Alumni Connect

Ricky Patel - Ryan International School, Dumas

Ricky Patel

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine myself at any other school. Coming to school here, you’re not just going to school. It’s going to become your second home. It’s been absolutely amazing from the teachers that I’ve met, to the friends I've made. One of the reasons, I love this school so much is because of the student-teacher relationship. Majority of teachers are so friendly that the bonding and connection which you develop lasts way longer than your school life. This school not only provided me with excellent education but also helped me in all round development. Apart from academics we had many extra-curricular activities, competitions, events which kept us engaged and made learning at Ryan fun and helped us in creating memories which we are going to cherish throughout our life. This is just a great school. I’m immensely missing it.

Dimple Makhijani - Ryan International School, Dumas

Dimple Makhijani

My name is Dimple Mukeshkumar Makhijani, currently in London doing MSc in Clinical Psychology from Kingston University. I’m a proud Ryan Alumni and will always be. Because there are 100 of reasons to be proud of my school. Ryan has made me what I am today, my confidence, my self-esteem and inspiration, got it all from my school and respected teachers. I was once a Speaker and my teachers left no stone unturned to boost my talents. Thank you Hina Ma’am, Sunil Sir, Sandhya Ma’am, Santoshi Ma’am and all of them for believing in me. Lastly I would say, once a Ryanite, forever a Ryanite.

Eshant Mahale - Ryan International School, Dumas

Eshant Mahale

I am Eshant Mahale currently pursuing Bachelor of Engineering (BE hons.) degree from Birla Institute of Technology and Science Batch of 2019. The values of academic excellence and moral integrity that Ryan instilled in me enabled my success in a competitive undergraduate environment and also broadened my knowledge beyond the field of studies .Ryan international school will always be another home for us. As we gracefully culminate the 12 years spent here, it feels humbling to be part of the history. I am sure the upcoming batches of Ryan will continue the rich legacy and strive to make us all proud.

Mahendra Singh - Ryan International School, Dumas

Mahendra Singh

Science has always intrigued me, therefore I wanted to pursue my career in Chemical engineering and the teachers at Ryan helped me at every step by providing me with accurate councelling and by teaching with zeal and passion which sharpened my skills and knowledge. And here I am, studying at SVNIT, pursuing my dreams, all because of this amazing School. I joined Ryan in 8th standard and like every new kid, I was nervous. I expected my first day at school to be nerve wracking, but then everything changed to excitement when everyone started introducing themselves to me. All the teachers and staff members are professional, helpful, kind and very friendly. The curriculum here is very precise but challenging. Weekly unique activities and competitions were conducted which boasted my personality and communication skills. Year round we had numerous educational and fun field trips which helped me grow immensely. Every student needs good push to enter the real world, but this school had me prepared for numerous hurdles i would be facing in the future. I am really grateful to Ryan.

Shagun Mandhyani - Ryan International School, Dumas

Shagun Mandhyani

When we step out of school, only then we realize how important role it played in every bit of our future endeavours. Ryan International School not only encourages to excel in academics but also gives opportunity to find our interests in sports, arts and culture, and other creative activities. If not in the school, then we wouldn't have been blessed with the platforms to showcase our talents. I can proudly say that whatever I am capable of doing today is because of the overall development that our school and teachers gave me for ten years. School days will always be close to my heart and I shall never forget it.