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Activities & Responsibilities

1. To co-ordinate with the principal/s to understand the gap in the capacity and confirmed seats

2. To continually monitor the gap / lack of gap to ensure ideal number of admissions

3. To lead the Corporate, societies & local body Initiatives in the vicinity so as to generate enquiries

4. To lead the pre-school initiatives in the locality so as to generate enquiries

5. Handle the BTL activities related to the Admissions process

6. To receive leads from the call centre and make calls to the parents to understand intent and get them to register and confirm the application

7. To conduct the Parent Orientation Programme in the schools using the video and presentations provided

8. To narrate the Ryan Story with a special focus on the 7 Reasons of Why Ryan

9. To receive and welcome the parents during the Orientation sessions

10. To conduct and direct the school tour in a manner that is appropriate to the parent need

11.To continually follow up with the parent until the admission is formalised and closed

12. To periodically prepare and report in the MIS formats provided

13. To manage the Alumni connect

14. To build Community Connect (Parents, Resident Welfare Associations, Play-schools etc.)


Activities & Responsibilities

  • Facility and Fire Safety Management for entire designated region.

  • Operation & Maintenance Planning and delegation of preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance for all MEP related asset monitoring of Electrical DG set, Transformer, HVAC systems if any, AHU and Treated fresh air units, Cold Rooms, STP systems, RO plant, plumbing system, Firefighting and safety systems.

  • Coordinate renovation bidding, define the cost and scope of the project and oversee the general contractor and subcontractors to ensure quality work is performed for minimal cost.

  • Daily checking of all logs pertaining to maintenance activity. Keeping of different logs, preparation of equipment history cards, conducting weekly, monthly training for engineering team.

  • Preparation of consumption report of electricity, diesel, and water on monthly basis and monitoring of HLP consumption on daily basis ENCON details for entire region.

  • Monitoring on the fire and safety with daily update on safety complains to make proper PPM and Corrective action with in SLA.

  • Coordinate with MEP Services consultants, Architects, Vendors, Contractors, Project Execution Team.

  • Ensuring that all PPM works are done as per maintenance schedule & specification, with approved materials.

  • MEP design review for optimum energy consumption & energy efficiency with value engineering for best building performance.

  • Electrical building system design, estimating tendering, QS, managing and supervision.

  • Develop, recommend, implement and manage the department’s budget capital expenditure plan, forecasts and objectives consistent with maintaining a first class property and management’s expectations.

  • Supervise the Human Resources in the division to attract, retain and motivate the staff, hire, train, develop, empower, coach and counsel, conduct performance and salary reviews, resolve problems, provide open communication vehicles, discipline and terminate, as appropriate.

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