and when I will step in my school with a stethoscope on my doctor's coat and will share my journey to the growing kings and queens in making I will see my goal accomplished.. One gets wings to fly properly when trained how to tackle every stone in the pathway with dignity and pride.. & I am grateful to all my mentors for embracing the myriad of my life with love. I promise to make you proud by sailing to the shore with the most beautiful song of dove.

Mst. Sanjay Prajapat - Ryan international School, Udaipur

Mst. Sanjay Prajapat

Ryan Udaipur a Paradise: The beautiful gift of studying at Ryan International School, Udaipur, was such a blessing that God Almighty showered upon me. I am grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for such a great favour upon my life. Studying at Ryan has helped me a lot whether it be in academics, cultural activities, political governance and many more. I joined Ryan in class 7th and the day I stepped on the campus, it was such a positive environment that I felt about me and the campus. Ryan has groomed me in all the aspects that are shining and helping me currently in my further studies and life. If I had to start with academics, the knowledge that has been imparted in me by my teachers is not bound to only the books but a lot outside the corners of the syllabus. That has lent me a helping hand in my college studies and today in my college I am amongst the toppers and securing 9.25/10 SGPI in the first semester. Not only staying at the academics but also at politics, today I am in the student council of the college and am representing my department. Moreover, on 28th and 29th January 2020 I organized a Model United Nations conglomerate, which by the grace of Lord Jesus and my prior experience at Ryan MUNs, it came out to be a successful conference. Not only this but because of my leadership capabilities that I learnt at Ryan, I got the opportunity to be part of Indian Student Parliament at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi, where I got to meet the prominent leaders of India and the world, commencing from The Former President of India Shri Pranab Mukherji, Ruling Vice- President, Speaker of Goa, Kerala, Orissa etc, Legislative assembly and the various MLAs - MPs of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, Sister B.K Shivani, United Nations Population Fund Council’s President etc.. It was such a bliss to interact with all such Leaders. The abilities which I possess today are first because of Lord Almighty and My Parents and the crucial hand behind my success is MY School which I feel proud to say ”Ryan International School, Udaipur” and “I am a Ryanite”.

Ms. Shristy Singhal - Ryan international School, Udaipur

Ms. Shristy Singhal

The academic experience with a world class infrastructure and excellent faculty at Ryan International School, Udaipur, has endured me with a lifelong career excellence. The teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and industry interface have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. It was an environment of great fun, where every day offered the chance to learn something new. The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members of Ryan School has enlightened me throughout the beautiful journey. I am really lucky and proud to have been a part of this institution because of the things I have learned over there. The friendly attitude of the teachers and their willingness to always offer a helping hand has made me feel a part of the Ryan International School Udaipur Family.

Ms. Aashvi Shrimali - Ryan international School, Udaipur

Ms. Aashvi Shrimali

I am Aashvi, I am an alumni of batch 2018-19. Studying in Ryan is not only about books and notes, it involves everything- dance, music, sports, management, leadership, public speaking, etc. My journey in Ryan has been wonderful, I think the command that I have on hindi and English language is because of the environment that we were given. I am going to be eternally grateful to all my teachers there, and of course the friends that I made. The things that you learn at Ryan, the environment that you grow up in, is not less than a family. I have seen me and my friends being nurtured with great care here. We were not only taught about passing the classroom exams but also the tests that life gives, with flying colors. Ryan, is and will always have a great hand at every child’s all around development. Thankyou