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Admission Process

Welcome! To register a student in a Ryan International School using this online enquiry form, please be sure that you have all information at hand that is necessary to complete the form. This will include Passport and Visa information of the Student Applicant. Please note that enquiring online does not guarantee your child admission to the school you have applied to.

• KG1 - Must complete 4 years by 31st March, 2022
• KG2 - Must be 5 years by 31st March, 2022
• Grade 1 - Should have completed 6 years by 31st March, 2022
• Grade 2 Upwards - Admissions will be based on the Transfer Certificate and Final Report Card of the previous year duly attested and stamped.

Parents complete the online registration form. Once applied, an auto generated Acknowledgement mail would be sent to the parent with all details of the admission process.

The form then requires you to enter Student's as well as both the Parent’s passport, visa, emirates id and address details. It's important to fill in as many fields as you can so as to ensure proper communication between you and the school.

On completion, you will receive a “Registration Confirmation” email.


    What curriculums do you offer?

We offer the following curriculums - CBSE

    Why CBSE board better for their children?
  • It is a more widely accepted board in India and International level.
  • It makes it easier for students to prepare for competitive examinations like JEE and AIPMT as the basic syllabus is the same.
  • Going by the number of schools, CBSE is the second largest board in the country after the state board. You will find CBSE schools everywhere in the country.
    What is the procedure for taking an internal transfer?
  • Ryan International Group has over 140+ schools across 40+ cities in India. We are also present in Sharjah and Masdar.
  • Parents can avail inter-ryan transfers by first checking with the Ryan school nearest to their new place/city.
  • Then they can apply for Inter Ryan transfer at the current school and the concerned school will check the seat availability in the proposed school.
  • Post an internal approval, the parents pay the differential fees and the student can join school again.
    What is the Teacher : Student ratio in your school?
  • KG 1 and 2 - The teacher student ratio is 1:25
  • Grade 1 to 9 - The teacher student ratio is 1:30
    In the case of Inter Ryan Transfer in the middle of the academic year, is there any
    difference in syllabus?
  • No, there is no difference in syllabus for CBSE core subjects as monthly syllabus is
  • CBSE Core subjects we offer - English, Hindi OR French, EVS/Science, Mathematics, Indian SST, Computer Science, Value Education (Non Muslims)
  • Addition to CBSE core subjects we offer 3 Ministry subjects mandatory in UAE - Arabic, Islamic Studies (only for Muslims), Moral Science and cultural studies
  • Co-Curricular subjects: Music, Art/Craft, PT, Library Programme, Ryan Innovation Lab, Math Lab, Artificial Intelligence (Robotics)
    What are the modes of payment of School Fees?
  • The registration fees are collected to confirm the seat (5% of tuition fees - Refundable) and will be adjusted in the tution fee at the time of Admission.

        Please direct all fee payments (Tuition, Transport, Books and Uniform) to the Accounts Department by:

  • Cash
  • ADCB Online banking Application
  • Cheque, drawn in favor of RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL LIMITED.  
  • MCB Parent Portal (Using Credit/Debit Card)
    What kind of International Platform do you provide?

We have established partnerships with institutions across the globe to instill an ‘international-mindedness’ among the students. We train students for the opportunity to live and work abroad in a challenging and stimulating environment.

       An emphasis is placed on international education with programs as:
  • Cultural Student Exchange program with various countries
  • University Campus Visits - Pennsylvania .
  • NASA Study tour
  • Ryan International Children’s Theatre festival

  • Indian Model United Nation
  • World Scholars Cup
  • Expo 2020 programmes

       International Academic Programme

  • ASSET Benchmarking Exam
  • SOF Olympiad
  • Mental Math
  • Ignited Mind
    How will extracurricular activities help my child?

We encourage participation of students in extracurricular activities to give every child an opportunity to develop inherent skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities.

        Participation in extracurricular activities helps develop:
  • Confidence of the student
  • Communication & oratory skills
  • Team Spirit
  • Leadership Skills

  • Physical Fitness
  • Will help to identify the talent or skill of an individual
    Does the school have any counselors?
  • No, We don't have counselors but as per ADEK requirements we have Social Worker and SEN Coordinator who help students dealing with learning issues, emotional and mental disorders.
  • Social worker along with SEN coordinator regularly counsel students and parents on 1-to-1 basis and conduct workshops, seminars with parents and students ensuring the emotional and mental well-being of the children
    How do you deal with Bullying?

We have an Anti-bullying policy in place. Any cases of bullying reported in the school are attended with utmost severity. Parents are informed and appropriate actions are taken.

  • The child is referred to the Social Worker for counselling if required.
  • Students who are involved in bullying are monitored for any repeat offences.
  • Additionally, Social Worker conducts regular workshops for students on topics - good and bad touch, self-defense, bullying and so on.

List of Documents

  • Passport Size photograph
  • Copy of Emirates ID (Child and Parents)
  • Copy of Passport and Visa (Child and Parents)
  • Copy of Insurance Card
  • Copy of Vaccination Record
  • Copy of Attested Transfer Certificate (Grade 2 & Above)
  • Copy of Premises ID (tenancy Contract / Electricity Bill)

Inter Ryan Transfers

As parents, what's more daunting than finding the right school for your child? Transferring your child to another school mid-term!

We understand when parents have to make the tough choice to move between cities or states owing to multiple reasons and the trouble that accompanies this decision, especially transferring their child to a new school.

With this in mind, Ryan Group offers parents and legal guardians, residing in India, the facility of Inter-Ryan transfer across our chain of schools. Our schools currently present across 40 locations in India offer various curricula, ensuring a seamless transfer, and a confirmed admission. The teaching faculty at Ryan Group of Schools have been trained for smooth integration of your child's academic records, follow a similar teaching-learning experience and maintain a comforting and growing environment across all our schools.

The Ryan Group currently has 140+ Schools across India offering CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, and State Boards- Maharashtra & Gujarat.
To initiate a transfer process, parents or legal guardians are required to submit the following documents at their current school's administration office:
• Transfer Application duly signed by Principal
• Most recent exam results

• All parents withdrawing their wards after the completion of academic year should submit the transfer application before the close of the academic year.
• Transfer certificate will be issued only after all dues of the current school are settled
• The policy is subject to change as per the decision of Management or intimation by Education Boards