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Prerana Tripathi - Ryan International School Kundalahalli - Ryan Group

Mrs. Prerana Tripathi

This is my pleasure to inform you that the graduation day ceremony was awesome and nicely choreographed. Starting from time management, clothing and definitely the performances by the kids were amazing and wonderful. I specially thank my son’s (Yatharth Tripathi) class teacher Shanti ma’am who has always trained and boosted the confidence of my kid. Kudos to the entire Ryan team for providing a very good platform to every kid. Thanks.


Archana Samanta Ryan International Kundalahalli - Ryan International School Kundalahalli - Ryan Group

Archana Samanta

I feel overwhelmed to have two-fold blessings from Ryan--to be a parent of two Ryanites and to be an educator at Ryan International School, Kundalahalli. Education is not only a reinforcement of theoretical knowledge but it is also an acquisition to the learners being immersed in the joy of learning. The children in this institution are nurtured in an abode of learning in which they get little respite from the drudgery of academic confinement involving themselves in multiple activities and programs. A vibrant assembly heralds the day at Ryan that gives impetus to engage the young minds in productive study. The teaching-learning process is uniquely designed to help the children in skill-enrichment and in moulding of personalities and characters. It is value-based technology-oriented, and scientifically developed. There are several Olympiads, Quizzes, Competitions, hands-on activities, Celebrations, Overseas Cultural Exchange Programs, BBN course, Tenvic, Teen Camp, Safety Club, RMUN, Young Director Course, different kinds of Sports that definitely accelerate the intellectual, physiological and cognitive growth of a child. I am indebted to this institution and the management for proliferating the schooling and educational policies with utmost care and precision, to open various windows to the youngsters to be champions of national and global affairs.

Nidhi - Ryan International School Kundalahalli - Ryan Group


I have been serving this school for the past 3 months since October 2019. Since I am a fresher and this is my first school, I have a special feeling for this and feel a little extra attached to all students and teachers. It feels so much different and special when you enter school as a teacher and no longer as a student. But even this fact is true that you get all the different kinds of opportunities to improve yourself at each stage and many challenges that build you inside out. The environment here is friendly, if we talk in terms of teachers and very disciplinary, if we talk in terms of students. The comfort I received at this workplace, never makes me feel that I am new here. In short, I am happy working here.

Hepsy John - Ryan International School Kundalahalli - Ryan Group

Hepsy John

I, Hepsy John, have been a part of the Montessori department, of the esteemed Ryan group of institutions, since 2001. It’s been an immense pleasure to be a part of this management, work environment, positive culture and significant emphasis on the love of God. The best part of teaching in the Montessori department is to invest in the early years of a child and to see how it takes shape later in their lives. The school has been extremely supportive in the teachers’ growth by giving opportunities to learn through various training and workshops. Every day is a new experience not only in teaching and learning but also in non-scholastic areas for holistic development. I look forward to continuing my service with utmost dedication and commitment, in the forthcoming years. I would not have been able to reach all the milestones, through the years without the Management’s support and encouragement. My sincere thanks to Chairman Sir, Managing Director Ma’am and all my mentors. Thank you.

Ms. Tasneem - Ryan International School Kundalahalli - Ryan Group

Ms. Tasneem

Being a Ryanite’s teacher is a different environment than you ever have experienced. The height of care and trust that the management have in their teachers is so unique and special. Ryan institution is the most prestigious organization that makes the educators feel proud. The vision of Chairman Sir Dr Augustine Pinto is knowledgeable, supportive and motivating the educators to mould and change lives. Our director Madam Grace Pinto too is my inspiration and these two are living legends. I feel honored and grateful to work with such professionals and positive people who themselves are the huge treasures of knowledge. Ryan group of institutions represents what it means to be an organization. They are well organized and under a mission of making kings and queens with the oath ‘We can, we will and we must be the winners’ and they are the winners in the world of education. I am so delighted and overwhelmed to convey this message that I am a part of the family of such great people.

Ms. Anita Victoria - Ryan International School Kundalahalli - Ryan Group

Ms. Anita Victoria

I, Ms. Anita Victoria, who entered the gates of Ryan without an identity in the year 2002. This was my first profession with no past experience but this platform gave me more exposure and brought my hidden talents and helped me to discover my identity as who I am as a teacher. I started growing and developing skills which I did not acquire when I was a fresher, now I have the confidence that any task given to me is accomplished spontaneously I thought I was just a B.A what change can I make in students life but constant encouragement from our Chairman sir, Managing director Madam and the Principal has made me to call myself proudly today MA B.ED teacher. My growth began from a humble beginning as a Montessori teacher and now I am a primary teacher impacting more lives and I am looking forward to shaping and moulding many more young hearts in this noble profession.