Alumni Connect

Ms. Saloni Sharma - Ryan International School Greater Noida - Ryan Group

Saloni Sharma

My time at school was the most memorable and most enriching time of my life. I was in Ryan Greater Noida from 2004-2007. I was elected as the Vice President at that time, and was blessed to have excellent teachers and a caring Principal who made all the efforts to bring out the best in each one of us. A number of extracurricular activities such as INMUN, extempore, Debates, India International Theatre Festival, Dance, Music and literary writing competitions helped nurture my abilities. None of this would have been possible without the constant guidance and support of teachers at Ryan Greater Noida.

Ms. Shemona Safaya - Ryan International School Greater Noida - Ryan Group

Shemona Safaya

I joined Ryan in the 6th standard. It was exciting and scary to start all over in a new school because there was always something going on, some tournament, quiz, a competition... one could easily get lost. I feel fortunate enough to have been given multiple chances & a platform to showcase and explore my interests. I was never restricted to one field but explored everything from playing basketball to dancing at the theatre festival or singing in the choir. It was this all-round exposure which helped me manage and be better at academics too. It all comes down to the early experiences one encounters during school life. I firmly believe that all these encounters and support during this phase helped build my personality.

Adil Khan - Ryan International School Greater Noida - Ryan Group

Adil Khan

School days were the best part of my life. I really enjoyed all the bits and pieces from studies to extra curricular activities to different events organised by our school. Having spent 10 years in Ryan Greater Noida I was shaped, molded and crafted into the person I am today. Ryan has given me much more apart from the knowledge I secured. I would attribute much of my success in my current medical field to the solid foundation I received from my school. Special thanks to the faculty and friends of Ryan who were a part of my journey and played a silent role in shaping my future. Cheers!

Harshita Bhardwaj - Ryan International School Greater Noida - Ryan Group

Harshita Bhardwaj

Ryan International School awarded me with so many experiences that prepared me for college and beyond. I know that the values of academic excellence and moral integrity that Ryan International School instilled in me has enabled my success and helped me develop a moral compass that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

It was my principal who motivated me to pursue the creative field and my teachers still support and guide me. Today, I am a proud owner of the Fashion Brand ‘Harshita & Himanshu’, and also Co-Founder of ‘SheWings Foundation’ working towards eradicating Period Poverty and Menstrual Hygiene Management.

Sahil Puri - Ryan International School Greater Noida - Ryan Group

Sahil Puri

My time at Ryan helped me become an all-round student and build skills across academics, sports, public speaking, and dance & music. The school’s focus on well-rounded student development prepared me to build on my skills during my undergraduate and graduate studies, ultimately helping me succeed in the corporate world.

My experience of representing the school at MUN conferences helped me build confidence to present my opinions on a national stage using facts and story-telling exercises, whereas the focus on academic excellence through practical teaching methods assisted my preparation for engineering entrance examinations.

As a dance enthusiast, Ryan also provided me opportunities to hone and display my skills at theater festivals, and as a sports fanatic, also gave me opportunities to represent the school at inter-school basketball and football competitions.

Overall, I am thankful to my principal and teachers at Ryan International School for providing students such as myself a strong foundation to build and hone academic and life skills that have played a key role in my career development so far.