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Shuchita Sandeep Pande - Ryan International School, Dumas"

Suchita Pandey P/O Sanvee Pandey and Shivani Pandey

I feel overjoyed to share my experience with the Ryan International school, Dumas as reflected by my daughters Saanvee pande(XI E) and Shivani pande (VIII B), both my daughters are ryanites and we are proud of them. Since childhood they are enjoying, learning and seeking knowledge with many other curricular activities with their respective teachers.


MS. ANJANA BHATT - Ryan International School, Dumas


Being a teacher at Ryan International School Dumas is a different environment than you ever have experienced. The level of care and trust that the administration have in their teachers is so unique and special. After working for nearly 10 years by now , the school and every other aspects related to the school have become an important part of my teaching career. Teaching has always been my passion but the management and staff support that I have been receiving at Ryan made me stick to my passion lovingly. The unique things that always amaze me is the unstoppable flow of Upgradation from the Central Management Staff of the school who are always working for the betterment of Ryanites. The students who are passing out from RYAN with an extraordinary achievements are the mirror itself for the school success.

Ms.Ciby James - Ryan International School, Dumas

Ms.Ciby James

To serve as a teacher of Ryan International school was the best thing happened in my life. Adaptable working environment, inculcation of spiritual values had been instrumental in moulding me as a better person and teacher. Nurturing young minds, being creative, being confident, leading a team, believing in the motto - All round development and excellence in Education, kept me growing.Upgrading with innovative ideas and usage of new technologies is added feathers in my cap in the journey with this prestigious institution.I take this opportunity to thank the entire RYAN team which works towards serving and moulding 'little kings and queens'. 

Mr Nayan Kishnani - Ryan International School, Dumas

Mr Nayan Kishnani

Just as a toddler feels when stepping inside a new school, I had the coequal awe stepping in RIS. In a blink of an eye, my 3½ years have moulded me to shine out as a teacher. To tag the world, we are always backed with technology and experiences of our superiors. The team of people and all the students that I got to see everyday coupled with my passion towards teaching make my stay at RIS effortless. Seeing the insights of school as a teacher has arisen newfound respect in me for all other staffs that work tirelessly, together, for Students! The Ryan Group of Institutions is indeed an epitome of Education.

Dimple Vyas - Ryan International School, Dumas

Dimple Vyas

I am Dimple Vyas working as a teacher in Ryan since past two years in Ryan. What I liked most in Ryan is the working environment and co-operarion that I get from all the staff members and guidance from higher authorities. I joined the school as a teacher with some knowledge of my subject and teaching experience, but at Ryan I learned multitasking and working in a competitive environment. The teachers here are goal oriented and committed to deliver their best. The working here is vibrant with innovation and better ideas applied every time which I like a lot. Also the students enjoy the academic and extracurricular activities a lot.

Sabiyah Saiyed - Ryan International School, Dumas

Sabiyah Saiyed

Its been more than 20 years that I am associated with Ryan School. I began my career in Ryan as Primary section teacher and today I teach Upto Grade 10. The Journey has been great so far and I have evolved a lot as teacher here. I got the opportunity to work with different teachers, different heads of schools and even train the new teachers who joined the school. Over the years the trust that I have gained which resulted in handling various crucial responsibilities has always boosted my confidence. Also over the years I have seen different ideas evolving as per times in the academic as well as all other aspects of schooling . Be it encouraging students for scientific innovation or giving rigorous training to teachers to take online classes to adapt to the e-learning mode, all of a sudden the school has shown exemplary commitment to deliver of which I am very proud of.