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Ahmed Rashid - Ryan International School, Sharjah

Ahmed Rashid

I , Ahmed Rashid of grade 11 B, have been a student of Ryan International School for the past twelve years. I really find the friendly environment of the school praiseworthy and its surroundings reverberating with energy.The teachers are very supportive and approachable.The school encouraged me to develop my skills & talents by providing me a platform to participate in all extra co curricular activities Our school has a safe learning environment.

Anshul Rehal - Ryan International School, Sharjah

Anshul Rehal

Ryan International School sharjah has extremely friendly & supportive teachers who encourage students to do their best. I would recommend this school to other students because they will learn to do the best in everything that their heart desires for.. The school has an excellent infrastructure & ambience that creates an aura of imparting values for life.

Ishan Syed - Ryan International School, Sharjah

Ishan Syed

Ryan International school sharjah has been like my first home. Teachers have helped focus on my personal development apart from academics. A school that aims to develop its students as great leaders of tomorrow makes it unique. We learned that as global citizens of the country we can make a huge difference to bring about changes in the society.

Abhinav Rajesh - Ryan International School, Sharjah

Abhinav Rajesh

Ryan International School provides quality education,I have been a part of the school council which in turn nurtured my leadership and interpersonal skills and made me stronger . I have received a lot of opportunities to groom myself , thanks to my ever inspiring mentors who helped me to discover the talented part of me..