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Parents Corner

Anuj Pradeep - Ryan International School, Masdar

Anju Pradeep

Ryan International School, Masdar, offers every child a special place and provides the knowledge and skills required to succeed in today’s competitive environment.
I have my two boys in Ryan, in Grade 2 and KG1. My elder son has been in this school for the last four years. Along with strong academics there are various extracurricular activities like music, dance, indoor games, football, robotics etc. The school not only emphasises on academics but also on character development. One of the best features about Ryan Masdar is that they don’t segregate specially abled children; this helps children to be compassionate and responsible towards one another and the society, a quality I have seen in my sons.
The staffs are very approachable and the teaching methodologies they adapt are wonderful. They train children to be self reliant; hence parent’s involvement even during exams is minimal.
My boys are happy to go to school and shows incredible growth in all the areas I want them to be strong in, such as academics, life skills, extracurricular activities and character. As a parent what more could I ask for…
From a happy mother, Mrs Anju Pradeep

Aruna Sivakumar - Ryan International School, Masdar

Aruna Sivakumar

We are happy that we have given Ryan school as a great choice for our child.
Children are eager to learn and go to school without taking leave, which is what is important for a parent.
My exclamatory experience about my daughter who is in KG1 is that she cried in the absence of her class teacher. Felt very Happy about that so much care is given to a child.
Teachers have been incredibly supportive both emotionally and academically to our child.
The EYFS curriculum which is used along with CBSE curriculum for KG makes our little minds think a lot and through the playful way of teaching they can understand the concepts more easily. We could understand and feel when kids teach us with real time examples.
Each and every letter is thought through activity . So the activity based learning helps the child’s mind to think beyond the limit of their subject and correlate with the environment around them.
Each and every child is getting a chance to stand on the stage in the assembly helping them to improve their confidence level amongst the public and a chance to showcase their talents without any partiality. Great stage opportunity for everybody which I admire in our Ryan only promoting the skills and talent of each and every individual child.
I wonder about the assignments or worksheets given from the school which are unique and make the young mind think in different ways.
Everyday update in the parent portal(MCB) helps me to know the classroom and school activities transparently.
Parent friendly, student friendly, study friendly, Up-to-date knowledge friendly, opportunity friendly environment to boost up kids confidence and talent.
I would suggest it is an excellent environment for child’s development.

Antima Kuda - Ryan International School, Masdar

Antima Kuda

It's been three years my children Sanchi Kuda(6-A) and Kapeesh Kuda(3-B) are the students at Ryan International School,Masdar city and from what I have experienced ,I can tell you it’s a great school which has helped my wards become a better student and person as well.The curriculum here is very organised and challenging.The teachers are reasonable and fair and the staff is excellent for example the teachers always believe in the students and make sure that the student try his hardest on everything and anything he does.RYAN school believes in participation and the involvement of parents along with the children by conducting exhibitions and cultural programmes,outdoor activities like recently organised RYAN MINITHON.The teachers here are there not only to teach but to inspire each and every student.The teachers at RYAN adopt different teaching strategies and methodologies for the student’s understanding,such as auditory-speaking and visual-PowerPoint Presentations,role plays,fact file report.There is an extra effort put by the school for the learning and skilled development apart from the normal curriculum for example Robotics sessions and the after-school activities are something which every student look forward to.The school follows a strict set of rules that helps keep the school safe and in order.Ryan International School has a very unique school system where the Principal keeps herself at the helm of the system which ensures that the concern of the parents are resolved at the earliest and the utmost satisfaction of the parents.The RYAN school has put lot of emphasis on making aware about the cultural and traditional values of UAE,by arranging regular visits to museums,conducting workshops apart from their MOE subjects.The school is working hand in hand with the government of Abudhabi for promoting Sustainability and the social causes like aid programmes and Red Crescent.I see school devoted and dedicated towards its motto ie Excellence in education and All round development.

N. Fernandes - Ryan International School, Masdar

N. Fernandes

The kindergarten years at Ryan International School, Masdar are filled with fun learning experiences. The CBSE curriculum is followed incorporating EYFS as well and includes audio-visual teaching aids, which makes it a truly enriching learning experience for our children. The teachers are patient, friendly and nurture the children to develop their social and interpersonal skills. There are many programs and structured activities that allow the children to progress and analyse the world around them.
We are happy to see the change and the confidence level grow in our daughter and she is always made to feel proud of her achievements. We would especially like to thank her teachers who have supported and encouraged her through her kindergarten years.

Dr. Chandrashekhar U Murade - Ryan International School, Masdar

Dr. Chandrashekhar U Murade

It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial for “Ryan International School Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.” My association with Ryan School as a parent has been for last three years. My Son Kartik Murade is currently studying in KG-2 section D. In the first year itself it was brought to my notice from the school that my Son will need special attention in the school. Hence I was informed and given complete guidance regarding his special-needs. School teachers also explained to me the way they are going to help Kartik to improve in all aspects. I was glad that we could detect this issue with my child at such an early stage with the help of school teachers. Having said this, the school has a fabulous staff which looks after the special-needs kids and has a great educational program to develop each and every child taking into account their strong and weak points. At the end of second year school teachers suggested to us that Kartik should repeat KG2 year as he was not ready for the first grade, again we were thankful to the school for pointing this out to us. For the last one-year school has taken great efforts to improve kartik in all aspects such as sports, education and social skills. At the end of three years kartik is a different kid, no one can guess that he had a troublesome past.
As an active parent I have been involved in various school activities such as “Parents Association” . Within these meetings parents are well informed about the various decisions taken by the school to improve not only the educational standards but also the overall safety of the school. I am really glad that I found Ryan School for my child.