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Mr. Mohit Nambiar - Ryan International School Kundalahalli - Ryan Group

Mr. Mohit Nambiar

I owe a lot to my alma mater, Ryan International School, for laying a strong foundation that has given me the confidence to go after big goals in life. In fact, the first time I heard the word ‘entrepreneur’ was in a speech by Dr. A F Pinto, Chairman of the Ryan Group of Institutions. Little did I know then that my school experiences would guide me along the path of entrepreneurship and building a technology start up. Ryan is an incubator of dynamic, multi-dimensional leaders. As students, we were never forced to unilaterally focus on academics, but were encouraged to show initiative, take ownership of big decisions, innovate creatively, work together and be the best version of ourselves. Some of my fondest memories, deepest friendships and greatest learnings find their roots in my time at Ryan. I will always be grateful for everything that I gained as a part of the Ryan family. Thank you.

Ms. Akshita Menon - Ryan International School Kundalahalli - Ryan Group

Ms. Akshita Menon

Beloved chairman sir and dear Managing Director Madam, I express my profound gratitude and deep sense of respect for the tremendous efforts and contribution towards the education of your “Kings and Queens”. Thank you for providing a plethora of opportunities to discover and showcase my talents and moulding me to become the person I am today. I stand confident to step into a whole new world and to face the challenges that lay ahead. I will always remain grateful to the management and staff for supporting and encouraging me throughout my 15-year journey, making it a wonderful and cherishable experience. Thank you for providing the right morals, values and vision, which has shaped me to become a better global citizen. I am and I will always remain a ‘Proud Ryanite’.

Mr. Rajan Brahme - Ryan International School Kundalahalli - Ryan Group

Mr. Rajan Brahme

As a student of Ryan for 10 years, I have spent two-thirds of my life in this uniquely set culture of learning and growing. I remember my first day back in 2009 where I was introduced to the Ryan family, a family that has taken care of me all these years in school. As it is with every great society, the Ryan culture has instilled in me the strength and the courage I require in my journey. It has taught me that however the circumstances, with dedication, deliberation, and honesty one can always get to their destination. I have studied in Cambridge School, Kandivali East, Mumbai as well as Ryan International School, Kundalahalli, Bangalore. It was a turning point in my life when I moved to Bangalore with my family. Sudden changes sometimes can have a negative effect but since my student life remained the same, I could find myself at peace with the difference around me. Ryan helped me at the time when I needed it most and it is a memory I shall never forget. With time, I found myself adapting and evolving. I learned new skills and experienced various forms of competition but I have never stayed behind. I challenged myself and have won and lost many times finding that I have improved. Scoring 97.8% in ICSE was no easy task, only that I had the practice needed for it already. Such is the magnanimity of my journey till now that I can only wonder, what would I be without all that has been provided to me? Since Ryan has given me so much to be proud of, I can only try my best at thanking you and Chairman Sir for setting up this incredible structure through which millions of students have been built to last an eternity. I hope that Ryan continues to flourish and that it spreads its wings in the sky whose heights it hopes to achieve. Kindly accept my best wishes and once again. Thank You.

Mr. Madhav Shyam - Ryan International School Kundalahalli - Ryan Group

Mr. Madhav Shyam

I spent seven years of my student life at Ryan International. The school was fundamental in my early development. The relationships I formed there with both my peers and teachers are ones that have benefited me all my life. The environment the school provided made it possible for me to develop my creative intelligence without hampering my growth elsewhere. Whether it was academics, sports or the arts, the school provided pathways for their students to feed their curiosity and learn the necessary leadership skills required to succeed in life. My teachers always invested in me and knowing that is the best feeling. I would like to thank Vidya Guruprasad, Sanchita Bose, and Bessy Jose for being the most influential teachers during my time at Ryan. I hope to make you all proud. I feel very fortunate to be part of the Ryan alumni and to have played a role in the school’s history. I hope to do the same in the future.

Mr. Nithin Anjaneya - Ryan International School Kundalahalli - Ryan Group

Mr. Nithin Anjaneya

My school days at Ryan International School were a wonderful part of my life that taught me a lot of life skills that have helped me shape my career today. My teachers always appreciated my curiosity and acknowledged all of my questions. This helped me build a strong interest in science. A lot of importance was also given to extra-curricular activities. It was here that I learnt to listen to my gut feelings and grab the opportunities that knocked on my door. I was a part of the school cricket team and was one of the trusted bowlers. The exposure that I got while playing cricket for the school in various tournaments was tremendous. I learnt how to overcome adversities and thrive in difficult situations. I did not realize then, the impact it would have for the rest of my life. Today, I can proudly say that I am an alumnus of Ryan International School, Kundalahalli.

Ms. Janavi Prakash Nair - Ryan International School Kundalahalli - Ryan Group

Ms. Janavi Prakash Nair

To all my teachers, friends and the current students of my school... Visiting this page left me nostalgic and made me extremely restless to express myself. In 2000, the year I joined school I recall myself waving goodbye to my family as I was thrilled to run to my first day of class. Little did I know I had already made a family here. To all those who have known many tales of how this school is, here is my version. We have heard people say, ‘step out of school and then you’ll know the real deal. This school prepared me for the real deal! It’s simply the classic combination of yin and yang. I assure you, I had the best of best-dedicated teachers who loved me immensely and left no stones unturned to mould me to the ambitious personality I have today. Ryan is indeed a little society that gave me all I needed to be in the real community. It taught me how to be bold, brave, strong, determined, dedicated, ambitious and more. It drew out the best from me. When it was time to leave, to set another milestone in my life, I was asked what I wanted to be by a very important person. I said I wanted to be an entrepreneur, a forensic psychologist and a social worker. The person responded saying that I cannot become jack of all trades and it’s best that I focus on one. That situation was a little difficult for me to be in, having several eyes staring at me, since the tone was a little harsh. But I did take it as an advice and focused on one, and that was Forensic Psychology. Today, I am one of few 30 Forensic Psychologists India has. I am an entrepreneur and also a social worker. Not just this, I am a freelancer and a motivational speaker as well. I believe, after all the focus I put in one field, made me a jack of all trades eventually. A few of us Ryanites called ourselves ‘risk takers’, why? Because those who take a risk are likely chances to excel compared to the ones who don’t. Take a risk, if you win, you will be happy, and if you lose, you will be wise. That’s one of the biggest lessons I have learnt from my school, Ryan. If you are wondering what risk is to some of us, it stands for ‘Ryan International School Kundalahalli’. And my teachers? If you are reading this... just want to say THANK YOU! I am proud to be your student. I am proud to be a student of RISK!