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About School - Ryan International School, Dumas

Ryan International School (RIS), Dumas, Surat is an ICSE Montessori-XII co-ed school established in the year 2002. The school is also affiliated to CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) at the primary level to offer a truly global experience. One of the top 10 ICSE schools in Surat, the school's mission is to help students achieve 360 degree development by providing adequate support and proper infrastructure and it has a vision to create successful global citizens within its community.

The school is helmed by Principal Mrs. Sandhya Shaji, who shares the vision of developing and cultivating a Holistic personality incorporated with ethical values, physical development, psychological strengths, resourcefulness and creative skills, social responsibility and concern for one's environment instilling confidence to face the challenges of globalization.

The 14 storey school is equipped with an Auditorium, Basketball Ground, Football Ground, Swimming Pool, Open Air Theatre, Spacious Classrooms & Cubbies, Computer Room, AV ROOM, Library, Prayer Room and a well maintained ground.

  • - Ryan International School - Dumas ICSE believes in the KASSM approach to expand knowledge, skills, attitude, moral and social values and nurture students beyond global boundaries.
  • - Staying innovative with the latest technology in our classrooms and labs [and having our very own Atal Tinkering Lab].
  • - The School’s motto: Excellence in Education & All Round Development encourages students to participate in the national and international events held by the Group such as INMUN, Theater Festival & International Trips.
  • - Our school follows a pattern of 30 students in a class; activity based teaching, trained and experienced teachers, individual attention, LCD Monitors and computers in the class, cubbies, among many others.
  • - On our website portal the activities are updated on a day to day basis ensuring that the student, teacher and parent collaboration is easy in turn enhancing the entire teaching and learning experience.
  • - Encouraging sports with specialized equipment
  • - Trainers
  • - Tournaments
  • - Sports exchange programs and more
  • - Pushing hobbies with music rooms, craft rooms, vermicomposting pits and more.
  • - Maintaining a stress-free and secure environment at all times.

Through these measures, the school takes an active interest in each child’s individual passions.

Considered among the top ranking schools in the region, the school has won numerous awards, such as Best in STEM Education among Top Gujarat Schools, India’s Top School. Ryan International School, Dumas is also regarded as the Best in Sports Education among Top Gujarat Schools.

About Principal

Mrs. Sandhya Shaji - Ryan International School, Dumas

Mrs. Sandhya Shaji

Mrs. Sandhya Shaji is a strong believer that education is the most powerful tool which can be used to change society as a whole. At Ryan International School, her aim is to provide a holistic approach to shape the overall personality of each child and encourage them to develop critical-thinking, learn through enquiry and reason, exchange thoughts and ideas, develop key personal and social values, take ownership for their choices and to set goals to realize their own unique potential.

The school’s vision of educating and nurturing future leaders through distinctive academic programmes and innovative teaching methodologies like the Model United Nations, formation of Student Parliament, International Children’s festival of performing arts, World Scholars Cup aligns with Mrs. Shaji’s ideologies.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Shaji, the onus strongly lies in promoting academic and sporting achievements among students. The emphasis is to create a society of progressive, thinking individuals who will contribute to the intellectual development of the global Community.

Quoting the famous educator and philosopher Paulo Freire, she adds “Education does not change the world. Education changes people, People change the world.”.

Why parents should choose Ryan International School

  • 01

    Best in Gujarat for STEM Education.

  • 02

    Best School for Sports Education with all amenities.

  • 03

    ATL LABS under AIM.

  • 04

    Easy Inter Ryan Transfers.

  • 05

    Global exposure through International level Events like INMUN, ICFPA etc.

  • 06

    Activity based learning.

  • 07

    Dedicated Faculty and Staff.

  • 08

    Best use of Technology.

  • 09

    Holistic Development.

  • 10

    Transportation facility available from all parts of the city.


Here’s a glimpse of Ryan International School ICSE, Dumas Road, Surat.


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