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Mr. Devendra Leel - Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur

Mr. Devendra Leel

I am extremely thankful to the faculty of Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur for providing students with a virtual learning environment where students feel connected to their teachers round the clock even when they are at a distance. We really appreciate the efforts of teachers who pay attention to over 40 students at the same time. Hats off to the hard work and dedication of teachers, the linchpin of these highly appreciable online classes. The most praiseworthy part is that the school is regularly organizing events like GD’s, debate competitions, celebrity interactive sessions etc. rightfully keeping the flame of "All Round Development" ignited. Keep going Ryan!

Mr. Amit Agarwal, F/o Avi Agarwal - Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur

Mr. Amit Agarwal, F/o Avi Agarwal

I am very much thankful to veracity and credibility to the teachers of Ryan International School for all around acclamation and the task of garnishing the students for the better cause of life. The knowledge which has been catered to our wards is most plausible. I would like to extend my humble gratitude towards all the teachers of Ryan International School for being with us in this crucial situation of this pandemic. While the entire world grieved in agony against COVID 19, Ryan stood by its students and helped them to be motivated and grow. It was only possible because of dedicated teachers of this great Institution. Instead of resting at home, the guides of Ryan with skilled communications bestowed their duties in engaging our kids with their academics. Their studies continued perfectly.

Dr. Deepti Gangwar, M/o Aditi Gangwar - Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur

Dr. Deepti Gangwar, M/o Aditi Gangwar

I Dr. Deepti Gangwar, would like to thank you and the entire faculty for arranging online classes for the students in such a manner that they can study thoroughly even during this tough situation. Students are now able to enrich themselves technically and explore new things. They spend their time doing absolutely fruitful tasks. Teachers of the Institute are working even harder than before for all the students. So, a big thanks to all from my side.

Supriya Mishra &  Ashutosh Pathak, P/o Kritansh Pathak - Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur

Supriya Mishra & Ashutosh Pathak, P/o Kritansh Pathak,

We would like to express gratitude for guiding, nurturing and taking care of our son during this pandemic. Being our only son, we always wanted our son to be in a congenial environment & develop. More than putting our children in good schools, parents always think of putting their children in the hands of good and caring teachers. Kritansh has always been motivated, encouraged and guided by all his teachers and mentors in the school. In the current situation of pandemic COVID 19, when all schools are being forced to close their sessions due to stringent lockdown, Ryan’s online classes have been systematically arranged for students of all grades with a perspective to have a positive and promotional impact over their students. The systematic planning of online classes for all grades is a commendable act. These online classes concept has not only given our son a right platform to utilize his time constructively but also imparted within him a sense of discipline and responsibility. Rozina Ma’am you are a really good mentor for Kritansh and he has always taken pride in mentioning you as his class teacher. This is just a small appreciation from our side to you for all you have done for Kritansh. We expect you and all teachers of Kritansh to always guide, care and motivate him like you have done till now. We also thank the school management and the Principal for having such a good faculty like Rozina Ma’am and all the other teachers who guide our children so that they can achieve all-round development and growth.

Dr. Rupanshumala, M/o Prashasti Srivastava - Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur

Dr. Rupanshumala, M/o Prashasti Srivastava

Dear Teachers of Std. 10

Thank you for all your hard work every year that you have been with my child and most of all during this difficult but crucial school year. Our daughter loves the school and it’s easy to see why. We hear all about the dynamic ways you deliver lessons and encourage participation. We are very pleased that our daughter is learning and improving so much and has even developed a great interest in the subject, thanks to you. I want to express my immense satisfaction and gratefulness for your guidance. Thank you for being a teacher and friend to our children. It’s so comforting to see that someone like you is around to keep an eye on my child and ensure that they are happy and get better every day. Thank you so much for going above and beyond. If all teachers were like you, every child would be well-educated, with proper values and conduct. Thank you!