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Mr. Jagveer Singh Chundawatalt - Ryan international School, Udaipur

Mr. Jagveer Singh Chundawat

We are creators of our life, as a parent we want to grow our child in each section of life - mental, physical, emotional etc. Our dream came true when my child Ranveer ( now in 5th ) joined Ryan International, Udaipur in 2014. Then our wonderful journey started with the Ryan family. In 2018, my daughter Aaradhya (now in 2nd) also joined this journey. In this Ryan journey we have great overall experience of excellent care, guidance and support for children to build friendship, teamwork, leadership as well as independence. Every day my children are looking forward to coming to school. They enjoy their childhood in school and learning new things each and every day. Every year our children enjoy different events of Ryan like sports day, musical eve, annual function and specially canteen day etc Celebration of annual function improved year by year. We are grateful to Ryan for their friendly environment and to be ryanites parents.
Dr. Jagveer Singh Chundawat (Ph.D. Organic Chemistry and Ex- Group leader in R&D Pharma.)
Scientist entrepreneur
Reanjoy Laboratories, Udaipur


Ms. Shobha Nair - Ryan international School, Udaipur

Ms. Shobha Nair

Few things have more importance to parents than the education of their children. Every parent looks for academic excellence, good values and discipline for their children. We at Ryan International School provide high standards for educational excellence to our students. We stimulate creativity and develop problem solving capability in each student. We as teachers play a major role in implementing and supporting students to gain competence in their efforts. We provide a happy balance and challenging environment to the students where they have the opportunity to fulfill their individual talent and goals. In parallel we provide a wide range of cultural, sporting and Co- curricular activities and a chance to exercise leadership in a sensible and respectful environment.

Ms. Archana Singh - Ryan international School, Udaipur

Ms. Archana Singh

Getting an opportunity to associate myself with Ryan group and working with such a renowned brand is a great experience for me. I really feel proud to be designated as PGT English, at Ryan Udaipur branch. The teaching learning environment & the vision to inculcate each and every child with an excellent education and all round development is one of the indispensable parts of a student’s life & being an educator it gives an immense sense of job satisfaction. I would also like to add that as a parent also I feel my kids are getting the best schooling and they are proud of being recognized as Ryanites. Thanks and regards to Ryan Family.

Ms. Vineeta Pareek - Ryan international School, Udaipur

Ms. Vineeta Pareek

The journey of the ISA Project started with a spark of light lit by School Head, Ms. Neha Joshi. We participated in the International School Award - Activities conducted by British council. This program has helped our students to explore the world. Through the activities they were able to realize that although they came from different cultures, they faced similar global problems and found creative ways of addressing these. These activities created environmental awareness and global issues pertaining to sustaining development. The activities appreciated cultural diversity and the contribution of different cultures for the progress of mankind. Students who took part in the programme have greatly improved their language skills, research skills, and skill of collaboration which will help them to grow as leaders in the global community. The ISA program is truly something that builds strong bonds and creates relationships. This the programme has given students the opportunity to connect with the world. The teachers have inculcated a thirst for knowledge. The most exciting moment was the project exchange and Skype discussion with partner schools across the globe. The ISA platform has given the stakeholders of the school the much needed exposure for pursuing cross cultural exchanges which shall continue in the future as well. Successful completion of all the activities planned throughout the year has brought international dimensions to our curriculum. Certainly there were several hurdles, yet the strong faith, cooperation, excellent team members, and a lot of hard work, we, all teachers of the school made it happen in the manner it should be done. We got the award consecutively for the session 2016-19 & 2019-22. Thanks to Ryan Group for providing us with global connections and to Ms. NEHA JOSHI for providing us with these opportunities. Thanks and regards

Ms. Ekta Jain - Ryan international School, Udaipur

Ms. Ekta Jain

I have been working as a TGT (English) teacher for 5 years. While I just started working with Ryan International School, I have never felt so motivated & empowered to teach. Ryan International School is an impressive organization that makes educators feel supported & equipped in their efforts to change their lives. I feel honored to work with such professional & positive people. Integrity is very important to me and I feel right at home amongst the staff at Ryan International School. In my 5 years of working I have never felt unsupported or alone, there has always been someone to turn to for help or advice. I feel like I have grown more in my tenure of working as a teacher in Ryan International School. Thanks & Regards

Ms. Harneet Bagga - Ryan international School, Udaipur

Ms. Harneet Bagga

Excellence in education and all round development is Ryan’s logo which they truly carry out in the everyday routine. Since the moment I was hired by Ryan I felt like part of a family. Being a Ryan International School teacher is a different environment than you ever have experienced. The level of care and trust that the administration has in their teachers is so unique and special. You will feel loved, supported and cheered on from the moment you enter this premises. I always felt empowered and motivated to teach here. This is an impressive organization that makes educators feel supported and equipped in their efforts to change lives. I feel honoured to work with such professionals and positive people .Everything they do,be it cultural or academics ,oozes integrity and excellence which is very refreshing.