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Ryan International School has been recognized by leading institutions in the education sector and received several awards since its inception
  • Ranked as one of India's top schools in 2016 - Ryan International School, Sharjah

    Ranked as one of India's top schools in 2016

  • Record Holder in Limca Book of Records 2018 for collecting E-waste - Ryan International School, Sharjah

    Record Holder in Limca Book of Records 2018 for collecting E-waste


  • ‘Educate the Heart’ Award 2024

    ‘Educate the Heart’ Award 2024

    Ryan International School, Sharjah, has secured 3rd place at the prestigious

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    ‘Educate the Heart’ Award 2024, conducted by The Big Heart Foundation on June 12, 2024!Read less

  • Guiness world record - Ryan International School, Sharjah

    Guinness Certificate of Participation

    A certificate of appreciation was awarded to Ryan International School, Sharjah

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    by Guinness Certificate of Participation for contributing towards the cloth collection drive organized by OMO Comfort, UAERead less

  • Adithya Manoj Das - Ryan International School, Sharjah

    Adithya Manoj Das

    Adithya Manoj Das is a World record holder

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    He received the following world records. 1.American Book of World Records 2. International Book of World Records 3. Universal Book of World Records 4. Best of India Records 5. URF Asian Book of Records. This grade 1 student is able to pronounce the longest English words with spellings. He is also able to pronounce long Numbers starting from millions to Centillion Googol plex.... Which has 303 zeros.

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  • Avantika Menon - Ryan International School, Sharjah

    Avantika Menon

    A simple grid-based numerical puzzle that uses

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    the basic math operations-addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division-while also challenging your logic and problem-solving skills. Ms. Avantika Menon of Grade.4 is promoted to the Emirates Level KENKEN Championship 2020. Congratulations!!! Avantika and best wishes for the upcoming levels.

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