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Providing academic excellence to students

Providing academic excellence to students
 - Ryan International School, Masdar

Ryan International School, Masdar City which was established in September, 2015 endorses the key philosophy of "Excellence in Education and All Round Development". It is a CBSE school with a campus that houses State of the Art infrastructure, technology driven classrooms, and latest amenities like activity rooms, an auditorium and a sports ground. In a city that promotes sustainability our school inculcates the importance of sustainability to its students.

Our learning experiences are enriching for young learners as they are well integrated with the core values of the Ryan Group and the Abu Dhabi Economic vision of 2030 which promotes 13 main competencies and prepares the students in 21st century skills. Teaching entails a new experience for young Ryanites as it is cross curricular & theme based. This is complemented with exciting hands-on learning experience & imaginative educational tours.

It is a purpose built campus with State of the Art infrastructure Technology driven classrooms, and latest amenities like activity rooms, auditorium and a swimming pool situated in the upcoming sustainable city of Masdar in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The school has a beautiful campus and spacious rooms filled with curiosity & investigation resources with inspiring teachers, challenging experiences & personalized attention.

We are proud of our rich Indian heritage and follow the CBSE Curriculum which emphasizes on strong partnership between the leaders, staff, parents and children. The learning experience is enriching for young learners as it is well integrated with RYAN core values and the Abu Dhabi Economic vision of 2030 which promotes 13 main competencies and prepares the students in 21st century skills. Teaching entails a new experience for young Ryanites as it is cross curricular & theme based. This is complemented with exciting hands-on learning experience & imaginative educational tours.

About Principal

Ms. ARCHANA SHARMA - Ryan International School, Masdar

Ms. Pradnya Chachad

Under the mentor-ship of our Chairman Sir Dr. A F Pinto and the aegis of our Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto, Ryan International School, Masdar City came into operations on Sep. 2015. We bind ourselves with the vision, mission and the Kassam approach which is laid by our mentors.

We value collaborative learning, positive relationships and building healthy relations with all to effectively allow students to engage in the world of the future, where problem solving, evaluating, working in teams, communicating, creating and innovating are not only concepts, but expected skills, attributes and capabilities. We aim that every student knows that they are important, valued, respected and they wind up the afternoon with happy and joyful thoughts.

‘One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something’, says HD Thoreau. We here help identify that “something” within each individual so that they can lead their life with choice and design. We endeavor to disseminate to these young brains lessons that imbibe outside the horizons of a closed textbook. Besides the core curriculum, we believe in imparting the importance of values, the strength of an upright character, the ability to make a difference, the reason to be a human and the pride and profundity of being a Ryanite to compete with their global counterparts. Ryan’s is a friendly, vibrant, community-minded school, whose decisions always put our students first. We are very keen to involve our community in our learning, developing true partnerships that value each student. There are many opportunities for parental and community involvement and we believe in partnering with our stakeholders so that you feel very much a part of our school and it's warm and generous community. We strongly encourage you to visit us, to meet the Senior Leadership Team and to learn more about us.
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Why parents should choose Ryan International School

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    India’s undisputed leader in K-12 Education
    Over 140 schools in India. Ryan group offers a unique academic curriculum with the objective of developing life-long learners through programmes mapped to Ryan’s unique 12-point vision. Collaborative agreement with International universities aimed at providing the students of Ryan Group a global platform to explore opportunities for higher education

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    Academics: the #1 priority
    Ryan Academics blends consistency and variety in teaching methods by combining established learning theories with innovative practices. Over 35 unique and age appropriate programs that build 21 century skills in learners, through well-balanced blended learning activities in scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Learning environment focusses on strengthening Knowledge, Attitude, Skill, Social and Moral Values.

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    Age specific development experiences
    Our students participate in unique development experiences such as Indian Model United Nations, World Scholar’s Cup, International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts and Teen Camps. Ryan TV expands students’ interests in media, both in front of and behind the camera.

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    Modern teaching aids and inspiring educators
    Our Learning Management System ensures our students are taught using the latest in online technology. In-class videos add to the impact, as we encourage students to take charge of their own learning.

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    Inter-Ryan Transfers
    A student who is currently in a Ryan school gets admission on a priority basis in any of the 40+ cities in India where we have a school.

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    Our unique Learning Management System
    Our breakthrough online Ryan Learning Management System beautifully bridged the learning gap during pandemic-created lockdown. As students return to school post-lockdown, we return to what we do so well - our award winning teaching in schools.

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    Grooming Champions
    At Ryan, we go beyond integrating physical education into the curriculum: we encourage our students to participate in a variety of sports for the development of strong, healthy and supple bodies and minds. Ryanites have represented state and country in multiple sports.

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    Social Responsibility and Nurturing Changemakers
    At Ryan, we teach our students to understand and empathize with social issues. They undertake projects based on Compassion, Environment, Health Care, Economic Empowerment and Local Leadership Development at each of our schools.

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    School without borders
    We invite Expert Speakers and Teachers from around the world to visit our schools and conduct special sessions for our students. Education trips, such as to NASA and Thames Valley School enhance the exposure.

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    Over 1000 Awards
    We have won over 1000 Awards in India and abroad for excellence in education and social service.


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