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M. S. Balathanigaimani, Ryan International School Montesoori, Sultanpur Road

M. S. Balathanigaimani

Ryan International School at Rae Bareli has been always at its excellence when it comes to the knowledge dissemination activities to the kids.

The school is now very much active in ensuring the all round growth of students under the guidance the principal Ms. Sadaf Khan.

The teachers at this school are truly dedicated. They are also very well attached to the class students throughout the session. Ms. Sanjana Singh is one of such teachers who have been continuously encouraging her class students in academic and co-curricular/ extracurricular fronts. In overall, this school remains as the most respected choice to the parents, since its inception.


Sanjana Singh, Ryan International School Montessori, Sultanpur Road

Sanjana Singh

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude towards school management. I sincerely appreciate you for all your kindness and guidance. Every staff and students are happy whenever you come to meet and motivate us with your words. This school is ranked in the top of this nation, because of your commitment and the value you deliver to the students. I am proud to be a teacher of this institution.

All thanks to you respected Sir and Madam that I was teacher in charge of Young Satyarthi Championship last year and this year I am again conducting Young Kalam Championship, by conducting these I personally learnt a lot, this develops event organizing skill and time management skill in me. This institution helps me to improve my vocabulary and pronunciation skills, I am working here just because of God’s Grace and all the opportunities given by you.

I would like to congratulate you sir, Ryan Group of Schools has been recognized as the ‘Best Education Brand in 2023’ by The Economic Times. The learning environment here in this school and methods of teaching made learning and assimilation goes smoothly. This globe needs people as kind heart and hardworking as you. May you continue to soar high to the peak of all success!

Qudsiya Fatima

Qudsiya Fatima

I, Qudsiya Fatima from Ryan Raebareli want to pay my gratitude. I am very grateful that you took me under your wings when I started my journey in this institute. Sir's vision and Madam's words of wisdom have always helped me to grow into my potential. I would not be where I am today without your guidance and useful advice.

Thank you for showing me how to stand my ground and have the kind of career that I am proud of. Really, I count myself lucky for having had your mentorship. Once again thank you for everything.

Deenanath Arjun Singh

Deenanath Arjun Singh

I Deenanath Arjun Singh joined Ryan International School Rae Bareli in 2013. First of all I would really like to appreciate the school management for selecting me as a part of such prestigious School.

I genuinely want to take a moment to thank our respected Chairman Sir and M D Madam for all the support and guidance you've provided during my time here. I'm very grateful for everything that you've done for me and it's an honor to work with Ryan Raebareli under your guidance turn into practice every day.

I assure you to implement all the values, guidance and knowledge to the children so that they can become a successful citizen of country.

Dimple Tiwari

Dimple Tiwari

Undoubtedly, our respected Chairman Sir and M D Madam are the biggest support to us, the plethora amount of love they show is just beyond the bars! In all circumstances they stand still by our collars, telling us, guiding us, and showing us the right path to get the way we want too.

Blossom Never Shines Without A Perpetuation Of Raise!

For any staff this isn't just a thing but a heavenly blessing! Wholeheartedly, with my eyes shining sparkly and my pride being upstaged and my respect is being skyrocketed. I would like to overwhelmingly thank our dear honorable Sir and Madam for letting us be a plant under this spectacular tree.

Jaya Tripathi

Jaya Tripathi

I thank you whole heartedly for all that you have given us. At Ryan we have learnt to nurture our talent so that we can grow, build and transform our complete personality. Dearest Chairman Sir, your vision points have helped me to widen my horizon of thinking and I have become more focused in my endeavors.

Sir I would like to thank you sincerely for providing such a well planned study schedule which is a perfect example of time management. Where can we find such a school where the Chairman Sir and MD Madam care so much for their children!

I pray Lord every day to give you health, happiness and success. Needless to say, such a sense of security can be felt with our dearest Sir and Director Madam only. May Ryan be on top today and always!