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Mr. Gautam Khanna - Ryan International School Greater Noida - Ryan Group

Mr. Gautam Khanna

My son, Tanish Khanna, started his academic career right from Mont-1 in this esteemed institute. I feel privileged when I look back at his journey from a toddler to a brilliant child in the span of 7-8 years. I can vouch that there has been a substantial contribution from the school faculty, especially class teachers and the principal, in developing Tanish into a bright student. It is because of the robust process of teaching that he has a solid foundation in his academics.

The school encourages Tanish to participate in various competitions like olympiads, inter-school events etc. that have helped him gain competitive skills from a very early age. Teachers at Ryan International School, Greater Noida have demonstrated their mastery in carving a brilliant student into an overall achiever.

I once again thank the entire faculty from the core of my heart.


Mr. Gautam Khanna - Ryan International School Greater Noida - Ryan Group

Ms. Poonam Kharbanda

My teaching career began in the 1990s and before I joined Ryan International School in 2009, I already had a rich experience of 14 years. But, I would say with emphasis, that I have never felt so motivated and empowered to teach before, as now. Teaching in the institution has proved an extremely valuable experience for me and I have grown in confidence, adaptability and knowledge, as a result. The members of the management and the Principal are highly supportive and are always inclined to equip and upgrade the teachers for this dynamic academic world. My journey at Ryan has been enriching and I feel that it will continue to enhance and develop into a positive graph of success. I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our Chairman Sir and Managing Director Madam for providing an amicable & conducive work environment, which gives each one of us free access to excel and be a part of learning along with the children.

Ms. Rashmi Singh - Ryan Group

Ms. Rashmi Singh

I take immense pride in being associated with the premier institution Ryan International School, Greater Noida, and as a founding teacher it gives me satisfaction that I have been able to see not only my personal growth along with the school but have also been able to touch the lives of countless children.

My roots are deeply embedded in Ryan International School first as a student of RIS Noida and then as a founding teacher of Ryan, Greater Noida, since its inception in 2003. My growth from a teacher of Standard 4 to a section incharge today speaks volumes of the trust the institution and my mentors Dr. A.F. Pinto, Madam Grace Pinto and my Principal Ms. Sudha Singh have showered me with. My job as a teacher is not just a job - it is a passion and I am proud to live my passion daily and keep contributing to the growth of the future of our nation - our children.

Ms. Sushmita Sharma - Ryan Group

Ms. Sushmita Sharma

I am fortunate to be a teacher in Ryan International School, Greater Noida where the school fosters a proper environment for teacher development and I am one of the luckiest members who has been given the chance to be innovative in my field, such that my lessons can capture the best students and help them gain confidence.

The level of care and trust that the management have in their teachers is so unique and special that I feel loved, supported & cheered from the moment I signed on. It has been more than 15 years of my service in the school and I feel it’s my second home. All us teachers work together to make sure that our students are getting a quality education. This is an organisation that not only says they care about work-life balance, but is willing to put these words into action. I feel great and take pride to be a part of a group that takes meaningful steps towards turning our philosophy and values into action.

Ms. Shubha Rastogi - Ryan Group

Ms. Shubha Rastogi

At Ryan, I feel motivated and empowered to teach. The Ryan Group is an impressive organization that makes educators feel supported and equipped in their efforts to change lives.

I feel honored to work with such professional and positive people. Integrity is a very important value to me and I feel right at home amongst the staff at Ryan. Everything they do oozes integrity and excellence; it's so refreshing.

I have chosen to be part of Ryan because I am interested in promoting a different kind of classroom, a different kind of educational approach. I believe children can be the main participants in class, the ones who discover knowledge, while the teachers channel their efforts in the right direction. I want students to feel empowered and have control of the newly acquired information. I want them to strengthen their own characters and diversify their own personalities. This is what our society needs and we, as teachers, have to help our students build it. This is what we are doing at Ryan and it is a matter of pride to be a Ryan teacher.