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Brahmaleen Kaur Sidhu - Ryan International School, Patiala Phase 2 - Ryan Group

Brahmaleen Kaur Sidhu

Dear Madam,
We are writing to share how glad we are to watch our girl blossom over the years while she is with Ryan International School, Patiala. Our daughter, Jugaad Kaur Sidhu, joined RIS in 2010 and is now in class VIII. We express our most heartfelt gratitude to the school for the love, care and education she has received through primary school years. Over these years we have observed camaraderie and team spirit amongst the school staff and it demonstrates the school’s resolve to work as one to nurture the students.
Madam, we congratulate you for your leadership and guidance in developing the ethos of the school, inspiring the students in myriad ways and giving them hope and enthusiasm for excelling at everything they undertake and for providing a stimulating environment for students and teachers alike. Your ceaseless and painstaking efforts in a sharing safety of students inside and outside of school and during transportation are commendable. Students of RIS are fortunate to have dedicated educators nurturing and guiding them, both in the academic pursuits as well as overall character development. Whilst academic performance is definitely prioritised by RIS, equal efforts are put in for inducing character, physical strength, leadership, sportsmanship, social responsibility, empathy, moral and cultural values in students. The commitment to allay parents’ concern shows the school’s commitment to students well-being. We are confident that whichever field he/she stands, every RIS student will bring honour to the profession, family and country. We see that RIS is a second home to a doctor as she doesnt#39;t settle until she has shared all the daily happenings of school with us- hilarious incidents, learning experiences, challenges, adventures and fun that she has schoolmates and teachers. Inherently shy, Jugaad confidently represents herself on every oratory platform. This self-assurance has been instilled in her by the school. Having been continuously encouraged to read since Montessori Jugaad is a well-read child and her growing knowledge base surprises us everyday and makes us proud. Words cannot express how RIS has contributed to her growth. Identifying the capabilities and needs of each child and working on them with focused efforts is a trademark of RIS.
We salute the willingness of the entire RIS to give their ‘all’ for the sake of our children.

Gagandeep Singh - Ryan International School, Patiala Phase 2 - Ryan Group

Gagandeep Singh

Respected Principal Madam,
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you.
I thank you so much for your kind help and support you provide to all students and staff.
You create a good learning environment in school and your words of encouragement and advice during assemblies help your staff and students to be where they are today.
Once again, thank you very much and I wish you and the school continued success.

Daljeet Kaur - Ryan International School, Patiala Phase 2 - Ryan Group

Daljeet Kaur

Respected Ma’am,
Shejnoor Kaur is a brilliant student of Grade 8 studying in your prestigious school.
The letter contains content related to the praise of some teachers who taught her very well. They taught her many good habits. They helped her to improve her reading and communication skills in English and other subjects. They are laying hard efforts to improve her vocabulary and are continuously helping her in uplifting her confidence level. I am thankful to some of her teachers - Ms. Kawaljit Kaur, Ms. Nidhi, Ms. Sukhleen Kaur and Ms Barneet Kaur who took pain in moulding her and extended their helping hands whenever she needed.

Meenal Gupta - Ryan International School, Patiala Phase 2 - Ryan Group

Meenal Gupta

Dear Ma’am,
I would like to express my appreciation for the love, support, guidance and much more that you have done for my daughter. Our experience was particularly valuable in availing specialised training in listening and speaking skills. The school is well known for teaching as well as behaviour and discipline. We appreciate all teachers and staff members of the school for maintaining a very good relationship with the children.

Mandeep - Ryan International School, Patiala Phase 2 - Ryan Group


Respected Ma’am,
I recommend Ryan Patiala because you find your child with the Ryan Patiala team more safe and being taken care of than your ownself. I once again witnessed this as I had gone to drop my younger one to the Junior School due to heavy rain and found the whole team on their toes and all geared up to receive each of the children under an umbrella with a patient smile and smooth traffic movement. Thanks and thumbs up for the whole team.