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Saloni Bery - Batch (2015 – 2016) - Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur

Saloni Bery - Batch (2015 – 2016)

At the very outset I would like to express my heartiest thanks to the Ryan family. The mere reference of this school takes me on a nostalgic trip. With great academic experience, its motto of Overall Excellence is full filled. The teaching methodology here brought clarity of thought, knowledge, confidence, courage and conviction within me to hold my goals. The School reshaped my personality completely. The environment and teaching made me self-confident, improved my communication skills and taught me how to face adverse situations. I'm currently pursuing a Chartered Accountancy Course and am in the article ship phase. The teachings of Ryan help me in client dealing, being sincere in my life and confident public speaking. The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members has been a guiding lantern. My past years in Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur drifted swiftly and immersed the students with knowledge, patience and above all the overall personality development necessary for competing in the real world. It gave me a platform to realize myself and understand my potential. Lastly, I'll be forever grateful to this Institution and my honorable Mentors who took me as clay and molded me so perfectly that today I outshine in the world as a sparkling Ryanite.

Mr. Charandeep Singh Dua - Batch (2013-2014) - Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur

Mr. Charandeep Singh Dua - Batch (2013-2014)

I was a student of Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur, I had joined the Institute in 2010 and passed in 2014 after completing XIIth grade. I relish my memories being in Ryan because of the ambience, the environment, the cooperativeness of the staff and teachers and especially the Principal of the school. Though for a small time yet, I cherished studying there, having fun with friends, and the co-curricular activities I participated in. The fond farewell memories when we were vis-à-vis with our MD Madam. I still remember that single glimpse of our magnificent mentor which changed my vision and transformed my personality. Presently I am pursuing MBBS from Georgia. It’s all because of Ryan and its motivation factor imbibed with academics that molded me into real Myself. I remember many teachers Shalini Mam, Sabu Sir, Rajesh Sir, Rakesh Sir, Atul Sir, the bus staff, Santosh Sir and all the drivers working there for their helpful and supportive nature. I am truly thankful to my Principal Mam Ms. Varsha Agarwal for her care & devotion to excel the Institution in terms of academics and overall development.

Ms. Roshni Agarwal - Batch (2015 – 2016) - Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur

Ms. Roshni Agarwal - Batch (2015 – 2016)

My journey at Ryan has been a roller coaster ride with its remarkable ups and downs as a student. And the same is true with my professional life as well. I truly believe that Ryan Shahjahanpur has not only shaped my academic growth but also helped me in my personality development. It has turned me into a confident person who is ready to stand strong & to overcome all the obstacles in life. Ryan Shahjahanpur has undoubtedly given me the best mentors in my life whose words are still of great importance to me. It gives me immense pleasure to call this Institute as my alma mater. It is the place where I explored my dreams and goals and got the courage to fulfill them as well. I thank our honorable Chairman Sir Dr. A F Pinto and Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto for bringing Ryan to Shahjahanpur and providing us the great opportunities for our better growth. And would also like to extend my gratitude towards the respected Principal Ma’am and all the teachers who have been the guiding light throughout my journey at Ryan as a student.

And at the end the most special mention of all the precious gems taken away from Ryan, my friends. Life would have never been the same at school and even now without them.

Ms. Khyati Mehrotra - Batch (2016 – 2017) - Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur

Ms. Khyati Mehrotra - Batch (2016 – 2017)

It is said that for a building to be well-built, its foundation should be strong, in the same manner, for a person to lead a better and fruitful life, a strong foundation should be laid down in early years of his/her life. In my life, my school Ryan International, Shahjahanpur has played a very important role in laying down such a foundation. My school has not only helped me in my academic growth but also provided a platform for overall development of my personality. The culture that we followed at Ryan taught me to keep my values intact in every facet of life. Also, the exceptional tradition at Ryan of forming a Student Parliament gave me an opportunity to learn the skill of decision-making and develop leadership skills which helped me a lot in my career.

I am thankful to our Managing Director, Madam Grace Pinto and Chairman Sir, Dr. AF Pinto for bringing to the students of Shahjahanpur and the nearby small towns, such a great opportunity to learn, grow and compete with the outer world with confidence. I am also thankful to my Principal and teachers for being so helpful and supportive throughout my school days and even after that. My school played a significant role in giving the right direction to my life.

Ms. Paridhi Khanna - Batch (2017-2018) - Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur

Ms. Paridhi Khanna - Batch (2017-2018)

With due regards and deep respect, I would like to express my gratitude to the Ryan Group of Institutions. Primarily, a heartfelt thanks to our Honorable Chairman Sir and Managing Director Madam.

My journey with Ryan started 11 years back and with every turn in this journey, I felt cuddled in warmth of immense love, care, guidance and encouragement showered on me by my honorable Chairman Sir and MD Madam. They let us into the hands of well-equipped trainers who were the sage on the stage to us. I am truly indebted towards all those teachers who guided me perfectly and gave me a panoramic view to view my life & touch new horizons in life.

I define our Chairman Sir & MD Madam as the root of the Ryan tree. A trunk of any tree plays an integral role to give support to it. The toughest trunk, my Principal- Ms. Varsha Agarwal, had been the strongest and most supporting person to me in our School.

Anatole France, quoted "Nine-Tenths of Education is Encouragement". In the context of our school, the confidence and enthusiasm are provided by my Principal. She reinforced me with the quality of perseverance and the spirit of hard work, determination and dedication. The attitude of 'Never give up' in me is because of her. Branches of this trunk are my Teachers. With their tender love and kindness, they imparted meaningful values, cognitive skills and knowledge which illuminated each soul.

Its aptly quoted by Yayce Meyer "Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges". They always stood by my side and strengthened me in all aspects of my life. ‘Once a Ryanite, always a Ryanite’. I shall remain proudly associated with my alma mater and carry its essence in terms of values and visions for all the days ahead.

Ms. Pritha Mohan - Batch (2016-2017) - Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur

Ms. Pritha Mohan - Batch (2016-2017)

I passed out Ryan International School in the year 2017, I got admission in Dyal Singh College, Delhi University thereafter. I would like to take a moment to express how this school has helped me to embellish my abilities and be a better version of myself.

At Ryan we not only get good quality education but the skills we learn, the confidence we gain and the exposure to international events you get inculcates in you the qualities of an ideal persona. Just as the motto of Ryan lays emphasis on all round development, they wholly succeed to do so. I have strongly felt the same in me as when I passed out, I threaded into another chapter of my life as an all-rounder, A leader. I feel gratified to have been a part of this prestigious institution, I am thankful to it for making me a face in the crowd and giving me the confidence to achieve great things.