The highest academic standards with a challenging environment

The highest academic standards with a challenging environment - Ryan international School, Udaipur

Established in 2012, Ryan International School, Udaipur, is one of the most reputed education institutions in the city of Udaipur. The school follows the curriculum of the CBSE board and has over 1300 students from Montessori to Class XII.

The school seeks to nurture students to become individuals with a desire for excellence. As an academic institute, we recognise our role, in partnership with parents and the community, to encourage students to develop habits that will enable them to continue their pursuit of knowledge and learnings throughout their lives.

Through our academic curriculum and extra-curricular activities, we inspire our students to make the most of their opportunities, to discover their full potential. Our teachers come from varied education backgrounds and are deeply invested in the future of every child.

With every passing day, we continue to inculcate good values in our students, providing them with the care and support that furthers their growth. Our aim is to develop holistic individuals who will grow up to be confident global citizens with humanitarian values and a genuine care for the environment.

Under the expertise of Principal Ma’am Ms. Neha Joshi, students learn the qualities of leadership and abilities to tackle obstacles, for the future. She has been a motivating force for all, students and teachers alike. She ensures students are lead in the right direction and eventually are able to find a path of their own, forming their own individual personalities. Our well trained faculty, with their experience and lifestyle practises instill upon students great values and morals not only for the academic and school life, but also ensure students practise what they preach, in their day to day lives. Students are constantly learning, inside and outside of the classroom.

Moreover, to ensure a good learning environment, our infrastructure is focused around the development of their all round personalities :
- Music and art room to promote hobby arts and encourage students to take part in extracurricular activities.
- Well lit and stocked library to help students with research work and discover more via reading
- Medical room in case of any hap hazards or medical emergency, we are equipped with a first-aid kit and an on campus nurse to help - with emergency situations or any health issues.
- Playgrounds for sport events along with separate basketball and volleyball courts.
- 3 Science labs, for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Our goal remains to ensure all students get equal opportunities and we are able to guide them into becoming individual personalities and are able to play their part as global citizens on the path they choose for their respective lives.

About Principal

About Principal - Ryan international School, Udaipur

Ms. Neha Joshi

Nestled in the city of lakes, Ryan International School Udaipur, led under the guidance of Ms. Neha Joshi has grown like a family. We asked Principal ma’am to share her insights and journey with us, “Greetings to everyone. The passion and spirit of greatness and goodness are the seeds sown by our Founder Chairman - Dr. A.F Pinto and the Captivating visionary Managing Director Madam - Dr. Grace Pinto that has always motivated the entire Ryan fraternity to be farsighted and visionary educationists. Ryan International School Udaipur is an educational community committed to its motto “Excellence in Education and All round Development” thus imparting holistic education and enabling young minds to realize their true potential. The glorious and majestic journey of School continues as it enters into the 8th year of fulfillment. The School’s genuine concern ensures student’s emotional growth along with intellectual excellence. The pursuit of excellence has always been the hallmark of the School since its inception. The students have always performed creditably at various competitive forums and at the Board Examinations.

What is equally important is that the values of integrity and discipline, on which the School was founded, continue to be our key guiding principles. The Staff at Ryan’s Udaipur is a closely knit family of co-creators in the process of education. It is their constant endeavor to build empathy, social and environmental awareness, responsibility and leadership in our students, along with a respect for all faiths, so that they may embrace and celebrate diversity and change in an increasingly complex world. We look forward to more committed enlightening years of the school in the City of Lakes- Udaipur.”

Why parents should choose Ryan International School

  • 01

    A school that has always placed the needs of the children before anything else

  • 02

    Building partnerships with parents where they are not sidelined but become partners in learning

  • 03

    Experienced teachers who serve as mentors and help in modeling excellence

  • 04

    An art infused infrastructure that makes it a school like none other - a space that gives students a home away from home

  • 05

    A well sought after academic curriculum that is dedicated to excellence

  • 06

    A host of co-curricular activities that test the talent of students and give them an international exposure

  • 07

    Offering a wide array of sporting activities that nurtures success and fair spirit among children

  • 08

    Developing basic life skills that help build a positive attitude & accountability

  • 09

    Counseling sessions for students all across to help them focus on learning & leading

  • 10

    Modern technology in the form of smart classes & digital portals


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