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Parents Corner

Mr.Pawan Kumar Jain - Ryan Intetrnational School, SXHS Jabalpur

Mr.Pawan Kumar Jain

St.Xavier’s High School Gupteshwar truly upholds its motto in preparing our children for life and has a platform for every child. Mentoring them for experiences such as INMUN provides the perfect broad based platform for children to build solid researching capabilities, interact on a global level and experience the much needed “out of comfort zone” environment! Wish we had had these opportunities when we were kids!

Mr.Manoj Gupta - Ryan Intetrnational School, SXHS Jabalpur

Mr.Manoj Gupta

My daughter have really benefitted from St.Xavier’s High school Gupteshwar – from its curriculum and because of its culture. It is truly a place that offers choice to its students, encourages students to think for themselves and looks at students holistically. My wife and I are great fans of the outbound program and believe that it builds critical life skills that, perhaps, an academic environment alone cannot.

Mrs.Jyoti Panjwani - Ryan Intetrnational School, SXHS Jabalpur

Mrs.Jyoti Panjwani

“St.Xavier’s High school,Gupteshwar is like a breath of fresh air in the education environment of today. The curriculum is full of experiential learning including audio- visual teaching aids. The child doesn’t carry any heavy bags to school, other than a course or homework book. The teachers love the children so much that the children wish to go to school. The education system ensures all round development of the child. I have seen a big positive change in my child ever since he joined St.Xavier’s High school,Gupteshwar.”

Mr.Rakesh Jhade - Ryan Intetrnational School, SXHS Jabalpur

Mr.Rakesh Jhade

It was very important for us to choose a school that could provide the right balance of academics, sports and extra curricular activities. We were looking out for an eco system where our daughter’s mind could develop without fear, a school that nurtures individuality. After studying and understanding the methodologies of over a dozen schools in Jabalpur, we understood that Xaviers not only believes in the philosophy, but also practices it at every step. We are so glad that we took this decision as we see our daughter grow as a person and find her own space in life with confidence. The infrastructure and facilities are great. The community is more like a friend that cares rather than a straight-jacketed one. St. Xavier’s High School Gupteshwar makes our child feel like going back to school again!

Mrs.Shweta Sharma - Ryan Intetrnational School, SXHS Jabalpur

Mrs.Shweta Sharma

“St.Xavier’s High school Gupteshwar has provided a multi-dimensional platform for my children to experiment as well as get exposed to various schools of thought and experiences. Their optimistic behaviour towards any situation they handle is a testimony to the values and skills being imbibed through the teachings, encouragement and emotional support from the staff and management. Schools such as St. Xavier’s High school Gupteshwar are going to provide future leaders due to the focus on identifying and encouraging all round development of children, which is refreshingly different. My children are very good examples of “unbundling” of their hidden talents. At Xaviers both of them are truly developing into all–rounders.”