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Mrs. Amrita Gehlot - Ryan International School, Malad West

Mrs. Amrita Gehlot

It gives me so much pleasure to write this email to express my gratitude for all that you have done for my child Geetika this academic year. She has enjoyed a lot of the activities that you have offered as an institution such as First in Maths, Olympiad, Ignited Minds Labs, Chess Kid, Sports and many others. It has been an absolute pleasure to see her enjoy her curious mind grows with your guidance. She seems to have grown up so much under your patience and understanding. I am grateful for you and your mindfulness to help my daughter grow and will always be in debt for your contribution. Will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness.

Mr. N. Raghu & Mrs. Seetha Raghu - Ryan International School, Malad West

Mr. N. Raghu & Mrs. Seetha Raghu

We would like to express our appreciation for the love, support, guidance, assistance and much more that you have done for our daughters. Since the first day, our children stepped into your mighty school (i.e., during June 2017, my daughters viz., Megha Raghu joined class VI & Neha Raghu to class III), Team Ryan has continued to amaze us with outstanding commitment and excellence. Each and every teacher/staff who has been with our children has been fantastic. Each has enriched the lives of our kids and made an impact. All Impressive!! All Positive!!. All heart, at all the time. The place you have created is more than a school. It is an epicenter of genuine joy, of important life lessons and love. To try, to describe the level of devotion, your teacher and staff shows would be an understatement, and to attempt to say “Thank You” would be the same. At this juncture, it is pertinent to mention that the Principal, Teachers and staff of Ryan International School CBSE Malad has made a great difference in our Children’s lives by giving then an education, apart from laying a strong foundation through gamut of enriching activities, which my children were able to enjoy & excel.

Nitin Anand - Ryan International School, Malad West

Nitin Anand

My child Ms. Pihu Anand studies in class – 3A of your esteemed institution.Two years back, when my child took admission in your school. She was very reluctant to face the crowd. Her knowledge, skills and activities vanished before a crowd but after two years of continuous studies in your school, all around development is being noticed. She actively takes part in all the activities like dance, painting, debate, essay writing etc., She always tells the sincere efforts of her class teacher about guiding and counseling in taking part in her different activities. The motherly compassion of a class teacher is beyond the limits of words.

Prem D’souza - Ryan International School, Malad West

Prem D’souza

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chairman Sir, Dr. A. F. Pinto and Managing Director Mrs. Grace Pinto, The Principal and all the teachers of Ryan International CBSE School, Malad West for providing a wonderful platform of education and overall excellence for my daughter Shanaia D’souza. Under the able guidance of her teachers she was able to excel in academics and secure excellent grades, enabling her to get the award for Excellence in Academics in Grade 5th. The unceasing efforts of the management and wonderful study environment helped in developing the talents and academic skills and building her confidence and enabling her to soar to greater heights.

Mrs. Yamini Dewangan - Ryan International School, Malad West

Mrs. Yamini Dewangan

We are thankful to you and the school for such positive education to children. We have personally engaged in academic and multiple co-curricular activities throughout the year. This certainly will make him well groomed for today and for the future.

Archana Kumari - Ryan International School, Malad West

Archana Kumari

My Daughter has been studying in Ryan International School CBSE Malad since 2nd Grade. The most important days of one's' life are school days ,I am happy that my child has been in Ryan in her most important days.
Ryan is giving the children their foundation for success and helping them develop their career and character. The teachers are Professional, caring and well organized who work towards holistic development of children.
The School focuses not only on education but also provides a lot of extra academic opportunities to participate like Sports, Music, Olympiads, Cambridge, Foreign- Exchange educational Tours, and many more . These platforms help the kids to later choose their career path of interest as they get opportunity to explore their inner talent.
Some good extra courses that Ryan offers are BBN for Young Journalists, Young Directors course , Mock sessions for INMUN, International Children's Festival of Performing Arts (ICFPA), Trips to NASA, Cultural Exchange Tours, World Scholar's Cup and whole lot of other Sports and Music activities.
During the challenging times of Covid situation the school and teachers have been adaptive to technology and set up Online classes, online exams, online quizzes, Debates along with teaching which is helping kids to relax as well .The school has worked well to design the special Toppr OS App for kids to join the class online and refer time table, notes, explanatory videos at one common place so kids do not have to waste time .
I would highly recommend the Ryan Group of Institutions. The Management and Teachers are really working hard for all students. I really appreciate them for their great efforts and all their support towards students.
Archana Kumari
Parent of Smera Agrawal ( Class 10 B )
Ryan International School, CBSE Malad.

Anjana Singh - Ryan International School, Malad West

Anjana Singh

My Son Shashreek Singh admitted to Ryan International School, CBSE Malad in 2015 in Standard 1. During the span of 6 year, I have clearly seen 360 degree development in my Son. He is not only doing good in academics also doing good in Sports and others activities. The following strong points had pushed me to take admission of my son in Ryan International School, CBSE Malad. Also I have never thought of going to another school in the span of the last 6 years. Even I am confident that my son will complete his study till 10th from Ryan International School, CBSE Malad.
The strong point of Ryan International School, CBSE Malad is that the teachers are always available and genuinely committed to exploring student’s potential to the fullest. They are also very open to parental feedback and make sincere efforts to implement recommendations to the extent possible. The family like atmosphere meant that students are not just another number and everyone knows each other. The school maintains strong safety standards and an impressive level of hygiene.. The values, good manners and discipline that the school emphasizes are an added bonus.
I am very pleased with the ethos of the School, which aspires to identify each child’s capabilities & provides an environment that enables all children to achieve their potential. Ryan International School, CBSE Malad is proactive in ensuring the overall development of the child and the quality of teaching is excellent. Ryan International School, CBSE Malad also gives a good platform to each and every student to do well in sports and other extracurricular activities. I have seen many times that the school always appreciated student efforts. Due to school support only My son Shashreek Singh has done extremely well in Sports like Skating, Football, Lawn Tennis and Music. He won national level medals in Skating, Won inter club matches in Lawn tennis and went to Srilanka to play football matches.
I pray Ryan International School, CBSE Malad continues to grow.

Binali Parekh - Ryan International School, Malad West

Binali Parekh

This is regarding the feedback for the school. Firstly, I want to appreciate your strenuous efforts towards imparting education and learning in this crucial situation where it was almost a condition of no education this year. Your efforts to not waste a year has really proven fruitful. Ryan International School has been very excellent in providing a holistic approach towards a child's development. The facilities provided by the school are the activities or the curriculum have been balanced well. There is always a personal approach to students which makes them feel secured and plus attentive. All in all a win win situation for my kids. It is a heartfelt thank you to all the staff of RIS for you never ending efforts..looking forward to more better changes..
Thanking you

Ajay Singh - Ryan International School, Malad West

Ajay Singh

As a parent I take this opportunity to thank “Ryan group of Institution” for keeping their promise of preparing our children for a more heterogeneous world, even during the testing time of COVID 19, where everyone is coming to terms of new normal. I am highly impressed by the encouragement and support of all the faculty that helps Each student keeps up with and enjoys the academic rigor. Their support has been outstanding.
The Bible says “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and He will establish all your plans”, so in Ryan Family everyone works together to achieve one common goal – “What is best for our children”.
I can vouch for the fact that from the earliest grades the school encourages the kids to take on public speaking roles and have always ensured a nurturing environment that allows them to develop confidence in their own abilities. My children (Abhiraj Singh – IVA & Aryak Singh -XII A) has immensely benefited from this nurturing environment.
The student(s) at RYAN are truly set up for success in future education and life. With Every passing year, the popularity of Ryan Institution is touching more lives. It is a platform that truly connects the academic with extra-curricular, offering students an opportunity to grow up in a holistic manner.
Once again, my sincere gratitude to all of you for your kind guidance and support.

Uma Mohanraj - Ryan International School, Malad West

Uma Mohanraj

We are writing to let you know how very pleased we are with the education my daughter, Aditi Mohanraj, Class V-A is receiving at Ryan, CBSE Malad Since the first day she entered the Ryan family in 2013 (Mont I) as a tiny tot, you have continued to amaze us with all your outstanding commitment and excellence. Each and every teacher who has been with our daughter has been fantastic. Each has enriched the life of our daughter and made an impact. All positive. All impressive. We would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation to all the teachers for their priceless efforts, understanding, support, guidance and contribution towards our daughter’s progress. Their dedication and patience has enabled our daughter to receive positive educational experiences throughout her school journey from Mont 1 to till now. As per your motto of Excellence in Education and All round development, you have provided our daughter right platforms to excel as per her interest be it in sports or in cultural activities. It has taught her valuable life lessons. This year due to COVID-19 where kids cannot be at school, you have immediately embraced the technology and one of first schools to go for online classes. There also you are making a difference by making learning enjoyable by not only focusing on academic’s but with other fun activities so that kids are not missing the school. The place you have created is far more than a school. It is an epicenter of genuine joy and love. We are sincerely thankful to the school’s management for giving our daughter a holistic education. I look forward to Aditi’s continuing progress. Once again, thank you Ryan, CBSE Malad School and God bless.