Parents Corner - Ryan Group

Parents Corner

Yogesh Mahajan - Ryan International School, Amritsar

Yogesh Mahajan

Please accept my sincere appreciation to you and your staff at Ryan International in the field of education. The efforts put forth by the teachers in bringing best out of a child are admirable. The school provides various platforms like BBN, Teen Camp and NASA visit which enable the students to escalate their caliber.
I feel that my child is in the right place where the principal , teachers , administration and entire staff not only education but also about children’s emotional and psychological well being students also feel safe with the staff as they all deal with their needs and demands with great care.
Such Guidance and support will surely enable the children to extend to the leader of success. The efforts put in by the school will build strong independent young people who are well rounded.

S. Ranjit Singh - Ryan International School, Amritsar

S. Ranjit Singh

I pay my gratitude to our most honorable mentors, Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto and Madam Grace Pinto for creating a wonderful study environment at all schools. All the teachers are genius. They teach them wonderfully well. I am sincerely thankful to you for giving such a competent learning environment for all the students. AT Ryan our wards have learnt to nurture their talents, so that they can grow and build a complete personality.
Sir, your vision points have helped them to widen their horizon of thinking and they have become more focused in their Endeavour. Sir I would like to thank you sincerely for providing such a well planned study schedule which is a perfect example of time management. I shall always be delightful to you for giving them this tremendous opportunity to study In such a big school which will give wings to their dreams. I believe that they will keep getting your support and guidance. They will achieve everything that they ever wanted. I believe that they can and they will be winners in future.

J.S Gill - Ryan International School, Amritsar

J.S Gill

We are parents of Manveer Singh Gill who is a student of Vth D class. Here we would like to share our feelings towards this prestigious institution. Earlier we were located at Gurgaon and for parents it's very difficult to decide to which school their wards to be admitted for their bright future. We at that moment of time decided to admit our child in Ryan Global school which is one of the best schools of the Ryan Group of institutions. He studied there for 3 years from Mont Classes to I . Afterward during my transfer we have to move to Amritsar and here also one child has also completed 4 years.
We feel Ryan group is one of the best institutions where students are growing up not only in an educational stream but in others numbers of co-curricular activities. Staff from bus driver to admin, and admin to class teachers are very cooperative and supportive by nature. Children are learning in a self motivational manner just because of the school environment. Number Of other activities are continuously always going on to build up the students’ confidence and to prepare the students for further competitions. My sincere gratitude towards this institution. I will always be grateful and admire them.

Amandeep Kaur Pahwa - Ryan International School, Amritsar

Amandeep Kaur Pahwa

I am writing this to express my satisfaction to you and your staff at Ryan International School, Amritsar for work that you all do. We look back on this year with so much appreciation and gratitude. The love , patience, time and energy teachers put into their work is really praise worthy. Heartiest thanks for providing various platforms such as First in Maths, Spell quest India, Technophilia and many more that allowed children to enhance their knowledge and be confident through healthy competitions. This school always protected our child from bad influence and just because of the healthy environment and motivation surrounding, He became an excellent learner. A heartfelt thanks especially to Chairman Sir A.F. Pinto and C.E.O Mr. Ryan Pinto for their compassion and support. They have provided our children an excellent place to learn and grow into strong, confident and intelligent human beings.

Nirmaljeet Kaur - Ryan International School, Amritsar

Nirmaljeet Kaur

We are thankful to God for bringing my child to the best school, teachers and friends. We were doubting entering here at first but in the end, I ended up here. We are thankful to the teachers because they share their time, talent and knowledge with my child. The efforts made by school have made my child stronger for fighting against all kinds of problems. The teacher has made him a better individual. With the support of the staff members and teachers he has gained a lot. Once again we thank god for helping us choose this wonderful school where my child is getting the best knowledge and other qualities that help him to survive in society.