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Kaeshaun singh - Ryan International School, Malad West

Kaeshaun singh

The 8 years in Ryan made me an independent, confident, honest, responsible and a hard working person.We instill these things in us through various experiences.The lessons I learnt were taught to us by giving us live examples so that we could relate everything and understand things better. The responsibilities given to us at that time, made me realize the value of being the head of any group or project, and instilled in me the leadership qualities and taught me how to work with different people.

Diya Bakshi - Ryan International School, Malad West

Diya Bakshi

Ryan International School, CBSE, Malad has helped me explore my capabilities and brought to my attention the potential I have in life. Out of the million activities we did in school, right from parliament duties, Football matches, Model united Nations, Band Practise to even our daily assemblies-everything has taught me a great deal about leadership, loyalty, determination and empathy. Being captain of the girls’ football team, I learnt about teamwork and determination. Band practise taught me disciple, all our daily assemblies is the reason why I can still go up on a stage and be as confident as ever, MUN’s have taught all students how to put forth their points in the best way possible, last but not the least, being the President of the School has taught me how to be an inspiring leader and get everyone together for a common goal of making our school an even better place to be at. In addition to our academics, I was given so many opportunities to choose from, “All-round development” is a true motto for the Ryan Group. When I was in the 8th Standard, via school, I went to Thames valley school in London for an English language related course where I made so many friends from different parts of the world and my Italian roommate and I are still in touch with each other! Academics in school had a very fun-learning approach, my teachers genuinely wanted every student to excel in something they’re good at. Every time I got to meet Madam Grace Pinto, she truly inspired me to be a strong woman, to have the ability to lead such a great organisation but still being humble and loving towards each one of her students at the same time. I am currently pursuing Management studies, in Dalhousie University ,Halifax, Canada and when I stated in my resume that I was the President and that I was a part of so many activities back in school, they immediately sent me an email back saying how excited they are to have me in their University and till date, all the lessons I’ve learnt in school have helped me in management studies. I never knew that what I was being taught in my 9th and 10th grade would still matter to me so much even after all these years! In conclusion, My school time is full of fun-filled memories, inspiring lessons and is the reason why I’m closer to my dreams today. I really hope all my juniors, in addition to academics also make the best out of the opportunities they get in school and I hope one day, just like Madam Grace Pinto, I could also manage a great organisation and inspire others to be hardworking and determined in life. Batch of 2017.

Yashh Vardhan - Ryan International School, Malad West

Yashh Vardhan

I have been a student at Ryan International School CBSE Malad for four school years and from what I have experienced, I can tell you it is a great school to attend and has helped immensely in shaping my personality. The teachers have always been very encouraging and supportive. There is an equal balance of learning inside and outside the classroom. The school provides a safe & conducive learning environment. There are a number of opportunities that Ryan students are presented with. Students can get great exposure by availing the activities available for them.
I very much appreciate everything all of my teachers have done for me.
Yashh Vardhan (Batch of 2016)

Ananya Chandra - Ryan International School, Malad West

Ananya Chandra

The school days are the best days of everyone's life and hence so were mine. I clearly remember my first day at Ryan international, I can still feel how warmly I was welcomed at the school. I was one of the very few students in a new building, didn't know that a few years later from the, I would never want to leave this place, My school, More like my second home! My journey as a Ryanite started when I was in the third grade, I got the best teachers, the best opportunities to excel in every field and I took the utmost advantage of it.
From being part of various educational trips, The world scholars cup to Participating in INMUN and ICFPA, Ryan gave me an overall development. The 7 years spend in Ryan were the best experiences in my life, From being a part in the student council for three consecutive years to participating in Hindustan times Drama, The school helped me to grow in every field. Balancing Academics and co-curricular has never been a problem because of our Principle and teachers who've always wanted us to think out of the box and make our personalities.
All this could only be possible because of our respected Managing Director SIR A.F Pinto and Madam, who choose gave us these opportunities in an early stage of life. Being a Proud Ryanite, I would say the school gave me the best memories of my life.
Ananya Chandra

Faiz Akmed Durwesh - Ryan International School, Malad West

Faiz Akmed Durwesh

My life in Ryan International School CBSE has helped me become the person who I am today, it has helped me through my ups and downs. The teachers have made me so independent in life, they’ve encouraged me to think critically within realistic constraints and have empowered my inner self. I joined Ryan in the 6th grade with a very eager heart to learn and to be in a supportive and fledged environment. The amount of inter school activities and extra co-curricular activities that Ryan has provided me with is exemplary and has been very fruitful to me in my life. I have learnt so much from my teachers, principal and my fellow classmates that now I tend to be very confident and I am never unpremeditated. Moreover, there are many activities in Ryan that I took part in, which have helped me to find a viable solution in terms of my interests in life. But to name a few The International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts and the World Scholar’s Cup are some of them which made me culturally open minded in terms of meeting different people and knowing their social and cultural norms, not only that but it also improved my public speaking skills and it rounded me up as a great individual who is eager to know and learn more. Moreover, my 5 years in Ryan have shaped me to become an outstanding glistering individual. The institution guided me down to the right path and I am so proud to be a part of Ryan and this is why I value my education at Ryan International School so much.
Class of 2018