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Mr. Shreenath Parida - Ryan International School, Masma Village

Mr. Shreenath Parida

It is my privilege to share my experience of ryan school as a parent who had been linked with Ryan group for a long time. In 2010 my child was admitted in class 1 in this school. I would rate our overall experience a 10/10. The Principal is very good. The best thing about Ryan school is that it celebrates all events and festivals in a good way. Social activities are an important part of the education system for the overall importance of the child. This is the right school for a child who wants success in life.


Mr. Vasim Malek - Ryan International School, Masma Village

Mr. Vasim Malek

I have been working in Ryan International School,C.B.S.E.-Masma since last ten years. We have started with few students and teachers and now we've reached so far.Have been working as a P.E.Master ,sports is a subject of interest. Initially it was difficult to create awareness about the importance of sports,but gradually students have learnt and they're more excited for sports. Sports are an inseparable part of an overall development student. Students learn discipline through sports. Victory gives Them confidence and defeat gives them lessons and motivation to become better. I as a Sports Teacher teach them to balance their reactions on winning and losing. We, together as a team have participated in various Inter school events and won many of them. That made the bond between students and teacher stronger. I always give our students proper guidance regarding their behaviours and participation. I have also witnessed RyanTeen Camps, Social Service Teen Camp is one such exciting and cherishing episode in student's lives at Ryan that helps them deepen their maturity, broaden their horizons and enhance their leadership. I manage to organise Sports Day every year, in which students can show their sports skills various games.We also arrange fun games for younger students.I would say Ryan is about giving the child the best that any parents want. We ensure the all round development of the child and lifelong learning.

Ms. Aliya Khan - Ryan International School, Masma Village

Ms. Aliya Khan

I have been working in Ryan International School for six years and I have gained tons of experience from the institution. I have experienced being a good teacher to interact with the students and to deal with the parents. Teaching is an essential part of education and a noble profession to impart knowledge, develop understanding and skills. To Know how to teach is the great art of teaching. My way of teaching includes getting to know the students well and boosting their confidence by encouraging more participation. I use various teaching methods to make it effective and interesting and to develop motivation of the student in the entire work. I'm always patient with the students and support the ones who need support when learning a new skill. There's always new to learn and teach new things so I will always continue to grow and never claim that I know it all. I will work sincerely for the betterment of the institution.

Ms. Vandana Jagawani - Ryan International School, Masma Village

Ms. Vandana Jagawani

With hope that everyone is staying safe at home, I salute and appreciate the Corona Warriors. I, Ms Vandana Jagwani, have been connected to the school for the past seven years. I was so amazed with the ambience of the school as preparations were going on for "Founder's Day". Gradually I have learnt the culture of Ryan and mixed it well with it.
Here at Ryan, we are following twelve visions of our Dear Chairman Sir, which includes : Education, Values, Environment, Human Resource Development, Leadership, Finance, Art and Culture, Philanthropy, Healthy Living, Sports, Media and Entrepreneurship. These visions are guiding stars for us. "Prayers make us close to God" which reflects in our daily morning assembly at school. We start our day with the Holy Verse of Bible and singing and dancing joyfully on worship songs. To inculcate value, thought of the day is added in daily prayer. We keep our students updated by delivering news. We welcome our students with smiles and warmth. We, Ryanites believe in "Excellence in Education and all round development" We use experimental methods for teaching and at the same time we allow our students to explore their skills by various projects and assignments. Every child is gifted with the talent of doing one or the other thing. We as teachers dust out the hidden talents of our students. Along with academics, we arrange activities for students which includes sports, art and drawing, elocution, quiz etc.
We believe that teaching is also a social responsibility so we celebrate all the important days and festivals in which students cultivate their knowledge about festivals and feeling of togetherness as well as they become part of the community. Our students are encouraged to take part in various Intra and Inter school competitions, which develop a healthy competition feeling and firm character. We organise Annual Fest every year in which students exhibit their flair in various fields like mass communication, dance, drama, Music etc. I also witnessed the International Children's Festival Of Performing Arts (ICFPA) which gives a platform for young people to perform, unite, exchange ideas and explore the medium of dance, drama, puppetry and other genres of performing arts. I have also participated in the Ryan Food-Bucket challenge along with my students which was a noble cause indeed. Our teaching is not limited to textbooks and classrooms, we arrange various field trips for our students to give real time experience of learning. In this pandemic situation also, we teachers are putting continuous efforts to reach our students through various modes. With guidance from our management, we have learnt many new techniques to provide effective education to our students.
Here at Ryan, I have seen my students growing from child to nurtured individual, developing day by day, upgrading and I have grown along with my students. I have learnt valuable lessons and became a better educator. I am proud to be a part of the Ryan family. I'll continue to put my sincere efforts for the betterment of school.

Mr. Asif. I. Vohra - Ryan International School, Masma Village

Mr. Asif. I. Vohra

I am thankful to the Management and its team that they have selected me for giving the testimonial. I feel honoured to share my testimonial about working in the reputed and esteemed organization under the kind management.
I joined the Ryan International School, CBSE, Masma in the year April 2012. Since then I have learnt a lot through experiences in teaching, challenges faced as a teacher in dealing with children, learning through obstacles faced in bringing out wellness and state of confidence among the students.
I have learnt through experiences that teaching is not an easy job, despite many people assuming that it's easy to be a teacher. To hold a sense of responsibility and accountability and the way that being trodden to work for it,is what makes a teacher; a teacher in a real sense.
As a part of the teaching community at Ryan International school, I felt motivated and learned in fulfilling my goals. Learned many new things, attended.many seminars and meetings. Honoured to Worked under the Principals and observers who tried to bring the best out of students and smooth functioning of school. I met some of the best students and teaching them was obviously among the best of the times in my professional life. When students fulfill teachers expectations or if they outperform, then it is a celebration that no resources could bring on! I have felt honoured and respected for being a teacher. That is worth it. When students put on the value in life and add meritorious statistics to their score it is an overwhelming experience in going through a journey for any teacher.
Being a teacher at Ryan Institution, perhaps made me self-.reliant, more responsible and ethical to my work. I feel certain positive changes are due to the guidance received during my work tenure. Certainly can go on writing many aspects of being a teacher and experiences that are felt. But limit myself up to here.

Ms Leena Jogi - Ryan International School, Masma Village"

Ms Leena Jogi

I am Ms Leena Jogi (subjects- English and Science) working as an assistant Teacher in Ryan International school cbse masma from last five years.My journey at Ryan International school has been spectacular and overwhelming.The school has positive vibes that makes it a beautiful shelter for not only students but also for the teachers and the support staff.l feel healthy and encouraging environment around me which motivates me to nurture the young minds in the best possible way. Teaching at Ryan International school has been a great experience that I am grateful and thankful to chairman sir Dr.A.F.Pinto and Managing director Madam Grace Pinto for providing such a wide platform of learning. How many years completed working is not important, what is more important is the quality one possesses through their learning experience.Here I enjoy teaching by making use of varied learning techniques.It laid a strong foundation by providing an open platform for students to learn in more practical and interesting way.l believe the children can be the main participants in the class, the one who discovers knowledge,while teachers channel their efforts in right direction.I want the students to feel empowered and have control of the newly acquired information.I want students to strengthen their own character and diversify their own personalities.
"Today was an awesome day" or "I love this school'' without being prompted to say it. Children do not lie when it comes to these things they either like you or they don't. And many a times l hear these words and watch their cheerful face while they are going home.Ryan International school is a perfect place for students to understand that their voice do matter and are listened.Here I enjoyed interacting with students ,help them grasp new concept and acquire new skills and I felt that Ryan International school fosters a proper environment for students and teachers development.It represent an opportunity for every teacher to maximize their potential and to watch their students growing I have personally received positive support from each section of the school be it administration, teachers or the support staff.Here I find every child develops new skills and building their lives on knowledge and hard work Here l have learned many things and I will continue learning through this wide platform for which I sincerely thank to chairman sir and madam Grace Pinto for accepting me to be a part of their organisation.


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