Parents Corner - Ryan Group



Mrs. Amrita Gehlot - Ryan International School, Malad West

Mrs. Amrita Gehlot

It gives me so much pleasure to write this email to express my gratitude for all that you have done for my child Geetika this academic year. She has enjoyed a lot of the activities that you have offered as an institution such as First in Maths, Olympiad, Ignited Minds Labs, Chess Kid, Sports and many others. It has been an absolute pleasure to see her enjoy her curious mind grows with your guidance. She seems to have grown up so much under your patience and understanding. I am grateful for you and your mindfulness to help my daughter grow and will always be in debt for your contribution. Will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness.


Ms. Seema Agarwal - Ryan International School, Malad West

Ms. Seema Agarwal

I, “Mrs. Seema Agarwal” working as a primary teacher in your reputed institution would like to express my heartfelt gratitude. I joined the Ryan group of institutions in April 2012. Since then, I not only grew as a teacher but as a person in whole. I would like to thank all my mentors- Principal miss, my coordinators and all my colleagues to help me come this far. I would appreciate all the efforts taken to organize various workshops, events, counselling sessions conducted by the institution to help me enhance my teaching skills, to effectively deal with different academic and behavioral issues of students and always provide guidelines and suggestions for self- improvement as a teacher and as a human being. Last but not the least, I would like to thank our Chairman Sir and Madam to give me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this great institution.

Mrs. Shashi Chaturvedi - Ryan International School, Malad West

Mrs. Shashi Chaturvedi

I, Mrs. Shashi Chaturvedi, had joined Ryan CBSE School in the year of 2013 as a Montessori Teacher. Within the span of a year I got promoted to Grade 4, 5. My time with those children was indeed cherishable. Throughout all these years I didn't only teach but also many things to learn from various workshops, events, counselling sessions conducted by the school. I really want to thank Chairman Sir, Madam to give me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this institution and I thank My Principal Miss, Mentor, Section heads and all my colleagues for being my guide, supporter as I learnt to become a good educator.

Mrs. Rasika Nirmal - Ryan International School, Malad West

Mrs. Rasika Nirmal

The last ten years of my life that I have spent in Ryan have been awakening in so many ways. Even though I have played the role of a teacher every day here at Ryan has ensured that the student in me is alive. I have had exceptionally patient and inspiring mentors who helped me in becoming a better teacher.With the love of my students and the support of my co teacher my journey here has been smooth and joyful. These ten years ensured that I got to play various roles which helped me discover that I had more to me than just Chemistry. Today I want to thank Ryan International school for always helping me discover something now about myself. I am also grateful to my school that helped me to become a better person.

Ms. Bidisha Datta - Ryan International School, Malad West

Ms. Bidisha Datta

My journey at the Ryan Group of Institutions commenced on 1st June 2010 when I joined Ryan CBSE Malad. It’s been 10 years since then and a single word to describe my experience would be ‘enriching’. Apart from abundant learning experiences the institution has tapped and encouraged me to nurture a few aspects of my personality and talents which were unknown to me till then, for example leadership qualities and a confident orator. I have joined as a teacher and I am indebted to Respected sir and madam for having given me an opportunity to serve as a coordinator Respected Sir & Madam for having given me an opportunity to serve as a coordinator. Respected Madam says and I quote, “Adhering to this, I have completed 10 years with Ryan CBSE Malad, and growing up. Once again with children has been a truly enlightening and Ecstatic experience

Hiral Gor - Ryan International School, Malad West

Hiral Gor

The Ryan group of institutions is an excellent platform for the all round development of a child but according to me this development is not only restricted to children.
A teacher encounters a new learning experience at Ryan everyday!
I, Ms Hiral Gor joined Ryan CBSE Malad as AN Eng and SST teacher in 2013 and find myself rejuvenated and much more enlightened than I was 7 years ago.
Respected Sir and Madam have been gracious to have made me a part of the Ryan family and hence everyday brings joy and happiness teaching young Ryanites and feeling proud as I see many of the ex students doing extremely well after grade 10.
The use of smart boards and online teaching has made me quite tech -savvy. On the other hand writing drama scripts and directing the children for the same in numerous events has tapped and nurtured my creative talent who probably I would have never excavated! Finally
Ryan school has taught all teachers never to lose our will power by overcoming all barriers and taking lectures everyday in these trying times of Covid. Thank You Madam & Sir for their illuminating guidance!