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Ms. Harshita - Ryan International School, Amritsar

Ms. Harshita

I hold my head high with pride on being a part and parcel of the internationally renowned institute, Ryan International School. It is much more than an institution for me. I worship the place whole heartedly. As I joined this institution since then fortune has favored me. The backbone behind every success are you madam, Your Guidance, has provided us dimensions to grow. It was a wonderful experience and fortunate one which will live long with me. I am, and always be a proud Ryanite.
Thank you so much for making me a wonderful person.

Kavya Sharma - Ryan International School, Amritsar

Kavya Sharma

A token of Gratitude
First of all , I would like to thank chairman sir Dr. A.F. Pinto, Managing Director Madam Dr. Grace Pinto, My principal Mrs. Kanchan Malhotra for giving me the opportunity to thank them for everything they have done for me.
It feels like just yesterday when exactly I was writing my last exam for class 12. But in reality, it has been 6 years and so much has changed. We have grown up, graduated, got a taste of what life and life’s struggles are. But one thing that remains unchanged throughout these years is my love for Ryan. Even when I went to different cities or countries for higher studies, I was and am still recognized as a Ryanite, no matter what college we have been to and that has actually happened with me. 3 years ago, campus placements were going on at my college, so the interviewer read my school name on my C.V and the first question he asked me was “ so you are from Ryan?” I said ,” yes, I am from Ryan Amritsar.” 90% of my interview was about discussing our school lives at Ryan. In Short my interview went well and I worked for 2 years for that company.
So indeed Ryan has helped to enhance my personality , increased my confidence, helped me come out of my stage fear and what not. I mean where do you get so many opportunities for yourself at one place?
I would thank Chairman Sir Dr. A.F. Pinto, Managing Director Madam Dr. Grace Pinto, My principal for each and every opportunity given to me which made me what I am today. I am short of words for expressing my gratitude.

Jhalak Bedi - Ryan International School, Amritsar

Jhalak Bedi

I was lucky enough to attend one of the best schools in the world- Ryan International school, Amritsar.
I want to truly thank my chairman sir , Dr. A.F Pinto, Managing Director Madam Dr. Grace Pinto, My principal Mrs. Kanchan Malhotra and all my teachers for the amazing opportunities that were presented to me. I feel the biggest impact that my school had on me was the memories that will stay in my mind forever.
I will never be able to forget about receiving my first scholar tie in 6th class and finally scoring 93% in my 12th class board exams. From participating in International theatre festivals to running on school grounds to secure gold in sports, Everything has boosted confidence in me and shaped me into what I am , Today. I am in 2nd year of my graduation , doing a B. Pharmacy course at GNDU, where I want to be able to get admission without such a wonderful guidance from My Alma Mater ‘Ryan International School’ is a place that I always cherish.

Ms. Harman Dhaliwal - Ryan International School, Amritsar

Ms. Harman Dhaliwal

I would like to pay my sincere gratitude to respected chairman sir Dr.A.F Pinto, Managing director Madam Grace Pinto ,CEO Mr.Ryan Pinto,Principal Ms.Kanchan Malhotra,Section Heads and the entire Ryan family for all the efforts made by them in shaping the lives of many children including me.
Ryan International has not only been an educational institution but has also been a learning platform in terms of education, skills and values for all the students. This institution does not only focus on academic growth but ensures that a child becomes an all rounder. There are numerous competitions conducted and students get to imbibe the qualities like team work, confidence, honesty and creativity as well. All these skills actually help to step in this modernized world and make a path that’s self created. It’s been 3 years since I had left the school but still whenever the name “Ryan International” comes there is always a smile that pops up on my face due to the unforgettable time spent there. When I look back and see my journey I can see a small little girl entering this esteemed institution in Montessori and coming as a confident and disciplined individual. In addition to the above, The innovative methods adopted by the teachers to make learning a fun activity was something that actually was the reason for my full attendance. The co-curricular activities like community learning , debates , first aid and many more activities helped individuals to be all rounder’s and achieve their desired goals in their respective field of interest.
Currently, I am pursuing my bachelors in Australia and everything is going well but trust me still the level of comfort and satisfaction that I used to experience while going to the school is missing. The school bell after every period, those announcements that were made, dispersal prayer really all these things I wish I could go back in that time to cherish the school days again. Apart from acquiring skills, being a part of the Ryan family I learned how imperative it is to serve the community , to do something for the society .
Undoubtedly, whatever I would become in future and till now whatever I have achieved I owe it to my school.

Ms. Preesha Satija - Ryan International School, Amritsar

Ms. Preesha Satija

I, Preesha Satija, am writing this heartfelt gratitude to my mentor Respected Chairman Sir Dr. A.F. Pinto, my Managing Director Madam Dr. Grace Pinto for giving a direction to my life. I joined Ryan International School, Amritsar back in 2006 in class Montessori 3 and now I am pursuing my B.Sc. Home Science form Government Home Science College, Chandigarh. I thank my Principal Mam for her relentless support for bringing the best out of my potential. I extend my compassionate thankfulness to my supporting teachers who always stopped down to help me and believed in my capabilities. The journeys of becoming class monitor to a scholar tie holder and finally winning the Ryan Star Award for Sports on Farewell has been an ecstatic experience for which my heartfelt reverence. The accolades from witnessing events like the World Scholars Cup in my class 8h and INMUN in my class 10th have beautified my career which only became possible through Ryan International School. I thank my Sports coaches for believing in me and supporting me in becoming a National Ball Badminton Player. The leadership skills that I gained by becoming an active council member in school has helped me to overcome my fears and helped me to become part of the council as a class representative in my college also. I once again express my heartfelt reverence to this prestigious institution and I am proud to be a Ryanite.